The Pandemic Issue

Elisabeth: Yes, I’m with you. I’m very worried that the general audience’s perspective is based on maybe watching too many movies where the scientist comes up with a conclusion one hour into the movie when everything is about to fail. Like that scene in Contagion where somebody injects, I think, eight monkeys, and one of the monkeys survives and boom we have the vaccine. That’s not really how science works. Every- thing takes many, many years and many, many applications where usually your first ideas and your first hypothesis turn out to be completely wrong.

Then you go back to the drawing board, you develop another hypothesis and this is a very reiterative process that usually takes years. Most of the people who watch the movie might have a very wrong idea and wrong expectations about how science works. We’re living in the movie Contagion and by September, we’ll all be vaccinated and we can go on and live our lives. But that’s not what is going to happen. It’s going to take much, much longer and we’re going to have to change the models every time and change our expectations. Just be- cause we don’t know all the numbers and all the facts yet. Generally it takes a fairly long time to change medical practice. A lot of times people see that as a bad thing. What I think that ignores, or at least doesn’t take into as much account as I would, is that you don’t want doctors and other health care professionals to turn on a dime and suddenly switch. Unless, of course, it turns out there was no evidence for what you were looking at.


It’s a complicated situation. Everybody wants scientists to be engineers, right?




I’m not saying engineering isn’t scientific, nor am I saying that science is just completely whimsical, but there’s a different process. It’s a different way of looking at things and you can’t just throw all the data into a big supercomputer, which is what I think a lot of people seem to want us to do, and then the obvious answer will come out on the other side.


The Science Sleuths Holding Fraudulent Research Accountable


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