Farmingdale PT: Determining The Origin of Your Pain

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Reiki Healing Check out our Reiki Healing information session. Reiki is an ancient holistic healing practice. It is proven to relieve stress, anxiety, increase healing time, in addition to countless other ailments that have afflicted patients. A Reiki practitioner will place their hands on the body of a clients laying or sitting in a comfortable position. Universal energy, Chi, prana, unconditional love, etc, comes through to heal the patient in the exact manner it is needed. Reiki is proven to work and is implemented in hospitals and VA clinics. For more information please attend our Rotator Cuff workshop on May 28th, as

Brendan will be available to speak with you from 6:00pm - 6:30pm.

S’well Bottles Pre-Order our Farmingdale Physical Therapy West S’well Bottles. Each bottle will be sold for $32. Get yours now before summer starts. Liberty Medical stim units Find out about the Liberty Medical stim units. Ask the front desk how to get your very own home stim unit free of charge through your insurance. (If approved)

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