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When you have an ache or pain, it can leave you scratching your head as to where the pain is truly coming from. Just because it hurts in that part of your leg or arm, doesn’t mean that is where the problem is coming from. Is it a disc, muscle strain, or did you just plain overdo it? We know it is important to gather all the right information first to make the correct diagnosis. That is why we thoroughly evaluate you first and work with your doctor closely. Being a physical therapist is much like being a detective of the body. Where did that pain come from, what type of pain is it, what areyou not able todo that you want toget back to, how is your body moving incorrectly, etc.? Ifyouaresuffering frombackpainorneckpain,herearesomequestions that are important for us to know, to determine the origins of your pain:

How long have you had your pain? For example, acute low back (lumbar) pain may be because of a muscle strain. Chronic low back pain is typical of restricted joints, tight muscle tissue, and weakened muscle strength. What type of pain? Achy, sharp, tingling? Achy pain is typically a problem with movement due to poor functioning of muscles and joints. Sharp pain can be a muscle spasm, or even an impingement of a joint. Tingling sensations and pain can be irritation to a nerve either from compression or inflammation of that area. If you are suffering with aches and pains and am not sure of its origin, discover our programs today and learn more about quickly relieving your pain.

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