Beautique Med Spa - July 2019

JULY 2019 the Beauty BOOK

Last month, I celebrated my birthday with family and friends, many of whom are part of my team at Beautique. It was a blessing to be surrounded by such wonderful people, and I’m feeling pretty good for my age! Still, I don’t feel the same as I did when I was in my teens or 20s. It’s hard to appreciate how good you feel when you’re younger and don’t have any basis for comparison. If someone were to ask me for advice about aging, my recommendation would be this: Don’t get old! In all seriousness though, in my study of medicine and beauty, I have become very passionate about longevity. I love to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives. It’s what I want for my own life and what I want to provide for my patients. If I have any words of wisdom to share, it’s that we should go back to the basics for good health. So much of our appearance and health is related to the food we eat. Of the lessons I’ve learned as a doctor and health advocate, the most important may be to find balance in our diet. A good balance of healthy fats, nutritious carbohydrates, and lean protein is so important. I would recommend people stop eating so much meat; there is a fallacy in our way of thinking, fueled by diet fads, that we need a lot more protein than we actually do. Most Americans get twice as much daily protein as they need, and it’s hard on the digestive system. Too much of a good thing is not healthy, either. Balance is the key. Eat vegetables, especially cruciferous ones. Some nutrients are better absorbed cooked than raw. For example, you can get more nutrients from broccoli when it’s steamed rather than raw. Not many people like beets, but they are one of the best foods, especially for the liver, and they have so many other beneficial properties. Treat your liver well — it is the laboratory of your body. It filters toxins out and is so important to good health. Balance Is Key And 3 More Connections to Health, Beauty, and Longevity

Exercise must be part of your lifestyle. It can be walking, running, or lifting weights. Just make time to do it. Studies have found that exercise activates over 400 genes in the body, and it creates the hormones we need, as well. Research suggests exercise can help protect the brain from Alzheimer’s. The point I want to make to you is that we need to approach our health the same way we do our finances, our jobs, and our educations. It’s just as important, if not more, than those things. We must be willing to invest in our health and give it the same time, money, and energy we give to other parts of our lives. We spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on our phones and TVs, but we aren’t always willing to put the same toward health. Put some of that money toward natural, organic foods, even a chef to help you prepare them, and toward a gym or yoga class you love. Your body will thank you. Trust me, you will notice it in the way you look and feel.


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