Who We Are Workforce Development Guidebook

Diversity embodies differences such as life and work experiences, perspectives, cultures, ethnicity, gender, age and other aspects of life that make us unique individuals. Inclusion is the extent to which associates have the opportunity and feel welcome to fully participate and contribute to the organization. Inclusion also entails building an environment where employee differences are valued, employees are empowered, and diverse communities are connected throughout the world.  Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) The Navy is committed to providing equal opportunity for employment, promotion, and training. We practice this by ensuring that our personnel policies are free from any taint of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, genetic information, or retaliation for having engaged in a protected EEO activity. Not only is providing equal opportunity the law, it makes good business sense.

 Career Development NRMA hires the best qualified candidate for positions based on the present and future needs of the organization. Positions are filled from within and outside the organization. If your plans includea long-termrelationshipwith the federal government, you need to discuss your career aspirations with your supervisor. The first step is to assess what additional knowledge, skill or experience you need to acquire to assume positions with greater responsibility and pay. Your supervisor and the NRMA training department can provide help with an individual development plan. A willingness to relocate may be a requirement if your goal is a management position. Overseas assignments enhance career growth within the Enterprise.  Upward Mobility NRMA prefers to promote from within when filling vacancies. The benefits to promoting our own employees include knowledge of policy and established work experience with the organization. This helps establish more dedicated staff. All open positions are posted at www.USAjobs.com. Applicants are responsible for reviewing theminimumqualifications required toensure they meet the requirements for the listed positions. Only applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.  Workforce Diversity NRMA prides itself as an organization that promotes and supports a high-performing organizational culture through diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to foster a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment that ensures equal opportunity through policy development, workforce analysis, outreach, retention, and education to best serve our employees and customers. Diversity is defined as the collection of individuals bringing together varied demographic, cultural, human, intellectual, and philosophical differences to create an environment that honors and respects those differences in a safe and supportive manner.

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