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The Two Greatest Sons Anyone Could Ask For Celebrating Boomer and Mason for Father’s Day


ith Father’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my kids, and my own approach to being a dad. A lot of guys get a pile of gifts for the holiday, and of course I always appreciate a call or

a quick visit from my sons, but honestly, the best possible gift I could receive is to watch as they grow and succeed in life. With both of my kids out on their own pursuing their dreams, I really feel like Mary and I raised a couple of unbelievably good people. How much credit I can take for that, I’m not quite sure, but either way, it’s deeply gratifying to see them doing their thing. Growing up, my kids always called me “The Professor” because of my tendency to go off on long tangents, talking and talking and offering all kinds of advice. But I never wanted to be overbearing or controlling. Instead, I tried to offer a steady stream of guidance without trying to dictate exactly who they would become. Though the expectations were clear from the start, I tried to avoid hounding them about too much. When our 30-year-old — we call him Boomer — got to an age where he could really understand where I was coming from, I told him and his younger brother, “You know, you guys don’t come with an instruction manual. Though I might make some mistakes, I do it out of love and nothing else.” Though I certainly did make my share of errors along the way, I can confidently say that both my kids have grown up to be amazing young men. Boomer went straight out of high school to Arizona State, where he first secured a Liberal Arts degree and later returned to pick up a degree in Cellular Molecular Biochemistry. Now he’s waiting to hear back from a few medical schools, shadowing a local doctor, working, and doing some community service around town. Meanwhile, Mason, my 24-year-old, is a second-year analyst at an investment bank in New York, working directly on deals and moving up the ranks at a rapid pace. Both he and his brother are incredibly smart and hardworking — no matter how far ahead of them you might be in their field, they’ll always just outwork you

and catch up. Whenever they have an opportunity to improve, professionally or personally, they are willing to sit down and actively work on it. Both of my sons have overcome adversity and have grown into a couple of well-rounded guys. For Father’s Day, Boomer usually goes to Mass with Mary and me in the morning, and then we’ll go grab lunch sometimes with my own older brother, who, with the big age gap between us, was in many ways like a father to me growing up. And of course, I’ll be thinking of my own dad, that incredible man who worked so hard for my family and everyone he cared about, and who taught me the value of hard work and keeping close to the people you love. My sons, and family in general, are a huge part of my life. Father’s Day or not, I never want that to change.

–Louis Zuniga

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