difference) one of the most tragic .political disasters in our history. Then there are those that are so topical, they are' already outdated. Senator Sam At Home will never be outdated and though it may not ever be as popular or sell as many copies as, for example David Frye's album, it will probably 'out last them all. Sam Ervin is of course the North Carolina Senator who gai~ed national fame when he began heading the Congtessional Committee investigating the Watergate Conspiracy. He displayed his southern-style wit and wisdom often while cross-examining (and lecturing) witnesses at the nationally televised hearings; and he uses the album to do the same, (and make a little money in the process). Ervin uses funny stories (some are parables, •others , Hee Haw rejects), personal comments on things like marriage and friendship. and recitations of poems, (the old stand by Rudyard Kipling's "If"), and song lyrics with simple background music added. The . songs chosen range from "Bridge Over Troubled Water" to the beautiful old hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross." All are delivered in Ervin's charming southem drawl. There is, however, nothing unusual or unexpected, and Ervin does not even go near any issue that might be in the least bit controversial; nothing on Watergate or any politics for that matter, nothing on racial problems or prejudice, just tried-and-true all-American timeless commentary. Is.Sam Ervin (or real?Yes, he probably is but he's also pretty dull. · ' -David Meinzer

H~'s accompanied most every one from Dylan's moaning tones, To the Byrds, ole Ario, .Bill Monroe, and the good ole Rolling Stones. They've got alittle help from some friends with lots of feel. Leland Sklar plays bass guitar and Al Perkins plays the steel. Dear departed Clarence White adds some fine guitar. (You'll always be 011e of the best, no matter where you are.) They'~e chosen some fine numbers, with lots of breaks and fills. ' 'Teach Your Children' by Grahm Nash, and one from Stephen Stills. 'Winterwood' from Don McLean,and E. J. 's 'Honky Cat'. (They must have taken lessons from Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt.) Well there's guitars and fiddles, \ b . Al Munde and his anJo too, Kenny )singin' out them good ole 'Lonesome Blues'. Flatt and Scruggs number bout the pretty girl 'Down the Road'. One listen to their playin' and _I know that you'll be sold. •·David Meinzer

This tune, coupled with the next, "Doing All Right," marks the real talents and diversities of Queen. This second number starts out a bit slower, with piano . and acoustic guitar, ·a Jon Andersonish sounding vocal, and Hollies' harmony. The power ,of this tune lies in its ability to make the transition from slow to fast tastefully, from gentle acoustic to electric explosives. Moods and melodies are beautifully interwoven here. As the album continues however, one hears a collection of rockers which are competently executed and reasonably enjoyable. Except one begins to play the "guess who that sounds like" game from here on in. '"- The next number, "Great King Rat," is a definite Black Sabbath influenced rocker, except not as snail-paced as the above mentioned. The same type of Ozzie Osbourne echoing- vocals and a little Ritchie Blackmore wah-wah guitaring added just for good measure. "My Fairy King" is enjoyable insofar as the delicate piano work and well executed harmonies are concerned; but is rather mediocre when one hears the Lucifer's Friend (who aren't the most original grpup around either) screeches, and tendency towards over-amplification. We can go right down the line now., "Liar" is a refreshing beginning to side two, which shows . a good deal of potential but also a good deal of outside influences. Phase out drumming, glittering guitar work, light Yes-type vocals and harmonies, Santana-type percussives coupled with a little mambo vocal cha11t. This is all very nice but it is also a bit too excessive. There might be too much going on here. For all practical purposes, "Jesus,".the last cut on the album, once again reinforces Queen's potential for a style of their own which is not quite defined yet. There is an acoustic,guitar riff, handled in classical ~itar "breaks" fashion, coupled with excellent vocal harmonies, but in the middle of the tune, .we find a senseless, electric freak out, which almost destroys anything good intended here. Queen is a pleasant listening experience which should figure to play prominently on the charts with a little exposure, ·even in their embryonic stages. It is not quite certain whether Queen are individual enough to step out of the electric bedlam of many of today's noise rockers. They possess the electric brawn of Black Sabbath · and the delicate, tasteful brains of Yes. If Queen can fuse . these two influences into a sound of their

own, they will be a force to be reckoned with. All said and done, Queen is still a most impressive debut album. -Michael Sajecki

Here's Muddy Waters again. He's still crying and_ singing the blues. And you know why? Because you didn't buy a ticket for his concert yet. The night he's here is a very special one. And you know why? It's A Night of Genuine Chicago Blues, that's why. Shakin' St. will be there full-force, and Clapton, Beck and Page might sneak in to get a few more guitar tips. So when UUAB says they proudly present, they do mean they proudly present: Muddy Waters, Hound Dog Taylor, and the Houserockers on Nov. 3 in Clark Gym. Tickets are $3 - students, $4 - nonstudents and night of performance. You can get them at Buff State and UB ticket offices. What more do you want us to do, take you there ourselves? piano; Brian May - guitar, piano and vocals; Deacon John - Bass; Roger Meddows Taylor - percussion and vocals, these· musicians are young, fresh and naive, naive insofar as they show us their influences a bit too vividly. This is not to say that Queen are carbon-copies of anyone; one can detect moments of originality and spontaneity all through the record. Everyone is influenced by everyone else in rock and roll. The degree of success with which a group disguises their influences is what marks their appeal. In this respect, Queen's future is a little uncertain. Queen is basically a tight, competant outfit which can rock with the best of them, and can compare with the heavy metal circuses in degree of volume. The album starts out with a real foot stomper. "Keep Yourself Alive," a hard, driving rocker, a good time melody with some ecstatic guitar work, a pulsating drum beat, crisp, strong vocals and just to make things proper, prim and professional, a bit of phase out recording.

Gazette DON T GIVE UP YOUR DAY JOB- COUNTRY GAZETTE (United Artists) (Sung to the tune of 'The Grand Ole Opry .song,') Come all you music lovers, sit down and get all set. I'll tell you 'bout some fellers called the Country Gazette. Their number two edition is finally on the stand, . And you'll never hear a finer four man blue grass band. Well there's guitars and fiddles, Al Mund_e and his banjo too. Kenny Wertz singin' out them good ole 'Lo'nesome Blues'. Flatt andScruggs number 'bout the pretty girl 'Down the Road': One listen to their playin' and i know that you '11 be sold. First there's Kenny Wertz on guitar,he's really been around'. And he can play most NashvilleDarlin's right in to the ground. Alan Munde on banjo, his fingers they ... just prance. _ And when Roger Bush thumps the bass, you all just gotta dance. But best of all is Byron Berline, a fiddlin' away. · And where he gets those mandolin licks from I really cannot say.

We forget who said it, but Kinky Freidman is · to country music what Lenny Bruce was to comedy. We think that's sufficient enough to announce that UUAB is presenting Kinky and his Texas Jewboys in the Fillmore Rm. at 8 pm on Nov. 16. While we're on the subject, the night before (15) Steve Goodman will make · the stage warm for him. Now, here's the hard part: both shows ·are $1 . (hear that, only a dallah), but if you'd like to go to both you can purchase a ticket for both sh"ows for $1.75. Understand? Whew. If you still don't, argue it out with ·the people at the Buff State and Norton ticket offices. But don't bug us, OK? We're still recovering form our announcement that Bowie would be coming Dec. s; 1972.



(Columbia) There have been stacks of record albums, comic and otherwise, released as a result of Watergate hearings. Many have biting jabs thrown with righteous indignation at public figures. Others have sick, meaningless jokes which make fun of (instead of finding humor in, there is a

Alright everybody, get off my .back. They're here. They're here. And you can thank. the Buff State SUB for it. Dec. 1, GENESIS will do their best to amuse,

entertain and captivate you at 8 pm in the Gym and if you 're not there, Peter Gabriel will foxtrot all o,ver your face. ' \





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