Reeder & Vermaat 2024 Catalog

Vinyl Repair Kits

Epoxy Kits

This is our finest all purpose epoxy. WORKS UNDER WATER and mends almost anything, anywhere. Mend cracks in concrete, replace loose tile, even use as a grout. Will not adhere to vinyl plastic. Consistency of peanut butter, but white in color.

Vinyl Adhesive

For deep underwater repairs, apply adhesive to patch and fold patch over upon itself. When you reach the damaged area under water unfold patch and apply immediately to liner, squeezing out all water bubbles. Do not disturb patch for at least 48 hours. Allow 4-7 days for a full cure.

For quick and easy vinyl repairs without liquid adhesive, use Boxer Vinyl Plastic Pool Patches. This is a clear tape where you peel off the paper backing and apply immediately. Vinyl Plastic Pool Patches are excellent for other applications such as vinyl upholstery and waterbeds.

Repair products for vinyl liners and products, pool accessories and more. Getting it right since 1950!

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