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Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA)

 Integrity. Moral courage is just as important as the traditional definition of courage. This is the type of courage to admit when you have made a mistake. This is the type of courage to be honest and forthright with people. This is the type of courage to confront a situation that you know is wrong. Never compromise your own integrity or that of the position you hold. Always stand up for “doing the right thing” even when it is easier to look the other way.  Prideand Professionalism. Pride in your region, pride indoing your best, and pride in your workspaces will all reflect on our ability to accomplish our mission. There is no such thing as a job too small. No matterwhat the task or jobundertaken, wemust strive tomake it timely and of the highest caliber. Be proud of what you are doing. Always perform to the best of your ability. Do not settle for “it’s good enough.”  Develop Our People . Every member of our team is valued for the skills, creativity, and capabilities that he or she brings to our command. We will maintain a supportive environment that affords every team member an opportunity to grow professionally. We encourage every team member to develop new or enhanced skills that will further their professional development and the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic mission.  Resource Stewardship. In these times of fiscal austerity and declining budgets, it is critical that all members of the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic team consider the most effective/efficient use of limited resources to accomplish our missions. Our missions are growing in complexity and scope, but the resources necessary to accomplish those mission assignments are not growing proportionally.

Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA ) is an Echelon III command and the regional coordinator for all shore-based naval personnel and shore activities in the Mid-Atlantic Region, which encompasses 20 states, 14 installations, and 50 Naval Operational Support Centers (NOSCs). NRMAMission Provide efficient and effective shore service support to the operating forceswithin theNavy RegionMid-Atlantic’s area of responsibility (AOR). NRMA Vision Deliver effective and efficient shore capability to sustain the Fleet , enable the Fighter and support the Family. NRMA Guiding Principles  Teamwork. One teamand one fight! We are all on the same team within Navy Region Mid-Atlantic; it is imperative that we operate as one team to accomplish ourmission. As a teamstriving for common goals, there is nothing that we, as a team, cannot accomplish. The sharing of knowledge does not diminish you; it enhances the larger mission. Ask questions or seek help when the answers or paths forward are not apparent. We are here to help each other succeed.

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