The Pandemic Issue


And for the general public, if you’re reading a newspaper story or something online about a single study and it doesn’t mention any other studies that have said the same thing or similar, or frankly, if it doesn’t say anything about any studies that contradicted it, that’s probably also telling you something. Say you’re looking at a huge painting of a shoreline, a beach, and a forest. Any single study is just a one-centime- ter-by-one-centimeter square of any part of that canvas. If you just look at that, you would either think it was a painting of the sea, of a beach, or of the forest. It’s actually all three of those things. We just need to be patient, and that’s very challenging to us as human beings, but we need to take the time to look at the whole picture.

DISCLAIMER: Neither Elisabeth Bik nor Ivan Oransky was compensated for par- ticipation in The Pandemic Issue . While the magazine’s editors suggested broad topics for discussion, consistent with Bik’s and Oransky’s work, neither they nor the magazine’s underwriters had any influence on their conversation.


The Science Sleuths Holding Fraudulent Research Accountable


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