Reeder & Vermaat 2024 Catalog

The Attendant- The First Multilingual Panel! Any Equipment, in Any Configuration! WE MEAN ANY!!!

Bad stuff happens EYES ON ALL THE TIME

Minimize your energy impact and costs SERIOUSLY, THIS PAYS FOR ITSELF The Attendant is a vendor agnostic automation system, completely compatible with the Big 3, that has been engineered to mindfully manage the energy usage of your entire pool system. Think of it as the Google Nest for the pool industry.

Our patented technology allows us to use existing equipment on the pad to determine when a problem occurs. The Attendant will proactively notify you when… • filters are dirty • pipes are obstructed • pumps are not working • water levels are low • valves are malfunctioning • salt cells are not working

From pumps, heaters and actuators, to lighting and salt cells, The Attendant can control and efficiently monitor equipment of existing manufacturers in the industry. With The Attendant, we natively integrate with any and all equipment. You can truly intermix any pump, heater, salt cell and light from manufacturers like Pentair, Hayward and Jandy. Never getting yourself locked into a vendor again.

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