United Conservatory of Music April 2018


APRIL 2018

FROM THE DESK OF Christopher Scherer

Dear UCM family, We would like to welcome the 70 new students who have joined us since January, and announce that we have over 200 students currently! Spreading the joy of music is one of our top priorities. Our mission is to serve the community by offering a fun, high-quality music experience for our students. We are looking forward to our recital season over the last months of the semester, starting in April and continuing through May and June. The recital season is the perfect opportunity for our students and teachers to show off their hard work for the year! Another important note: Private lessons continue through the summer! To keep your spot in the fall, you will need to stay enrolled, as we cannot guarantee you will be able to keep your lesson slot otherwise. Group makeup classes will begin in the fall on the weekends. Students are invited to attend these sessions to make up for lessons missed over vacation and throughout the year. We hope you enjoy this newsletter, and let’s keep making music! –Christopher Scherer Director

Mealtime with young children can often resemble a scene from “A Few Good Men.” Verbal warfare can break out at any moment, only in this case, it’s about eating vegetables. That comparison may sound extreme, but if you’ve ever tried to convince a young child to eat something they don’t want to, this courtroom power struggle may not sound extreme enough. What if there was a way to avoid this? Creating an environment that is conducive to trying new foods can be very difficult. The individuality of every child makes it even more complicated, because there is no overarching solution. The following strategies might not work in every situation, but give them a try if you find yourself struggling at the dinner table. Two-Thirds Rule Good + Simple advocates what the author calls the “two-thirds rule.” By providing two food options you know your child would like and sneaking in a third option, you can encourage your child to slowly expand their palate and open their mind to trying new things. Even if they don’t eat one-third of the new food they dislike, your child will still have consumed a large enough portion to receive the proper nutrients. CAN’T GET YOUR KIDTO EAT VEGGIES? Try These Strategies

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