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Monday, April 26, 2021

Oscar W. Neale Celebration of Teaching and Learning


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Awards and Scholarships








LARSEN FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Taylor Porter Majors: Elementary Education, Special Education Minor: Specific Learning Disabilities

Dr. John Larsen served in the UWSP Office of Admissions starting in 1964 and retired as Director of Admissions in 1996. His wife Ann Janda Larsen received her master’s degree in nutrition and food science from UWSP. Thirteen additional family members have earned bachelor’s and or master’s degrees at UWSP. Their Pointer bloodline runs deep. Following Dr. Larsen’s death in 2018, the family was moved to establish a scholarship to honor their parents’ lifetime decisions, and to acknowledge the impact of education in their own lives. They believe that a teacher makes a difference in the life of a student, and in the life of a community. NANCY CARROLL COOK MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Amanda Buechel Major: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education Nancy Carroll Cook graduated from New London High School and earned a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She began her teaching career in Waukesha, and retired after 14 years as a kindergarten teacher at Rose Glen Elementary, where she helped design the classrooms. She also taught at McDill in Stevens Point, White Rock, Meadowbrook and Torhorst Schools in Waukesha. Nancy truly enjoyed being a teacher, a mother, a grandmother and a great-grandmother. Words that come to mind to those who loved her are kind, patient, loyal, generous and sweet.


THOMAS MCCAIG FUTURE TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Louella Derrico Major: Choral Music Education

Thomas McCaig, professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, established this scholarship. McCaig joined the faculty in the School of Education in 1966 after earning three degrees from Loyola University and teaching in the public schools in Chicago. He is a two-time recipient of the UWSP Excellence in Teaching Award. Y ULGA FAMILY FUTURE TEACHER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Christina Mitchell Major: Natural Science Minor: Biology Established in 2007 by surviving brothers Fred and Jim, this scholarship commemorates the relationship between the Yulga family, UW-Stevens Point and the teaching profession. Their late father Bernard attended Central State Teachers College (UWSP) and graduated with a degree in chemistry. Mona, their late mother, attended UWSP, then graduated with an education degree from UW-Whitewater. Late brother Don graduated with a degree in biology and computer information systems. Fred graduated with a bachelor’s in chemistry and master’s in education. Fred’s son, Brian, graduated with a degree in physics and mathematics. Jim graduated with a degree in biology and computer information systems. Many of the degrees earned have included teaching certification or have led to teaching positions. The family has spanned the educational system – teaching at high school, technical college, and university levels. As such, the family has been dedicated to influencing lives. As we all know, teachers make a difference.


OSCAR W. NEALE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Recipient: Emily Cook Major: Elementary Education Minor: Mathematics

Recipient: Deanta Saunders Major: Elementary Education Minor: Music Recipient: Rhiana Sweno Major: Elementary Education Minor: Mathematics

This scholarship was established in memory of Oscar Neale by his family. Mr. Neale was Director of the Rural Department (later to become the School of Education) at Stevens Point Normal School (later called Central State Teachers College) from 1915- 44. He was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate for two four- year terms. Mr. Neale was a pioneer in art appreciation and the picture study movement in education at UW-Stevens Point.

ERMA HAFERBECKER SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Colleen Lassa Major: Elementary Education

This award is made possible by Dr. Gordon Haferbecker in memory of his wife Erma. Dr. Haferbecker was a UWSP graduate and economist who worked at the college for many years as a faculty member, vice president and acting president.


EDDIE KOTAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Hailey Wilhorn Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

This award was established in 1973 to recognize the contributions of Eddie Kotal, former coach at UW-Stevens Point. While at UW-Stevens Point, Eddie coached football, basketball, boxing, and track and field teams. He left Stevens Point to become a coach and scout for the Green Bay Packers and later for the Los Angeles Rams. Mr. Kotal died in January 1973, three months after his induction into the UWSP Athletic Hall of Fame.

VANCE FAMILY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Jill Weyers Major: Early Childhood Education Minor: Early Childhood Special Education

Walter and Shirley Vance, the parents of Gerald and Jim Vance, instilled the value of education and community service to all of their children. Gerald attended UWSP on athletic scholarship from 1953-57. After graduating he served in the army from 1957-59. From 1959-90 he was employed in Milwaukee Public Schools as an educator, administrator and Director of Student Services. Jim Vance attended UWSP from 1963-67, and served his country in the Vietnam War from 1968-72. Jim worked at UWSP as director of PRIDE, Director of Student Services and Director of Educational Opportunity Program from 1972- 1988. From 1988-2002 he served as Director of American Ethnic Coordinating Office for Recruitment and Retention of Multicultural Students at UW-Eau Claire.


VAN DRESER FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kiana Thompson Majors: Elementary Education, Spanish Minor: English as a Second Language

In 1966, Roy Van Dreser began teaching Instructional Resources in the Learning Resource Center at UWSP. He and Harlan Hoffbeck developed the television studio. Roy later became a member of the School of Education faculty. He chaired the Instructional Resources program and designed its curriculum. Roy retired in 1991 and passed away in early 2007. Donna Van Dreser has two master’s degrees from UWSP: Education-Professional Development and Elementary Education. Donna taught in the UWSP Lab School for one year and then in the Stevens Point Public Schools. Their three children: Jann, John and Jill, son-in-law Jeff Jakusz, and daughter-in-law Sue Podoll Van Dreser, all graduated from UWSP. This scholarship was established in honor of the family and includes gifts given to Roy and Donna in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary in 2005.

HALE QUANDT MEMORIAL AWARD Recipient: Emily Shipman Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Friends and associates of the late Hale Quandt established this award in 1969. Hale’s initial assignment on campus was the unenviable task of working with the basketball and football programs at a time when men’s athletics had been eliminated at the university because there were too few men to create a team, due to World War II. He served as athletic director at UW- Stevens Point for 18 years.


JENSEN SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Abigail Gehring Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Janet Ruth Jensen “It Was a Dream Come True” Scholarship. Janet Ruth Jensen grew up in Tomahawk, WI, and graduated from high school with a desire to go to college. She inquired about a scholarship in the principal’s office and found that one existed for $28. She took this scholarship and graduated from Stevens Point Teachers College in 1944. Janet married and had seven children while still working as a substitute teacher in the Stevens Point area. Her dedication, kindness, thoughtfulness, unconditional caring and patience for everyone will be her legacy. Mrs. Jensen’s hope is that this scholarship in her name means as much to the recipient as hers did to her—and that with it, all the recipient’s career dreams do come true, just like hers did.

SEAN MAHER SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Leah McKelvey Graduate Program

This scholarship was established by Marilyn Kapter in 2007 in memory of her grandson Sean. Sean died in a tragic accident at the age of 21. He had the soul of a poet, a young man who loved music and theater and took great joy in writing songs and performing. On his last evening with Marilyn, he read the balcony scene from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” to her with great tenderness and feeling. With all these abilities, Sean also had a disability. He was born with Down Syndrome. It is Marilyn’s hope that the recipient of this scholarship will go the extra mile and concentrate on students’ abilities, not their disabilities, allowing them to develop their full potential.


PATRICIA A. OKRAY SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kellie Morgan Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Recipient: Kaitlyn Nichols Major: History and Social Studies Education

Recipient: Danielle Fay Majors: Elementary Education, Special Education

This scholarship was established by Patricia A. and Joseph J. Okray. Pat attended Stevens Point State Teachers College as an elementary education major and taught kindergarten in Nekoosa. The Okray Family Farms of Plover celebrated its 100th year of business in 2005.

NANCY PAGE SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kelsie Belfiori Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Nancy Page was a teacher and coach at UWSP from 1973- 2004, coaching field hockey (1973-85), softball (1980-90) and tennis (1986-2004). Nancy taught numerous activity classes inside and outside the physical education major and was generally responsible for teaching 175-200 students a semester. Her teaching day may have featured teaching two hours each of badminton, cross country skiing and tennis with enough energy left to play tennis in the late afternoon or evening. Her passion for sports and activity served as an outstanding role model for students and staff. Nancy was active in promoting women sports and is a charter member of the Women’s Athletic Fund.


JOHN BERND SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Lucas Makaryk Major: History and Social Studies Education

This scholarship was established by John Bernd to honor two intelligent, caring, creative teachers, Lee Cayo Bernd and Marilyn Kapter Bernd. This scholarship is for students at either the elementary or secondary teaching level who have shown creative ideas in planning or writing, and who are interested in encouraging students to read good literature at every age.

ROSEMARY AND SUE NELSON SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Emilie Anderson Major: Instrumental Music

This scholarship was funded through the estate of Mrs. Sue Nelson and Rosemary Adele Nelson. Sue Nelson was Rosemary’s mother. Rosemary taught English and music in the Stevens Point school system and was well known in the Wausau area as a piano teacher.

CRAIG AND CAROL LOCASCIO SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kimberly Bronk Major: English Minor: English as a Second Language

This award is made possible by the family of Craig and Carol LoCascio. Established by Guy LoCascio in memory of his brother Craig and sister-in-law Carol.


ARLENE W. THOYRE EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Sheena Vitello Graduate Program

Arlene and Howard Thoyre established this scholarship. Arlene taught fourth, fifth and sixth grade students in North Dakota, Madison and Stevens Point for more than 30 years. Her teaching career began in a small North Dakota coal mining town where her sixth grade class consisted of nine girls and 20 boys, two of whom were on probation from a juvenile correctional facility. It was a challenging year, but an invaluable experience. Arlene credits much of whatever success she enjoyed over the rest of her career to what she learned in that first classroom.

HABECK FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Danielle Fay Majors: Elementary Education, Special Education

The Habeck Family Scholarship was established by Roy and Phyllis Habeck to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their 1953 graduation from the Two-Year Rural Education program at Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point. This scholarship is offered in recognition of the excellence demonstrated by faculty and support staff of the era in which they were students. While the names and faces have changed at UWSP since that time, excellence has continued to be constant; therefore, this scholarship is designed to recognize academic excellence in a candidate for a teaching position at the elementary or secondary level.

MARLENE A. JENSEN-CABLE PEO SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Megan Rheaume-Brand Graduate Program


FRANKLIN H. PEARSON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Erin Mews Major: Elementary Education Minor: English as a Second Language

At age 19, Franklin H. Pearson began teaching in a one-room school in Marinette County where English was the second language for most of the students. Pearson could have done many things, but he chose teaching. He had immeasurable patience and was accomplished at helping young people think and learn. Established by the family and friends of Franklin H. Pearson, former faculty member at UWSP.

MARY SHOREY SAMTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Lexandra Behling Majors: Elementary Education, Special Education Minor: Specific Learning Disabilities

Recipient: Katelynn DeLosh Major: Early Childhood Education Minor:Early Childhood Special Education

Recipient: Bekah Mootz Major: Elementary Education Recipient: Payton Wester Major: Elementary Education

This scholarship was established in 1992 by Mary’s son, Father James Samter, to honor his mother. Mary Shorey Samter graduated from the Stevens Point Normal School in 1927 and taught for many years at UWSP. She believed that all primary teachers should know how to teach reading and should consider it a foundation for all classroom learning.


JOHN GACH FUTURE TEACHER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Mariah Bethel Major: Special Education Minors: Intellectual Disabilities, Emotional Behavioral Disabilities, Health Education

Recipient: Carissa Delikowski Major: Broad Field Social Science Minors: History, Political Science Recipient: McKenzie Gruna Major: Early Childhood Education

Recipient: Lauren Keating Major: Elementary Education

This scholarship was established by Mrs. John Gach in memory of her husband. John was a teacher, administrator and educational leader for many years in Wisconsin and Illinois.

ROGER WOOD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Morgen Severt Major: Elementary Education Minor: Environmental Education

Roger Wood passed away in 2002 and this scholarship was established by his family in memory of him. Mr. Wood was a professor of science education at UWSP from 1966 until his retirement in 1992. During his career at UWSP, he garnered several grants and directed projects to provide mathematics and science training for area teachers. Roger loved teaching and was the recipient of the UWSP Excellence in Teaching Award.


ROBERT S. AND RUTH L. LEWIS SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Mariah Lear Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Robert S. Lewis was a UWSP professor from 1942-76. During his tenure he taught courses in geography and education and began the audio visual department. He also initiated the student abroad program. Mr. Lewis was president of the faculty twice and received two teaching awards from the university and the National Education Association. Ruth Lewis taught history at P.J. Jacobs Middle School for 27 years and on several occasions substituted in the English and education departments for UWSP. She was involved as a sorority advisor and chairman of the faculty wives. She accompanied her husband on student trips in the U.S. and abroad. Ruth asked that the recipient truly enjoy teaching and the process of making learning creative and exciting for his/her students.


Recipient: Emily Carlson Major: Physical Edcuation Minor: Health Education

Marjorie Spring’s contributions to UWSP during her 18-year tenure as an educator in elementary physical education and coach in women’s field hockey and track and field are still being felt today. During her tenure, Marjorie created opportunities for women to compete in athletics that paved the way for women athletes today. Her foresight in providing hands-on teaching opportunities for students studying to be teachers created the motor development and adapted physical education programs. Additionally, Marjorie has the unique distinction of being the first woman inducted into the UWSP Athletic Hall of Fame.


PAUL J. STADDLER HONORARY SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Heidi Meuret Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Paul Staddler graduated from UWSP in 1982 with a degree in physical education and health education. Following several years of work for Glaxo Corporation, Paul began a very successful teaching and coaching career in the Wisconsin Rapids School District, where he was recognized as a Kohl Outstanding Teacher. Paul and his wife Doris worked their way through college; therefore, this scholarship was a life goal of Paul’s to assist students with their college expenses. He also felt the scholarship was a way to honor faculty and staff at UWSP for the guidance and many kindnesses they offered. Paul’s hope is that, at some point in their lives, the recipients of this scholarship will find the means and opportunities to enhance the lives of future students. Paul died on September 3, 2004, at the age of 45 after a courageous battle with leukemia.

ESTHER L. BERNDT READING SPECIALIST SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Jennifer Kreul-Baskerud Reading Teacher Certification Program

This award is made possible by Dick Berndt in memory of his wife, Esther. Esther Berndt was a 1950 graduate of Central State Teachers College, now UWSP, with a degree in primary education. She taught kindergarten at Laona, Wis., and the Campus Laboratory School. Later she was employed by the Stevens Point School District to help junior high students with difficulties in reading and comprehension. Esther was a pioneer in starting the Alternative School Program in the Stevens Point School District. In 1978 she received a master’s degree in teaching elementary education/reading.


ROSE LEE PETERSEN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Cassidy Ferguson Major: Early Childhood Education Minor: Early Childhood Special Education

Recipient: Julia Kapp Majors: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education

This scholarship was established by Rose ’59 and Don Petersen for students who have a passion for educating and changing the lives of young children. Rose began working with young children while still a student at UWSP and eventually operated her own facility for young children. Through this scholarship, Rose and Don will always continue to make a difference for the future of both early childhood students and future educators.


This award is made possible by the family of Harriet Dickmann. Harriet Coey Dickmann was a teacher in the Wisconsin and Indiana public schools. Mrs. Dickmann was inspired by our university and by Miss Sue Coleman to become a teacher.

BETTY W. MARTINI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Isaac Buntrock Major: Special Education Minor: Specific Learning Disabilities

This scholarship was established by father and son, Harvey Sr. and Jr., in memory of wife and mother Betty. Betty was a teacher of special education students for more than 40 years.


KAREN ENGELHARD ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Jacqueline Kimball Major: Elementary Education Minor: English

This scholarship is funded by UWSP Alumni, Bob and Karen Engelhard and the Seramur Foundation in honor of Karen’s 20 years as director of alumni relations. Karen is a 1959 UWSP graduate and was UWSP director of alumni relations from 1976-96. She received the Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1997. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman and may be renewed for three additional consecutive years.

MARGARET DAFFINSON SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Sara Soukup Major: Special Education Minor: Early Childhood Special Education

This scholarship was established by Mike Daffinson in memory of his wife, Maggie. Margaret “Maggie” Daffinson emphatically believed that music is a key element in the instruction of young children. She was a champion for all children no matter their disability or circumstances. Maggie had a profound effect on all staff, parents and children in her environment with a gift for storytelling, a quick wit and sincerity that was unforgettable.

CHERYL B. JONES MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kayla Malueg Graduate Program


PHYLLIS RAVEY SCHOLARSHIP FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Recipient: Kacey Koch Major: Early Childhood Education Minors: Early Childhood Special Education Mrs. Ravey was an instructor in the UWSP Lab School for many years and became the first director of the Gesell Institute on campus. She graduated from Stevens Point Normal in 1936 with a two-year rural education degree and received her B.A. in Elementary Education from UWSP in 1952.

CAROL HUETTIG SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Chase Latvala Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Carol Huettig taught and coached at UW-Stevens Point from 1981-89. She was a masterful leader, inspiring students and athletes to continually raise their goals and perform to their maximum abilities. As a specialist in adapted physical education, Carol was a passionate advocate for underserved populations, particularly children. Her research focused on ways to improve services to children with disabilities, and she shared that information by authoring many articles and books and speaking at conferences throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Carol was very intuitive about individuals’ feelings. She had a gift for sensing the needs of people and reaching out to assist them in any way that would protect their dignity and self worth.


COLONEL M. AND PHYLLIS NEMEC SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Brooke Wellhausen Major: Physical Education Minors: Health Education, Psychology

Recipient: Paige Franz Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education Recipient: Bridget Kauzlaric Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education Recipient: Dylan Jensen Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education Recipient: Kathleen Reilly Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Recipient: Brooke Thurber Majors: Physical Education, Health Promotion Minors: Health Education

Colonel Nemec graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 1968 with a degree in political science. Phyllis graduated from UW- Stevens Point in 1967 with a degree in physical education and elementary education. Colonel and Phyllis were non-traditional students. Phyllis completed on early field hockey teams, coached by Marge Spring, as a 39-year-old student-athlete with three children, playing with and against women 15-20 years younger.


GORDON FAMILY MEMORIAL FUTURE TEACHER SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Lyssa Edwards Major: Music Education This award is made possible by the Gordon Family in memory of the children of Martin and Belle Gordon: Lancelot, Troy, Royal, Gladys, Irving, Laurin and Arvie, children of Martin and Belle Gordon, whose support of each other in pursuit of teacher training degrees at Stevens Point Normal School is a testimony to their belief in the value of education.

KAPPA DELTA PI SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Morgan Geiger Major: Elementary Education

This award was made possible by the UWSP Kappa Delta Pi chapter for students who are committed to academic excellence and education as a career.

AMBROSE AND EVELYN BUDZYNSKI SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Delaney Erickson Major: Early Childhood Education Minor: Early Childhood Special Education

Ambrose and Evelyn Budzynski understood the value of education and always supported learning in every way throughout their married life of 55 years. In the small village of Hatley, they had been active church and community leaders; Ambrose as the village Treasurer for over 40 years and Evelyn as a grade school teacher since she graduated from the Normal School, now UWSP, at the age of 20.


KEN AND SANDY FALKINHAM SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kaylee Bukolt Major: Elementary Education Recipient: Ambria Hegna Major: Early Childhood Education Minor: Early Childhood Special Education

Recipient: Kayla Guenther Major: Natural Science Minor: Biology

Since graduating from UW-Stevens Point in the late 1960s, Sandy and Ken Falkinham have pursued careers in education and business that utilized the skills and course work received from UWSP. Over the years, these skills have allowed the Falkinhams to create an annual scholarship to support a worthy student pursuing education as their career. Realizing just how difficult it is to find the funds necessary to attend an institution of higher education, it is the wish that this scholarship allow the recipient to further his/her studies while receiving some assistance in lowering his/her financial obligations.

DICK BERNDT SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Danielle Heitsman Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

This scholarship is to provide an award to a physical education major of junior or senior status who has demonstrated citizenship at UWSP and in the community, and has an interest in the coaching profession.


MILDRED K. SCHILLER EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Gretchen Gagnon Majors: Elementary Education, Special Education

Recipient: Sarah Nelson Graduate Program

Recipient: Lynzie Nightengale Major: Family and Consumer Sciences

Recipient: Chyaine Rosenthal Major: English

Established by Helen Preston to honor her aunt who was an elementary teacher in Wisconsin and who was an inspiration to Miss Preston for her own career as an elementary education teacher. Miss Preston is a 1938 graduate of Stevens Point Normal School and taught first grade.

MARGARET AND HENRY BANNACH SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Gina Tepp Major: Elementary Education Minor: Broad Field Social Science

This scholarship was established by the daughters of Margaret and Henry Bannach. Mrs. Bannach was a 1934 elementary education graduate. Henry, nicknamed “Tiny,” was a 1930 graduate of the same program. This scholarship is for a student majoring in elementary education or physical education during their student teaching experience.



Recipient: Kristin Burdeau Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

Dale H. Vollrath completed his undergraduate degree at UW- Stevens Point in history with a minor in mathematics and physics in 1959. He took additional coursework at UW-Madison, UW-Green Bay, UW-Whitewater, University of Western Illinois, London, Texas A&M, Berline Volshochsule and completed his master’s in history (MSE) at UW-Oshkosh. Dale taught three years at Clintonville and 28 years at Green Bay East. Eldora Vollrath completed her undergraduate degree at UW-Stevens Point in home economics with a minor in physical education and physical science in 1955. She taught home economics and physical education for one year at Spencer and then stayed home to raise their three children. In 1980, she was hired as a full-time home economics teacher and taught in every junior and senior high in Green Bay, retiring in 1991. She was the first president of the Green Bay Substitute Teachers Union. They have been blessed to have traveled to more than 80 countries.

MARJORIE AND ORLAND RADKE SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Rachel Ostrowski Major: Elementary Education Minor: Psychology

This award was made possible by Marjorie and Orland Radke for students in the School of Education.


ESTHER GAVIN HEGG & ERLING E. HEGG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Hannah Crosby Graduate Program Recipient: Valerie DeHaven Major: Elementary Education Minor: Environmental Education

This scholarship was established in 1986 by the family of Esther Gavin and Erling E. Hegg, who met at Stevens Point Normal College in the early 1920s. Their son, William Gavin Hegg has since perpetuated the scholarships. Eligible students must be admitted to Professional Education in the School of Education and completed at least the first semester of their junior year with an overall grade point average of at least 3.2; or UWSP faculty or staff members of distinguished accomplishment who are former Hegg Scholars are eligible each year for the Hegg Scholarship.

LUIDA SANDERS HEALTH EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Ethan Roehm Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education

This scholarship is for a student at UWSP pursuing the health education minor and was created by Luida Sanders who was a 1939 graduate of the “Central State Teachers College” with a two year rural degree. She taught in small rural schools and then received her bachelor’s and master’s from UW-Madison. She worked at the State Board of Health, received her Master’s in Public Health from University of California-Berkeley, and then worked for years at the State Board of Health and the WI Department of Public Instruction in the health area. She was an advocate for the professionalization of school nurses and for a robust health education curriculum in schools. She retired in 1974 and began this scholarship in 2004.



Major: Spanish Minor: Biology

Jerry Baird supported all of what UWSP meant, particularly in the arts and in athletics. His three daughters, sons-in- law and wife all attended UWSP. His wife, Mary Ann, was a faculty member at UWSP for 38 years. This scholarship for an education major to study in an international program aims to help a future teacher touch the lives of many in promoting an understanding and appreciation of an international perspective because each of us is a citizen of the world, and not just of our own community and country.” DAVID AND DOROTHY ASHENBRENNER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Dakota Carriveau Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Education David (1968) and Dorothy (1967) Ashenbrenner were both first-generation graduates of UWSP in Education. While their teaching careers began in public schools, they went on to become lifelong educators in their beloved community of Galloway, Wisconsin as catechism teachers, 4H leaders, foster parents, church leaders, and as community icons. Their love of learning was also deeply instilled in their three children and five grandchildren. The Ashenbrenners believed that the opportunity to attend college was something that should be available to anyone who had the desire. To continue Dorothy & David’s spirit of lifelong learning, their family would like to honor their memory by extending a need-based scholarship to first-generation students admitted to the School of Education.


SIEGLINDE A. SHEAHAN SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Hannah Jackson Major: Elementary Education Minor: English as a Second Language

Established by the family and many friends of Sieglinde Sheahan, who died in 2000. Sieglinde was a gifted teacher known for her innovation and creativity. She worked for the UWSP School of Education and at the time of her death, had the job of her dreams teaching in the Mosinee School District.

CHARLOTTE ELDER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Jordan Hintz Major: Elementary Education

DARVIN AND MARGE MILLER EARLY INTERVENTION SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Kayleigh Nesbitt Major: Early Childhood Minor: Early Childhood Special Education

This scholarship was established by Drs. Darvin and Marge Miller, creators and coordinators of the first majors and graduate curriculums in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education in the College of Professional Studies, 1971-1993. The intent of this scholarship is to enhance the preparation of exemplary students who are committed to alleviating moderately-handicapping conditions early in the lives of young children with special needs so they may be integrated and succeed with their peers in the K-3 curriculum.


ROSSMILLER FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP Recipient: Jennifer Kreul-Buskerud Graduate Program

This scholarship was established in 1991 by Dr. Bob Rossmiller, Professor Emeritus at UW-Stevens Point and his late wife, Elaine Rossmiller, who passed away in 2000. Bob was a faculty member specializing in gifted education and Elaine was a teacher of learning disabilities at Plover Whiting School. ED.D. IN EDUCATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY INCLUSIVITY SCHOLARSHIP Ed.D. Program Recipients: Heather Valentino Angela Johnson Jay Benedith

Lori Lange Bill Lange Kasia Mills Erin Mendelson Leden Wood

This scholarship is a tuition award for first-year educational sustainability doctoral students who can demonstrate significant financial need as well as strong academic merit.


Friend of the School of Education

Henry St. Maurice Henry St. Maurice is a Professor Emeritus of Education who has taught English, special education, and computer science in many settings including elementary and secondary schools as well as rehabilitation programs since his initial licensure in 1969.

He has designed, delivered, and evaluated courses in research methodology, teacher induction, supervision of instruction, mentoring, and professional development. He holds B.A. and M.A.T. degrees in comparative literature and English from Wesleyan University (Connecticut), an M. Ed. in special education from the Uni¬versity of Vermont, and a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He served as the fourth director of Field Experiences at UWSP from 1990-2009. He has participated on editorial boards of Environmental Education Research, Journal of Curriculum Studies, and Teaching & Teaching Education. He also was an officer of American Educational Research Association Special Interest Groups. Of his work as an educator, Henry said, “As a generalist, I seek knowledge in all fields of study.” His service work with the Frank Lloyd Wright Conservancy and the Aldo Leopold Foundation are examples of places where disciplined research joins with creative expression to produce knowledge, inform policy, and develop practice.


Cooperating Teachers


AUBURNDALE Debbie Heidmann Dawn Urban BARABOO Rita Ehlert BELOIT TURNER Kelsey Schmutzer BRILLION Sam Hoppe CAMPBELLSPORT Mark Peterson CHIPPEWA FALLS Mike Bestul Bart Olson CLINTON COMMUNITY Leanne Carlton Kaitlin Collins COLBY Nicole Schalow COLEMAN

CRIVITZ Matt Bernier Ryan Reichardt

D.C. EVEREST Scott Atkinson Jo Bailey Peggy Bindl Allisha Blanchette Isaac Bray Lynn Burzinski Melinda Cartledge Matt Cepress Katie Delaney Bobbi DeMuth Tammy Emmerich Pat Hughes Kaylin Karcz Tammy Krueger Tara Lancelle Rachel Lintereur Aime Long

Sarah Borgen Sandra Ciula Carla Klismith Mary Nowinski Taylor Schmidt

ANTIGO UNIFIED Darcie Washatko APPLETON Luke Aumann Amy Blevins Vicki De Passe Jessica Kilsdonk Becky O’Brien Elizabeth Pellinger Daniel Quiroga Kelly Rudie Nicole Streck Pamela VandeHei ASHWAUBENON Christina Ehrfurth Ray Nielsen Alissa Vanden Hoogen

Ernest Luedke Michael Soehl Erin Stoffel Mike Wendorf DE PERE

Beth Balck Laura Farr EDGAR Emily Timm

Karl Peterson Layne Skrupky

ATHENS Mary Nelson


FOND DU LAC Janice Keck FREEDOM Mandy Susek GREEN BAY Carolyn Chow-Mineau

KIEL Sharon Driessen Patti Steffes KIMBERLY Ben Engelland Cassandra Haase Lindsey Heinz Kim Slinde LA CROSSE Megan Gerou LENA Ashley Stankevitz LOMIRA Sue Simpson MADISON Geoffrey Blake-Horst MANITOWOC Lauren Herrmann Ashley Rothmund MARSHFIELD Janeen Fait-Herkert Madalyn Field Katie Hitchcock Brenda Huther Judy Nicksic Carolyn Spoerl Kristina Vantassel MAUSTON Tara Hansen Michele Taylor

MEDFORD Christina Laduron Rachel Mildbrand Megan Olson Taylor Weissmiller Carol Wieman MICHIGAN Randi Ahrndt Brenda Cole MILWAUKEE Matt Littlejohn MINNESOTA Haley Bloomquist Joan Hoerauf Karla Olson-Line Anthony Porthan Jake Rice Amanda Slattery MOSINEEE Jenny Bruening Jodi Colrud Jody Merchant Greg Mielke Sue Swinick Krista Tretter Haley Tutton Kurt Vanden Heuvel NECEDAH Jason Siedschlag NEKOOSA Al Crider

Tina Dumoulin Amy Anderson GRESHAM Tim Wild HOLMEN Laura Ruger Andrea Weber

HORTONVILLE Sarah Fletcher Stephanie Halverson John Leja Tara VanCaster HOWARD-SUAMICO Ryan Deprey Kristina Harrison IOLA-SCANDINAVIA Jon Berg Annette Davy JANESVILLE Caroline Campbell Jody Murphy

Michael Platts Scott Sarauer KEWASKUM Jeff Grotenhuis

Kayla Gaffney Heidi Hartman Bill Parks


PARIS Megan Greeno Kim Hansen PHILLIPS Tammy Holman Katie McCardle Cheri Tingo Samantha Neustadter Jamie Otey PULASKI Emily Alger-Feser Sara Foote PORTAGE Lori Jenkins Wayne Pierre Danielle Wied REEDSBURG Stacy Stecker RHINELANDER Wendy Deitz Linda Goldsworthy Michael Laggis Danielle Raleigh Neil Rumney RIPON Jim Cardinal Dan Jonas RIVER FALLS Tessa Amundson Katy Huneke Kim Majerus Cassandra Meyer

ROSHOLT Megan Boldig Kelly Hartvig Shane Larson Jason Smith Jay Spoerl SAUK PRAIRIE Darcy Wirebaugh SHAWANO Lynn Johnson Daniel O’Connell

Duwayne Behnke Brianna Blakey Jennifer Bowling Kristin Cisewski Tori Dayton Jill Donahue Martha Engebretson Mike Feltz Kari Fink Rachel Gottlieb Rachel Graves Patricia Hagstrom Robert Hardina Dave Hauser Mallory Heinen Christopher Heintz Tanya Hoffman Ken Jensen Theresa Jensen Brenda Jones Emily Kiefer Donetta Kiifner Deborah Kluz Baker Joe Korb Daniela Kurzynski Anna Lamb Kathryn Lamon Brett Lesniak Anne Leton Karla Lockman Kristen Lucas Ann Marchant Kristin Marquard Lynelle Martens Andrea Marty Jennifer Melville Deanna Munoz Deb Neff Karen Northwood Greg Marty Karie Maus

SHEBOYGAN Melissa Selk

SHIOCTON Jill Krohlow SPARTA Michelle Everson SPENCER Pat Klimmer Ryan Sprenger ST. CROIX CENTRAL Sean Conway STEVENS POINT Luke Adsit Scott Ahern Vic Akemann Scott Anderson Gary Baier Allison Bancker Kim Barden Kelly Beadles Sarah Beasland



STRATFORD Shawna Gillette Julie Levelius SUN PRAIRIE Heidi Walter

Christie Nystrom Makenzi Panzer Natalie Pelkey Schuyler Pietz Maggie Reilly Karen Salienko Renee Schanck Lisa Schmidt Macy Schmidt Susan Schroeder Nancy Schuster Ron Silva Krista Simkowski Kelly Smith Amanda Spatz Amy Steinmetz Jon Steinmetz Megan Stevens Brian Swenson Kraig Terpstra Maria Trader Scott Ullman Carrie Vrieze Heather Wayerski Nicole Weidner Beth Wojtalewicz Kari Worzella Kris Zasada Shannon Zdroik STEVENS POINT - PRIVATE Michele Tippel STOUGHTON Erica Klefstad Colleen Wermuth

WAUKESHA Cindy Graff


THREE LAKES Ali Pichowski Julie Stefonik TOMAH Caroline Kinserdahl TOMAHAWK Abby Kraklow TOMORROW RIVER Kristin Ahrens Katie Alm VurChelle Baumann Samantha McCormick Malinda Richter Kevin Vander Laan Jolynn Wucherer WABENO Linda Denz WASHINGTON Michalea Lorang Rebecca McRevy Courtney Salisbury Kathy Garske Sarah Gerdes Natalie Glaze Karin Hatfield Lance Johnson

Faye Klismet Amy Lemkuil Amy Mead Amanda Williams WAUSAU George Adams Jamie Boodle Elizabeth Channel Courtney Cyrtmus Dan Emerson Robin Franks Melissa Gilbertson Matt Johnson Terri Johnson Luann LaRue Nate Lemmens John Masanz Tom McCormick Darci Mick- Beversdorf Taneal Myers Leslie Ninnemann Curt Richardt Heather Trollop April Voigt Sana Wressel

Patty Zemke Josh Zielinski


WAUTOMA Tracy Keller WEST ALLIS Kristi Wicihowskik WEST DE PERE Dan Gilanyi WEST VIRGINIA Liz Vannoy

WEYAUWEGA-FREMONT Kristen Hanten WILD ROSE Kelly Belter Cassie Huber WISCONSIN DELLS Sara Bishop Michael Michalsky Seth Neilsen WISCONSIN RAPIDS Cindy Bates Jason Borski Laura Cronan Valerie DeVries-Polman Danica Harrison Gary Kostuchowski Pat McDonald Sarah Mohrbacher Jeanne Olson WOODRUFF Linnea Jackson Ginny Kopp


Thank you to all cooperating teachers!


In Memoriam

Dr. Roy J. Habeck (1933-2021) Elementary Education ‘59


Colonel N. Nemec (1929-2021) Political Science ‘68


1901 Fourth Avenue, CPS 470 Stevens Point, WI 54481 715-346-4430





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