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By Shannon Christie, PECO Meet Your Corporate Sustainability Goals Through Energy Efficiency Improvements

E stablishing sustain- ability goals can be a great opportunity to

management (SEM) can be a great opportunity to build energy efficiency strategies

identifying opportunities to optimize energy usage and maximize energy savings. Offset Sustainability Energy efficiency is an important step in your sus- tainability journey. PECO can help make upgrades easier and more affordable, with expert guidance and incentives on interior and ex- terior lighting and controls, HVAC systems, refrigeration equipment, compressed air systems and more. Shannon Christie is a Investments with PECO Incentives

4. Higher employee re - tention - 75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work

senior energy efficien- cy program manager at PECO. MAREJ 1 www.energystar.gov/build- ings/save_energy_commercial_ buildings/ways_save/upgrade_ lighting 2 news.mit.edu/2013/reducing- wasted-energy-in-commercial- buildings 2 www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq. php?id=86&t=1 3 www.forbes.com/sites/for- rester/2021/11/12/global-consum- ers-drive-the-market-toward- sustainable-retail/ 4 sustainablebrands.com/read/ organizational-change/3-4-of-mil- lennials-would-take-a-pay-cut-to- work-for-a-socially-responsible- company

set your com- pany apart and improve the way you operate to benefit the environment and wider community. Energy effi-

Energy efficiency is a core component of sustainability plans because it can help companies achieve near-immediate results and also provide energy saving impacts over longer periods of time.

into the company operations. Starting with a comprehensive energy audit, SEM helps your team develop long-term energy performance goals by focusing on the systems and processes you already have in place and

for a more socially responsible company Taking Your Energy Efficiency to the Next Level For companies that really want to set aggressive sustain- ability goals, strategic energy

Shannon Christie

ciency is a key part of develop- ing a corporate sustainability strategy because it can imme- diately reduce environmental and energy impact, is simple to implement and is cost- effective. And with financial incentives, technical expertise and solutions from PECO, effi - ciency upgrades can offset your sustainability investments. Use Energy Efficiency to Kickstart Your Sustainability Journey Corporate sustainability is quickly becoming the norm for larger companies. Some companies are driven by the effects of climate change be- coming more apparent and more extreme. While others, like Brandywine Real Estate Trust, JLL and Brixmor have developed Environmental, Social and Governance objec- tives to improve the operations of their portfolios and reduce environmental impact. Energy efficiency is a core component of sustainability plans because it can help com- panies achieve near-immedi- ate results and also provide energy saving impacts over longer periods of time. Energy efficient equipment upgrades and retrofits are low-hanging fruit that can instantly re- duce energy usage, carbon emissions and energy costs. For example, by upgrading to LEDs you can be using 90% less energy1 on your lighting. Longer term benefits for your company can include: 1. Lower operating costs and higher profits - Energy efficiency strategies can re- duce energy use by up to 30% 2. Reduced environmen - tal impact - Commercial buildings account for roughly 18% of total energy consump- tion in the United States , so even small reductions can ac- count for large impacts 3. Improved reputation - Nearly two-thirds of consum- ers prefer companies that are transparent about their environmental practices.

Something this big can’t be ignored. It’s time to please your tenants and get future-ready. Make your property more energy efficient today.

Start saving money and energy at PECO.com/Business

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