The Pandemic Issue

Editors’ note:

In the spirit of hope and resilience, we present GOOD10: The Pandemic Issue , in which we explore big-picture ways that science innovation and communication can usher in a more equitable, more progress-oriented, and safer world. This issue is a collaboration among the science outlet leapsmag , the impact and engagement company GOOD, and the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program. The GOOD10 format explores fundamental issues facing humanity through the lenses of ten forces pushing the needle toward progress: PLACES, PHILANTHROPISTS, CELEBRITIES, WHISTLEBLOWERS, COMPANIES, MEDIA, PRODUCTS, POLITICIANS, SCIENTISTS, and ACTIONS. Across these categories, we seek to present unexpected and encouraging paradigms emerging from this historic crisis. Six months after discovery of the novel coronavirus, we are beginning to see hints of what the future may hold. This edition is meant to demonstrate that even—or especially—in the face of a global calamity, creative minds across science and society are working together to overcome our world’s fragility. Our vulnerabilities, both medically and economically, have always existed, but the virus brought them into sharp relief. While it may seem impossible to imagine a sunny future on the other side, we hope the enclosed collection offers a glimpse over seemingly insurmountable obstacles, revealing new horizons ahead.


Aaron F. Mertz , Ph.D. Director Aspen Institute Science & Society Program Kira Peikoff , M.S. Editor-in-Chief leapsmag Gabriel Reilich Editor-in-Chief GOOD


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