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PLANNED LIVES Mr. and M rs. D. L. M o o d y and their grand­ daughters. 2. The dormitory life ntust be conducive to well- rounded Christian character— “ ! would be glad to have them room together.” Bible Institute associations are life-long and ennobling. 3. Opportunities fo r practical Christian work must be offered — “ to visit from house to house,”

etc. (See pages 412 and 413 of this issue o f T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s .) 4. Part-time employment ■must

be furnished —-“ I should like them to do some house­ work.” The Bible Institute of Los Angeles has Always Fol­ lowed Moody's Wise Precepts In its classrooms, the Bible is expounded by those who belieye it from cover to cover. In its beautiful thirteen-

T here is something god­ like in planning, years in advance, for the lives of little children. The brooding tenderness that outreaches its own gen­ eration and seeks to mold servifceable lives for the Master’s use in the far future is no human im­

pulse, but a veritable gift o f the Spirit of God. In D w igh t L. Moody, “ the father of all Bible Institutes,” this gift was highly de­ veloped. On this page are two remarkable repro­

story building, homelike ac­ commodations are provided for its students. Its courses, with the exception of those of the evening school, are al­ most: all arranged for the morning hours, so that the afternoons may be free for personal work or for employment. Who Will Plan for the Youth of Today as Moody Planned for His?

ductions*— one, a photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Moody and their two little grand­ daughters, as they appeared in 1895; and

the other, a letter written by Mr. Moody to the superin­ tendent of women at the Chicago Bible Institute (the lat­ ter now known as the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago), providing for the enrollment of the girls and their train­ ing to be begun twenty-one years later! This is an extraordinary letter. As Paul’s instructions to young Timothy have become the pattern for all evan­ gelists to follow, so, in a humbler sense, Mr. Moody’s let­ ter reveals the working principles which must govern any Bible Institute worthy of the name. 1. The W ord o f God must be the chief Textbook. Mr. Moody does not use this phraseology, but he implies this thought when he says, “ I only want to make sure to get them in®—for nothing else than the urge to obtain a thor­ ough, reverent, practical knowledge of the Bible could have; drawn young men and women from all parts of the world.

Here in Los Angeles at this very moment, over 400 consecrated young people are enrolled at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles. They come from far and near. They pay no tuition, for none is requested. The expense o f ; their training (about $75.00 per student per semester) is met through the free-will offerings o f God’s people. When it was announced in July that funds (later fixed at $15,000.00) would be needed for the educational costs of the present semester, loyal Christians began to contribute, and now nearly $10,000.00 has been received or pledged. The remaining $5,000.00 is sorely needed. Will you not include some student in your Christmas plans this year? Your gift, large or small, will reach another generation.




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From The Life of D. L. Moody B y His Son, used by permission of the publisher, Fleming H. Revell Co.

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