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Indoor Activities

All About Art

We like to start our

1915 Dadaism

1950 Pop Art

1907 Cubism

1880 Post impressionism

1400- 1600 Renaissance

session with an overview Here’s one “All About Art”

1919 Abstract Art

1900 Expressionism

1860 Impressionism

1920 Surreali sm

What do you think of the art we’ve picked?

Dark Nights Activities

A variety of music links each session Here’s a few from “Dark Nights Activities”.

Autumn Alminac

Needles and Pins

Do you know who sang these songs?

Book Worms

Every Session includes a quiz Name this famous character and the book they come from?

Did you know the author spent 40 years writing these books!

Family Games Night

Each session we enjoy having a chat Games we play was one topic on “Family Games Night”

Have you played any of these games recently?

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