Mid-Michigan PT: How Strong Shoulders Relieve Headaches

FREE UPCOMING EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS The goals of these seminars are to provide a greater understanding regarding the topics listed and the potential role of Physical Therapy, while these seminars are FREE and all members of our community are welcome to attend!

• Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief Without Drugs, Injections & Surgery Saturday, March 10th, 10.00 AM Location: Howell Clinic • Do you suffer with back pain or leg pain when you stand or walk? • Do you ever have pain, numbness or tingling down your leg? • Do you have pain when you sit for long periods or when you drive? • Does your back ever ‘ go out’ on you, if you move the wrong way? • Are you afraid that your problem is getting worse, if you don’t do something about it? If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this is an event that you should absolutely attend, as you will learn all about the 3 most common causes of lower back pain and sciatica AND what is proven to be the MOST effective treatment for this problem! • Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Injuries: How You Can Achieve Quick & Effective Relief! Saturday, March 24th , 10.00 AM Location: Howell Clinic • Do you have pain when you reach or lift overhead or reaching behind your back? • Do you experience shoulder pain when trying to sleep at night? • Do you have pain extending into your neck or the area of your shoulder blade? • Does your shoulder limit your daily activities & things you like to do? • Are you relying on medication to relieve your shoulder pain? Once again, if you answered YES to any of the above questions, then please plan to attend this event, as we will provide you with all the answers to your questions and the likely solution(s) for your problem! • Happy Feet for Pain Free Walking and Running Monday, April 16th, 6:30PM Location: The Running Lab (Downtown Brighton) If you have foot pain with your efforts to run or walk, at this seminar you will learn the underlying reasons, why you might be experiencing pain and most importantly what you can do to solve the problem, so you can run or walk pain free! If any of these topics are of interest to you and /or you are experiencing any of these problems. Then please make sure to call us (517-545-3200) to register to attend. Also, we encourage you to share these events with friends & family members that you know could benefit by attending! These seminars are FREE. However, all events are limited to 20 people, so call ASAP to reserve your seat!

Success Story: “I was encouraged by my wife to attend Dr. John’s workshop on low back pain. Here’s my story: I had grown used to living in pain. I had learned to compensate in the way I moved, because I hurt all the time. I had injuries that no one could understand. Hearing’ Your just getting old or ‘It’s just arthritis, there’s not much we can do’ was getting old. My life was being held back and I was weary of hurting all the time and taking pain medication to just get by. The endless cycle of doctors, PTs and pain relievers with no improvement was giving me a sense of hopelessness. Dr. John figured out and showed me what my problems were and how to get down the road to relief! After about 12 sessions of PT, I have at least 60% less pain, I don’t hurt all the time, I’m enjoying riding my mountain bike and I couldn’t be happier!” - Leslie C.

CO-OWNERS Glenda Maines, PT, DPT, MEd, OCS John Dean, PT, DPT, MHS, OCS, SCS



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