Who We Are Workforce Development Guidebook

 Employment and Education Assistance Connects enrollees and their families and caregivers to a host of edu- cation resources and career counseling services, including job appli- cations assistance and vocational training opportunities. Serves as a resource for employers seeking to hire and retain wounded warriors.

list long-termgoals and identifies solutions to potential issues that may arise during their recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration process.

 Pay and Personnel Works with Navy Personnel Command (NPC), an enrollee’s command, Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), and others to address pay and personnel issues. Administers entitlement programs, such as the Pay andAllowanceContinuation (PAC) programand Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL).  Legal Affairs Coordinates closely with Naval Legal Service Command to connect enrollees and their families to a global network of legal assistance attorneys to provide guidance on legal issues related to Navy and Coast Guard policies and procedures.  Family Support Addresses short-term family and caregiver issues – including childcare, lodging and Invitational Travel Orders (ITO) as well as long-term concerns, such as financial management assistance, respite care, and youth programs.  Federal Recovery Care Coordination Provides information related to the administration of and access to benefits provided by the VA. Enrolls the most complex cases (ie, catastrophically wounded, ill, and injured service members) – in the VA’s Federal Recovery Care program.  Adaptive Sports and Recreation Opportunities Hosts a series of adaptive sports reconditioning camps to aid wound- ed warriors in their recovery and rehabilitation. Connects enrollees to sports clinics held by partner organizations, as well as national and in- ternational wounded warrior competitions.

1-855-NAVY-WWP (1-855-628-9997) www.navywoundedwarrior.com www.facebook.com/NAVYWOUNDEDWARRIOR

What does N95 mean to me? NRMA: N95 coordinates the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and provides resources and support to their families. Installation: N94 provides HR, NAF financial management, marketing and sponsorship, training, facilities development and IT support of FFR programs.

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