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WHY I LOVED GROWING UP WITH SIBLINGS April 10 is National Siblings Day. Since I have eight siblings, I wanted to highlight how great it was growing up with brothers and sisters. I’ll start by saying that my parents are divorced, so several of my siblings might be considered by law to be half siblings or stepsiblings. However, I decided a long time ago that labels don’t matter. To me, family is family, and my siblings make up such a huge part of my childhood and adolescence that I know growing up wouldn’t have been the same without them.

in a tent in the backyard. But when it came time to pitch the tent, they decided they weren’t brave enough to sleep on the lawn, so they moved it to the back porch instead. Once they settled in for the night, Bryan and I quietly sneaked under the porch and started making ferocious growling noises — they thought a bear was coming to get them! They sprinted inside to escape, but soon found us out because we were rolling on the ground in laughter. I still give Becky a hard time about that prank to this day! “MY PARENTS, THINKING THAT WE HAD JUST JUMPED TO OUR DEATHS, LEANED OVER AND SAW US LYING IN THE SNOW IN THE FETAL POSITION STIFLING OUR GIGGLES AS BEST WE COULD!” Another one of my favorite pranks took place after a huge New Jersey snowstorm, and fortunately for Becky, she wasn’t the butt of this joke. It snowed a foot or two, so my brothers and I built an igloo. When we called

our parents out to look at the beautiful snowflakes, we jumped off the porch (which was an entire story off the ground) into our secret pile of snow situated below. My parents, thinking that we had just jumped to our deaths, leaned over and saw us lying in the snow in the fetal position stifling our giggles as best we could! While I’ve met a lot of people who grew up as single children and enjoyed it, I wouldn’t trade my experiences with my brothers and sisters for anything. Now, having four kids of my own, I hope they mirror my relationships with my siblings in their own lives. There is something really wonderful about having built-in best friends who will always stick up for you and support you. At the end of the day, you can leave home, go to school, get married, have children, or move thousands of miles away, but you will always have your siblings to depend on.

For the first several years of my life, my only sibling was my older sister, Aimee. Our bedrooms were situated one next to the other, and we shared a wall. Back before cellphones were a thing, Aimee and I fought over the landline so we could chat with our friends. I remember instances when the phone would ring, and we would race each other to answer first. If the call was for her, I’d just bang on our shared wall, and she’d do the same for me. I remained the baby of the family for nine years until my sister, Becky, came along. At that point, my mom was married to my stepdad, and I gained three new older brothers as well: Bryan, Kevin, and Michael — which is why I still go by “Mike” all these years later. Once all these brothers were brought into the picture, my parents noticed that my pranking tendencies went into overdrive. The best “friendly big brother” prank we ever played was on Becky and her friends when she was in elementary school. She had invited one of her girlfriends to sleep over

–Dr. Mike

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Long, beautiful hair has been a status symbol in many cultures for the past few millennia, so it’s no surprise that hair care tips have circled the globe over the years. Among these tips are a fair number of myths; many of them have been debunked, but several are still widely believed today.


This myth has been circulating since modern hair dye became popular, but many researchers agree that the amount of chemicals your scalp absorbs when you dye your hair poses little risk to a developing baby. What’s more, many companies now have ammonia-free hair dyes, and some even offer organic, plant-based formulations that work just as well as their nonorganic counterparts.



This myth is a little newer, and it likely came about because of another common skin care myth: Cold water “closes” your pores. Hair shafts don’t have any live cells, so they are not affected by cold or warm water. Cold water can technically cause the hair strands to lie flat, but anything you do to your hair afterward — blow-drying, towel-drying, or brushing — will negate this effect. Warm water is superior in terms of preserving hair health, as it removes built-up residue and restores your hair’s natural luster.

You’ve probably heard this age-old adage from various women throughout your life, but the truth is, your hair grows at a constant rate even if you cut it often. Many people still believe this myth because regularly trimming your hair leads to less breakage and flyaways, which creates the effect of healthier, thicker hair.


augmentations. But even if they are a board- certified surgeon, you need to ensure that you are working with a board-certified surgeon whose training was in plastic surgery. In the same vein, you need a plastic surgeon who truly cares about implant awareness, patient education, technique, and overall aesthetic.

Since March marked National Breast Implant Awareness Month, all of us here at Music City Plastic Surgery thought it would be a great time to point out how valuable it can be to find a surgeon who builds his or her practice on patient education about breast augmentation. For those of you who already have implants, and for those considering them, it’s necessary that you seek all avenues of information pertaining to this surgery. Which size implants are best suited to your body type? Can you breastfeed after receiving augmentation surgery? How long does the healing process take? What kind of implants does your surgeon use? These are just a few of the questions that might run through your mind if you are considering or have already received implants. Because breast augmentations don’t require a lot of time in the operating room, a lot of doctors believe they can offer them as a service. There are surgeons with other specialties touting their ability to provide

Dr. Burgdorf is the only surgeon in Nashville who promises a Breast-Sizing Guarantee for all his patients. During your initial consultation, you’ll find that Dr. Burgdorf uses his “Specialized 5-Star Sizing System,” an approach that allows him to address five different areas for each patient’s breast surgery:

1. A bodylogic diagram 2. Patient’s desired cup size 3. Pictures (patient’s dream and nightmare results)

4. The doctor’s objective measurements (including the Burgdorf Bra-ometer) 5. Six-string assessment (which takes into consideration your shoulders, hips, chest, buttocks, skin stretch, and face) To find out more information about our Breast-Sizing Guarantee or to schedule your consultation with our award-winning plastic surgeon, be sure to check out




A SWEET BUT SAVORY CHARDONNAY PAIR THIS WINE WITH SOME LIVELY UPCOMING EVENTS When he is not in the office, Dr. Burgdorf enjoys spending his free time working with A Vintage Affair (AVA), an organization dedicated to supporting women and children in the Nashville area through first-class wine charity events. AVA has several amazing celebrations coming up, all of which are chock-full of wine, bourbon, and food tastings. Check out their website,, to find out more information and order tickets for the following events! Known for her charming but tantalizing sex column, fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw famously alleged that “the most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” Serving as the protagonist of the six-season “Sex in the City” series and two blockbuster films, Carrie might be a fictional character, but her words on self-love and personal confidence are just as real as they were when she originally spoke them. While the phrase “confidence is key” has certainly become overworked in recent years, it’s still true that poise plays a vital role in contentedness. No one knows this better than our patients, whose decisions to work with Dr. Burgdorf have drastically changed the way they feel when they look in the mirror. One patient in particular explains: “I’d been looking into doing a breast augmentation for four years, and I guess I just never felt like I’d found ‘the one.’ Once I moved to Nashville, I met with multiple surgeons and did ample research on my own. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Burgdorf that I was ready to commit to receiving implants. Literally from the first moment — from initial consultation to post-op — everything has been 100 percent flawless. “While I’m very happy with the physical results, the change in my confidence alone is more than enough to make my decision to go through with the surgery worth it. In fact, a great number of my

friends and family have commented on how much happier and more confident I seem on a daily basis. And it’s true! I couldn’t be happier with my results.”

To see how you can get the same experience with the same amazing results, come on down for a consultation with Dr. Burgdorf!


April 10: Meet the Vintner Dinner April 11: A Vintage Affair Goes Country April 12: Annual Main Event

With more sunshine peeking through the clouds this month, you ought to find a light and sunny wine to match. AVA recommends you give Burly Chardonnay a try! Sourced from the Razi vineyard in Napa Valley, your glass will be filled to the brim with aromas of peaches and lemon. At first swirl, oak and vanilla with a touch of butter leap from the glass. The palate has rich flavors of lemon and melon, which are supported by elegant minerality and lively acidity. It’s a wine that can be enjoyed by novices and enthusiasts alike!

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IT’S NATIONAL LIBRARY WORKERS DAY! Whether you have a card or not, libraries are an important part of our community. They serve as meeting places, research stations, employment centers, and local historical archives. They help kids and adults alike explore vast literary worlds and immense databases of knowledge — all for free! Behind every library is a dedicated staff of librarians, catalogers, assistants, and administrators who keep the system running smoothly. While it may not be the most well-known holiday, April 9 is National Library Workers Day (NLWD). As part of National Library Week, NLWD recognizes and celebrates the vital work performed by library staff. Librarians and their team do far more than simply place books on the shelf and shush noisy teenagers, after all. Library science is a multidisciplinary field that takes years of study to master. Today’s librarians have the skills of managers, IT specialists, documentarians, archivists, and educators — equipping them to help anyone from elementary students to doctoral researchers. These professionals can be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to delve into a particular topic, even if they don’t know where to begin. Just tell your local library worker what subject you’re interested in, and they can help you track down books, databases, magazine articles, and more.

How should you celebrate National Library Workers Day? Some groups, such as the students at the University of Arizona, go above and beyond by delivering balloons and signs to library branches across Tucson. More commonly, however, library branches ask their community members to vote for a “star” staffer. If a library worker has made a difference in your life, you can submit their name to the American Library Association by visiting and clicking “Submit A Star!” Lastly, you can show your appreciation by visiting your local library and thanking these professionals. These important community centers only work because they do!


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