The Pandemic Issue


Philanthropists: An Exclusive Interviewwith Wendy Schmidt about Science in the Pandemic Era WENDY SCHMIDT is a philanthropist and investor who has spent more than a dozen years creating innova- tive non-profit organizations to solve pressing global environmental and human rights issues. Recognizing the human dependence on sustaining and protecting our planet and its people, Wendy has built organizations that work to educate and advance an understanding of the critical interconnectivity between the land and the sea. Through a combination of grants and investments, Wendy’s philanthropic work supports research and science, community organizations, promising leaders, and the development of innovative technologies. Wendy is president of The Schmidt Family Foundation, which she co-founded with her husband Eric in 2006. They also co-founded Schmidt Ocean Institute and Schmidt Futures.

By Kira Peikoff and Aaron Mertz

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