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RTS Tech Journal THE FIRST STEP IN PROBLEM-SOLVING Why CEOs Should Acknowledge Their Fears

Who would have thought seeing your company grow could be terrifying?

masks of fearlessness because they are under the impression that by admitting you are worried about the future — that you don’t have all the answers — then you give up your power as a leader. I believe that by acknowledging your fears, you give yourself the opportunity to address them head on. I am still worried about maintaining our company culture and taking care of my employees, but I’ve discovered that the best way to alleviate this fear is to be exceptional at what we do.

In the last few years, our team has almost doubled in size. This is great, because it means we are so excelling in the work we do that our client load keeps growing and we need more people to help deliver that same excellence to everyone. However, adding so many new folks had me worried. What if I brought in new people who didn’t fit with the team and RTS lost that awesome culture we’ve worked so hard to build?

clients hire us because they’re afraid of losing out to their competition. If they aren’t able to innovate and become more effective and grow, then they’re doomed. We have to be an innovation hub for our clients in order to take away their fears and really wow them. I’m not afraid to admit when I am worried or when something scares me. The only way to handle your fears is to acknowledge them first. This is something we do with our clients regularly. When a client comes to us with their fears, we look at their situation and tackle those fears head on, coming up with solutions that solve their problems. But we never reach that solution if our clients aren’t willing to acknowledge their fears. There is logic in admitting when you’re afraid, but only if you are willing to also tackle that fear head on. When you do, you open yourself up to innovative solutions that alleviate your fears. And without those fears that were holding you back, you’re able to grow and reach higher than before.

I believe that by acknowledging your fears, you give yourself the opportunity to address them head on.

Being a CEO means I have a million fears hanging over my head at all times. When I started RTS, one of my biggest fears was that I would fail the people I hired. I have a responsibility to help my employees maintain their livelihoods, support their families, and put food on the table. If I don’t succeed, what would happen to them? There are many people who never admit when they are afraid. Entrepreneurs and business owners especially will put on

We can’t just be the best — we need to be light-years better than our competition and make sure our clients win. By aiming to be exceptional, we don’t just eliminate

the fear of failing as a company, we also go far in alleviating the fears our clients have. Our

-Jyot Singh

Only one question remains: What are you afraid of?


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