Novea Money April 2018


APRIL 2018


Like many partners and affiliates, we have been blessed to use Novae as the vehicle to pursue the freedom of new and exciting experiences. This was never better demonstrated than last month, when my wife and I went on a trip for my 37th birthday. We had been planning to go to Bermuda for months, but at the last minute, the weather threw us a curveball. So what did we do? Did we cancel and complain about all the problems? No! Novae gave us the freedom to switch up our trip on a whim and head to Mexico. Most people like to eat Mexican food, but have you ever had authentic Mexican food? White sand beaches, beautiful morning sun rise, and crashing waves — that’s what this trip was all about. The opportunity Novae provides is not about debt. It’s about life ! You see money now, and you’ll see money later, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never see again. What I am most fortunate about is how Novae has opened up the world to my children. My wife and I were able to take our kids to the Virgin Islands for 10 days this past summer. My kids had only seen this stuff on TV and in their dreams. Now it was upfront and personal. They were snorkeling with tropical saltwater fish right in front of their eyes! But we didn’t just stop there. We took our

What would you do with an infinite amount of financial freedom? One of the most common answers I hear is travel. But when I speak with people about how they spend their vacations, they tell me about how they decided to take a few days off and go to Florida or California. Not because they wanted to, but because that’s what they were forced to settle on. They let themselves be pushed around by life’s restraints, never fully capturing their potential to break free and truly live. What Novae does is open the doors of life so that, rather than settling, you can choose what you want to do with your future. A lot is said about financial freedom, but what is often lost is the aspect of time freedom. Money is great and all, but what people get with Novae is so much more than that. They get experiences . Novae gives you the chance to build a lifestyle that isn’t confined by limitations, but is bountiful with defining moments.

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