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F or the last 12 years, the summer highlight for my family has been our annual June trip down to either the picturesque Outer Banks of North Carolina or Ocean City, Maryland. We always split the cost of a rental house with the McKenney family, who we became close with years back while going on jogs together. This year, we headed to Ocean City, and though I have to admit the less-populated beaches of the Outer Banks are more my speed, we had a fantastic time (as always) exploring the town, relaxing, and just spending time with one another in the sunshine. Though I’m not a guy who needs to unplug fromwork completely and turn off my phone for a week, these trips are always the perfect time to sit back and reflect on all that’s happened in my business and life over the past year. There’s just nothing better than heading out and sitting on the beach with a book in my hand. Maybe I’ll actually read the thing, or maybe I’ll just sit there, enjoying a rare moment with no obligations or worries on my mind.

That’s not to say I’m a layabout when I’m away — far from it. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a high-energy person, eager to check out new experiences and get moving whenever possible. Luckily, our family friends are the same way. In between going out for dinners, exploring the town, and vegging out, we always make sure to get our workouts in and get involved in all sorts of stuff. When I get a chance, I’ll drag out the boogie board and skim a wave or two, wave jump with my youngest, or go for a jog along the boardwalk. And when the kids get restless, as they always do, we’ll take them to the little amusement park at the boardwalk and meander through the little carnival booths and other fun activities. And luckily, they’re old enough now that we can leave them in charge of the rental house for a night, giving my buddy Mike and me a chance to hit the town for a pub crawl. Still, the best part of the entire trip is that moment when we first get there and finally get the chance to totally unwind. While the kids and ladies unpack when we first arrive on Sunday, Mike and I go to the grocery store to pick up all the booze and food for the week. And then, when we return and get everything squared away, we all get an opportunity to just sit and crack a beer, looking out over the ocean. Letting out that deep breath, with the feeling that vacation has really just begun, is a moment that is pretty hard to top in my mind. There’s a lot to do in Ocean City, but really, to me, the best parts are also the most mundane: watching as my kids joke around with the McKenneys’ kids, mulling around the beach, and just enjoying the company of my family and some of the closest friends in my life. It can’t get better than that.

–-Chris Earley

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