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Protect Your Financial Future

Whether you are raising a family, nearing retirement, or somewhere in between, you have financial goals to protect. After defining your long-term financial goals and selecting investments to help you achieve them, you may think there is nothing left to do other than monitor your progress. However, without an adequate protection strategy, your success may be at risk. Fortunately, you can protect your long-term goals with insurance advice from Commerce Insurance Services, Inc. * Your Commerce Trust advisor will work with you to understand what is most important to you, prepare a customized protection strategy and clearly present cost-effective solutions that align with your goals. INSURANCE SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE Through Commerce Insurance Services, Inc., you and your Commerce Trust advisor have access to a range of quality insurance products from dependable carriers to safeguard your financial freedom and the security of your loved ones – now and in the future.

 Life insurance provides financial support when you or someone you love passes away by potentially replacing lost income, paying off debt or funding other financial goals.   Long-term care insurance reimburses you or pays for expenses that generally are not covered by private or government health insurance when you are unable to live independently.   Disability insurance can help you pay bills and maintain your standard of living by paying a portion of your income during periods of disability.   Single premium life insurance allows you to leave a financial legacy to your family or charity by paying a one-time premium in exchange for an increased benefit passed tax-free to your beneficiaries. 1   Hybrid insurance is a flexible, tax-efficient 1 option that can be used to pay long-term care expenses or leave money to loved ones after you pass away.

COMMERCE TRUST CAN ASSIST YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH:  Life insurance  Hybrid insurance  Long-term care insurance  Disability insurance

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* Insurance products are offered through Commerce Insurance Services, Inc., a subsidiary of Commerce Bank. Commerce Trust Company is a division of Commerce Bank. CTC0717-PC1537

1 Consult with your tax advisor.


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