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 Housing Requirements & Market Analysis (HRMA) Navy Housing provides oversight and management of HRMA, which is required to support military housing projects, determine the quantity of suitable off-base housing, and establish Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) annually.  Construction & Renovation of Navy Housing Navy Housing provides oversight and management of any FH new construction, major improvements and renovations to ensure the projects and the inventories are supported and are in balance with justified requirements.  Financial Management Navy Housing is responsible for planning, programming, budgeting, and executing the Navy Family Housing Operations and Maintenance appropriation (FHOPS), the Quarters Operations (QO) account which supports UH, and the Intra-station Moves (IM) account.  Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) & HOMES.mil Navy Housing is the system manager, hosting agent and contracting agent for the joint eMH Defense Business System (DBS). eMH is the authoritative database for all family and unaccompanied housing DoD- wide. HOMES.mil is a public website segmented in eMH supporting housing referral operations and service member searches for community housing.  Housing Services The Housing Services Programprovides home finding, issue resolution, and cost savings programs to customers.  Home Finding Provides home finding counseling on housing options and assistance with finding suitable, affordable and safe housing, move-in/move-out

inspections, lease review and negotiation, and showing tours (where available).

 Issue Resolution Provides landlord-tenant dispute resolution, Federal Fair Housing Act compliance, and complaint inspections.  Cost Savings Programs These include a variety of programs intended to defray the cost of relocation and housing, including the Volunteer Realtor Program (VRP), Rental Partnership Program (RPP), and federal, state, and local housing relief programs.  Inventory and Assets The Navy Housing Program provides a variety of housing choices, including Navy-owned housing, Navy-leased housing, privatized housing, and community housing. Navy Housing alsomanagesGeneral and FlagOfficerQuarters (GFOQ), and FHand UH furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E).  Navy-owned Housing NavyHousingownsand leases familyhousingatOCONUS installations and permanent party barracks, student dormitories and mission essential housing worldwide. Navy barracks are programmed to house all single, permanent-party Sailors in pay grades E1-E3, E4s with less than four years of service, and as many E4s with more than four years of service as possible.  Navy-leased Housing Navy Housing provides oversight and management of the Residential Leasing Program, which is used for requirements of short-term or uncertain duration, or for special situations. The leasing program includes leasing for recruiters in areas not near military installations, and foreign leasing where there is a shortage of suitable housing at or near a military installation.

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