. ' ( .old Cuts .

claim to fame, other than this malfuI).ctiqning saucer, is "It Ain't Easy" which I:ias been done by everyone else, only bet_ter than his anemic version. The ·9BS i:{ouse Band, which has been getting around (as usual-Ed.) helps poor old Ron make a bigger mess of this project than he originally intended. You name it, he does it bad. Monumental over-orchestration, offensive brass, a chorus with at times drowns out Ronnie boy (Thank God for small miracles), all help this record to become the totally forgetable listening experience. Ron Davies is an unidentified object, and he's better off that way. If it flies, use it as a Frisbee. CHRONICLES Booker T. and Priscilla Jones (A&M) This disc is enough to make any fan of the old MG's break down and cry. After more than a decade of hits, why Booker T. has to resort to this sappy lovey-dovey shit is a mystery to me. No rockers an_d that's a fact, I would even be glad to hear "Mo', Mo', and Still Mo ' Onions" rather . than this dreck. JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL (Original Soundtrack) - Neil Diamond (Columbia) · ,A Christmas- rebipe : The Perfe~t Present. · Ingredients: '· 1 highly touted romantic bestseller (Johathan Livingston Seagull) 1 pop singer with fans of all ages and talent to boot. (Neil Diamond) 135 musicians and singers. 13 technicians (producers, engineers, etc.) · 7 top rate packaging designers and artists. , Singer writes .orchestra type music for motion picture sound track based 'on best . seller; mix with musicians, singers and technicians ; package in an elaborate jacket with lyrics, fancy typography, soft focus colori photos, and an embossed booklet cov:,er; release 8 to 10 weeks before Christmas and shortly before corresponding movie (if said movie ever gets out). Then sit back and watch the dough roll in. ONE YEAR Colin Blunstone (Epic) (re-released) Spawns one good cut - "She Loves '.I'he Way They Love The Way He Loves How You Love The Way I Love Hi~" (?!? !@&%$+t-Ed.) and that 's only

His Wes-Montgomery-influenced picking is quite nice, but who needs it when you can have the real thing? • These days, guitarists are a dime-a-dozen and Upchurch should keep that in mind next time he solos. THE LAST ILLUSION J.F. Murphy (Columbia) This ·ain't gonna be easy, but here goes. Have you ·ev~r heard anyone play jazz, rock, arid bar boogie on the same album? Well these guys do it, even though jazz is their strong point, but you don't find that out till the second side of the album. The first side is bull shit which is just indescribably Wierd. J.F. Murphy plays piano, melotron and lead vocals, while all the time being backed by a bass, a guitar, drums, a sax, and assorted horn arrangements. Ove_r all the album is just O.K., nothing outrageous really. As a matter of opinion, I'd rather wait to hear their next album, cuz it'll probably be much better. "Last Illusion" seems like it ' was just thrown together, except for side two. Gi¥e them time to collect t he feedback, . and then they'll have something. Guess who's com t09--r rn@(!)LI

"J w'1nna ki11; Iwann,~thrill I carry, 1 snod.,yreey_s~for, i:I pot of gold I'~e ~~'en bJt_ pritpe-t~me, I'm out of my mnd-:.,-· ,<--«·. ..., ' But _I k_e!f:p _r!3qqrd_ing for that disc of gold And I've got a· -cold " "I've been to Hoboken, I 've had my nose broken Spitin the ocean for that disc of gold I've been to Nashville, L snort with Steve Stills I think Dave Crosby is a son of a bitch But he's ge_tting rich" "I'm from Ontario, I've been to Buffalo I've found phrenario in a joint of gold I've had some lucky breaks, my gobddam back aches But I keep recording for that disc of gold And I've got a cold" -George Gerdes 1972 Old Void Music

because he's backed up by Argent. T•he rest of the album is pure poop including Tim Hardin's "Misty Roses" -and ·Mike D'Abo's "Warm My Bed." Listen' to thjs before your annual visit ' to the dent ist and you.'ll feel no pain. YAQUI (Playboy Records) Read Yueh. Over the past year, Playboy has released over 50 of the worst insults to music that I'm surprised they haven 't gotten around to releasing a Barbi Benton solo album. Now, everyone- is complaining about a vinyl shortage. Bitch, bitch, bitch. I propose there is a brain shortage in the Artist & Repertoire departments of many record companies, cuz if Playboy was concerned about e-col-o-gee, they would stop wasting what little vinyl is left or else steal Grand Funk from Capitol. Penthouse, Oui, Gallery, don't get no ideas, OK? LOVIN' FEELING This man is the studio musician's studio musician. His name can be found on .millions of R&B ,albums from Curtis Mayfield to B.B. King. Originally a bassist, Upchurch now makes the git-box his axe and does a-fine job of transition. Phil Upchurch (Blue Thumb)

NOW HEAR THIS Hanson.. (Manticore/Atlantic)

rock and roll band that shows many influences of the Faces, from Billy Steeles' Ron Wood-like slide to Charles Ray's Kenny Jones-like steady beat. The only trouble is singer Pete Maclan's inability to front - the band like Stewart. Nevertheless, "Angry Tiger," "Lovin' You" and "She's A Driver" prove to be Face-like and extremely likeable. FIVE AND DIME -David Ackles (Colm,nbia) If you have a tendency toward Leonard ·.Cohen and his stylistic individuality, perhaps you '11 enjoy David Ackles' album, Five & Dime. Actually if you can picture a cross betwixt 'To~ Paxton and Leonard Cohen, you '11 have Ackles down to a tee. The piano has · dominance throughout the album, (I wonder if it's because it's the instrument Dave plays?) which comes through crisply, honkey tonkly, thirty-ish and at times just plain mellow. D.T. Ackles Five and Dime is a day dreamy, listening album, one of those that you break out during a lethargic trance, strictly for listening pleasure. It's nice and will most likely wear well on. you if given a fair chance. So relax, have a daydream. Another album of unknowns, this time hyperkinetic rock, rock, rock, instead of the singer/songwriter sleeping pill syndrome. Obviously these guys don 't want the average consumer to know who they are, hence the clouds covering their faces on front and back cover. This is pure amphetamine music for those who just gotta move. Witness the up-tempo punkiness of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" , which is enough to make Walt Disney rise f rom the grave feet jerking spasmodically and fingers snapping wildly. But who wants a half-rotted corpse dancing down the street? Wait until they get a good producer. U.F.O. Ron Davies (A&M) The deluxe musical experience with the masochist in mind. Ron Davies' only , BLOW~ AWAY Christoper Cloud {Chelsea/RCA)

A bunch of studio musicians trying to make it big. Hanson present us with a pseudo-soulful rock sound which is pleasant enough to listen to, but lacking the intensity to make a lasting ~pression. Junior Hansoq, a Billy Preston and Keef Hartl~y graduate, guitars with Hendrix in mind, but where ,, ·Hendrix's guitar weeps, Hanson's screeches. Jean Roussell, 21 year old keyboard wizard of Cat \Stevens fame, adds the same type of ineffectual moog-electric piano tokenism that is ruining the Cat's sound. Although Conrad Isadore on drums and Clive Chaman . (ex-Terry Reid and Jeff Beck Group, respectively) on bass give the group an excellent rhythm section, it's not enough to make Hanson a distinguishable element in rock. It seem~ one should expect more from the Manticore label, the new home of ELP. Well, the record moguls are at it again, releasing old tap~s•from the depths of their crypts in order to make a fast buck, but this particular album is considerably better than most of its' genre. The Allman Joys were, you . guessed it, Duane and Gregg, pre-Hourglass and pre-Allman Bros. Band, aided by some other guys who obviously never made it. Only one real standout here : "Gotta. Get Away" is a fine punk-rocker of mid 60's vintage that could've been big nation-wide. Produced by John D. Loudermilk (author of the ever-popular "Tobacco Road"), this album is for Allman fanatics only but don't pay more than $2.99-for it. HIGH ROLLERS AND OTHER FINE LADIES Jambalaya (A&M) Any band that chooses the title' of a Hank Williams song can't be all bad and this debut album illustrates the above statement. Jambalaya is a tight five piece EARLY ALLMAN Allman Joys , (Dial/Mercury)


Tt-lE'N SUDOENL.'f, _MY FEE'T SiARTEO WAL"-INC, 0'f n!EMSELVES ! rt1E1 TOOi(. ME IN "!"O 'SoA.\E wooos !



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