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December 2017 Inside This Newsletter • A Letter From Arlan • The Start of Something Beautiful • Patient Spotlights • 6 Easy Steps to A Happier Healthier You!

Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC

During this time of the year, there is pressure to set a New Year’s Resolution. The problem is only 8% of Americans are successful in achieving their resolutions. The New Year is a great time to start off on the right foot and also reflect on the previous year. Make your resolution to be pain free and find your stronger, healthier, and happier you in 2018. We are having a health fair in January to help our past patients learn about how to stay healthy and avoid injury! Please come out and grow and learn with us for a day. It's free and we would love to see you! All the best,

Our goal is to serve you with such a great experience that you:

1. Thank the person who sent you here AND 2. Refer people that you care about to us

Arlan Alburo

TheStart of SomethingBeautiful!

On a beautiful sunny fall day, October 21, 2017, at Aberdeen Manor, I married my best friend. We have been together for five wonderful years, and now we get to start the next chapter of our lives. The day was filled with so much love, laughter, tears, friends, and family. Oh and a lot of dancing. Chris and I could not have asked for anything better. After the wedding we waited a couple days until we flew off to Nassau, Bahamas for our honeymoon. We stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian, which was an amazing experience. Besides chilling by the pool or on the beach drinking some refreshing beverages, Chris and I decided to do some excursions. We did a sunset cruise, snorkeling, which we got to see some coral reef sharks, and deep sea fishing, which we caught some barracudas. We ate at some of the hotels finest restaurants, which my favorite was the restaurant on the pier. As we ate our dinner we got to look down at the beautiful blue ocean and see the marine life, such as a sting ray and barracuda. We ended our honeymoon with a beautiful sunset candlelight dinner on the beach. By Valerie Welbaum-Boyk

Call IN & Win!

Be the first 10 to call with the misspelled word and receive a $10 Gift Card Call in and Win Hotline: 219-548-8770 Misspelled Mania Edition Judy Butkovic Matt Bukavac Gordon Sheffer Winners: Diane Androskaut Pat Hildebrand Chuck Hahn Barb Weingart Robert Solon Mary Ennulat Diane Anderskaut


"I have seen much improvement." "I had questions. Why am I having pain in my shoulder? Should I continue to exercise or will it hurt me more? Is this just due to age and arthritis? I read about OBTS and decided to give it a try. I found the staff was professional and friendly. I advise anyone who is experiencing pain to put yourself in their hands. Their approach was highly individualized and I have seen much improvement. Don't

"I am now able to continue the sport that I love and have missed." "Hello! My name is Tristan Poe and I am a sophomore at LaPorte High school, Varsity Tennis Player, and an active member here at Orthopedic and Balance. My story begins with a tennis tournament I participated in at Michigan City's Northwest Athletic Club. I was doing fairly well against my opponent until I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder while trying to retrieve a ball. This led to an unfortunate loss and a sore shoulder, but believing it was just a minor muscle spasm, I took it easy on the arm for a couple days and then continued my tennis career. A few weeks later, with tennis season at the high school starting up, my pain had progressively become worse, so my family and I agreed it would be best to visit a doctor as soon as possible. We made an appointment with a specialist, who then recommended an x-ray and MRI which led us to uncertainty of my return. The results came back after about a week or two, and sure enough, it showed I had a minor tear in the labrum, which was the exact cause of my pain. Thankfully, it did not require surgery, but weeks of rehab was a necessity for my arm in order to heal, which meant I would have to sit on the bench for the rest of the season. While I may not have had my tennis, Orthopedic and Balance was a great place to begin my therapy. With excellent care and much love from the staff members, they made my visits pleasurable and provided various techniques and therapeutic practices to strengthen and heal my injury. These techniques soon improved my mobility tremendously. I appreciated Mike and his team for evaluating and creating a plan of care that not only looked at my present career, but my future mobility for matches to come. I am grateful for such amazing and compassionate therapists that stood behind me with such encouragement that I am now able to continue the sport that I love and have missed." -Timothy Poe

accept your pain." -Margaret Bender

"Feeling better, and sleeping better with a more positive outlook on life." "My Right foot was burning from the spinal stenosis in my back. I contemplated surgery, but my doctor recommended PT at OBTS. The staff was terrific and very helpful. The burning sensation has definitely improved due to the six weeks of therapy. I am no longer considering surgery, feeling better, and sleeping better with a more positive outlook on life. Thanks team!!!!" -Bill Stack

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We help people achieve unhindered lives.

6EasySteps ToPut YouOnThePathToA Happier, Healthier, MoreActiveYou!

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of a new year when many of us feel compelled to make New Year’s Resolutions. What will be your resolutions towards taking care of your health? Will you set a goal to lose weight, exercise more, eat better and increase your activity level? Unfortunately, such declarations often fail after a month or two. This can often be attributed to two things: a lack of readiness to actually change bad habits and a pattern of setting unrealistic expectations. So what types of resolutions can we make that we’ll actually stick to? If you want to improve your health and increase your energy, here are some simple ways to change your lifestyle for the better. 1. Begin the day with protein. Eating protein for breakfast helps curb your appetite throughout the day and tends to improve your overall diet as well. While you may wind up consuming the same number of calories over a day’s time, you’ll be less tempted by high-fat snacks around dinner time. Keep in mind that there are plenty of plant-based proteins available, including hemp seeds, black beans, almonds, edamame, and pumpkin seeds among them. 2. Limit your drinks. Bythis,wearen’tonly referringtoalcohol. Instead, try to cut back on the calorie-laden drinks popular this time of year. Concoctions such as sweetened coffee drinks, sodas, diet sodas and energy drinks can be detrimental to a healthy diet. Focus on a higher consumption of water during the day and to make it easy have a glass by your desk or carry a bottle around with you. 3. Try wearable technology. Research shows that people who use wearable technology, gadgets such as Fitbits, Garmin, and Withings, tend to stick to their exercise routine

more faithfully than those who don’t. With many of them, you can track your heart rate, steps per minute, sleep cycles, and more. 4. Increase Your Range Of Motion. Avoid shortcuts when it comes to exercising. Strive for using the greatest range of motion. This may include making longer lunges, stretching arms more while jumping rope, or leaning over further during yoga. Whatever the case, doing so helps your muscles do more work per rep, which results in breaking down more tissue by the end of your workout. If you have difficulty reaching a full range of motion, or have discomfort, consult your physical therapist. 5. Reduce fatigue. Asanyonewhohastriedandfailedatestablishing a regular exercise routine can agree, fatigue is the number one enemy. To help combat this, drink beet juice. Studies show that it can increase stamina by up to 16 percent. Furthermore, listen to music that keeps you motivated. Listening to the right music can actually expand your blood vessels by 26 percent. Work on a schedule routine that ensures you get enough rest, exercise, and activity. 6. Switch it up. If you’ve been plugging through the same fitness routine day after day, you may notice a reduction in strength gain. To avoid this, try different exercises, working out at different times of day, using different repetitions, or lifting different weights. As 2018 begins to unfold, consider ways to add healthy decision-making to your lifestyle. Remember that putting things off doesn’t get you to where you want to be. We are here to help you reach your goals and achieve a healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Talk to your physical therapist at our practice today, or schedule a consultation to make your 2018 the healthiest yet.

Special Thanks to Those Below Who Gave the Gift of Health, by Referring a Friend or Family Member Pat Fischer Carolyn Carson

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Here’s What You Need to Do Seating is limited to 50 attendees per class. Each attendee will receive a badge. A badge will allow you to attend however many classes you want to attend BUT you do need to register for each class. How do you register? • Call Shane or Ana at 219-386-4488 or 219-213-9009 • Tell them you want to register for the Health Fair • Our phone representatives will ask you what classes you want to attend • You will then get a confirmation email and/or a confirmation letter in the mail

Here’s the venue for the event… Indiana Wesleyan University Merrillville Education and Conference Center

8415 Georgia Street Merrillville, IN 46410 Call now to reserve your spot for the FREE Healthy “You” Health Fair. Limited to only 50 badges for each class. • Call Shane or Ana at 219-386-4488 or 219-213-9009

See you at the Health Fair!


Arlan Alburo, PT, DPT, MTC Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists


PS- Call 219-386-4488 or 219-213-9009 to hold your spot for the Healthy “You” Health Fair All Day Event. Call and let us know what classes you want to attend. Limited to only 50 badges per class.

PPS-Free chair massages to the first 20 registrants.

PPPS-Bonus door prizes, and FREE food and healthy snacks for the event.

Dear Valued Client, We are excited to announce our first ever FREE Healthy “You” Health Fair All Day Event…and you are invited. During the event, workshop-style classes and training will be delivered on the most requested topics based on our client surveys. Here’s the schedule…Saturday January 20, 2018. THE 2018 FREE HEALTHY “YOU” HEALTH FAIR ALL DAY EVENT SATURDAY JANUARY 20, 2018 FROM 9 AM TO 5 PM



Knee Pain Workshop: How to Successfully Recover from Replacement Surgery 3 Powerful Secrets to Ensure 29% Faster Recovery

9:00-9:50 AM

Find Out What’s Causing That Kink in Your Neck Top 3 Simple Do It Yourself Techniques To Loosen Up Your Neck (instrucVons provided)


How to Heal Naturally from the Top 3 Causes of Low Back Pain Your 2 Main Core Muscles and How to Strengthen Them (exercise sheets provided)


12:00-12:50 Top 5 Natural Vitamins and Supplements for Pain Relief, Be\er Sleep, and Higher Energy

Don’t Fall in 2018: Balance and Fall PrevenVon Workshop Simple Techniques to Strengthen The 3 Main Components of Balance Control (instrucVon sheets provided)


How to Fight the Effects of Osteoporosis and Naturally Increase Bone Density Top 5 Exercises for Osteoporosis (exercise sheets provided)


The Gi` of Healthy Shoulders: Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Workshop Top 3 Tips for Natural Healing (instrucVons provided)


Heel and Foot Pain Workshop: Top 2 Most Common Causes Top Tips for Proper Shoe Fit Plus Self-Help Techniques for Natural Healing


We help people achieve unhindered lives.

3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8 Valparaiso, IN 46383

Specializing In: Lower Back Pain • Headaches and Neck Pain • Sciatica and Hip Problems Balance Issues and Difficulty Walking • Dizziness and Vertigo Shoulder Pain • Bursitis and Tendinitis Knee Arthritis and Joint Replacement Plantar Fasciitis • Laser Therapy • Graston Technique and More! We help people achieve unhindered lives.

219-548-8770 3125 Calumet Ave., Suite 8 Valparaiso, IN 46383 219-310-8278 11055 Broadway, Suite B Crown Point, IN 46307 219-380-0809 1405 East Lincolnway, Suite B La Porte, IN 46350



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