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“I met Shaun Buck at Ben Glass' Great Legal Marketing Summit in October 2016 and was so impressed I signed up for newsletter services. What a great group of people! My onboarding project manager got me started with ideas for the newsletter design and then connected me with a fine young writer who interviews me each month and drafts tremendous cover articles for my review and edits. My project manager oversees the development of each month's newsletter from start to final publication. They have been quick to respond to questions, brainstorm ideas with me, and produce a quality product that is colorful, interesting, and informative. I have a law practice and thank heaven the newsletter is informative, entertaining, and not all about legal stuff — how dry and dull would that be? The Newsletter Pro helps me enhance the relationship I have with my clients by sharing with them part of who we at Monast Law are as people, not just as their legal counsel. These folks are simply great at what they do!” -Jim Monast Monast Law



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hearing many entrepreneurs and others say things

like, “I can’t wait for things to get back to normal.” Normal as we knew it will NEVER exist again. This country, and even the world, will be forever changed. I wish I knew exactly how the world would change, but no one knows. What I do know is that so much of the bull that has been


GROW STRO RECESSION W A Review of ‘HBR’s 10 Must R

“We've been using The Newsletter Pro, and we are really happy with their work. Their communication is excellent, our questions are always answered, and our newsletter is always sent on time. We've had plenty of clients telling us that they love the newsletter and new clients who book our services because they've received the newsletter. They're doing an awesome job!” -Beyond Times Square

When COVID-19 initially swept through the United States, the stock market took one of the sharpest dives in our country’s history in a matter of weeks. We plunged headfirst into a recession that no one saw coming. For many businesses and business owners, all of that might seem like a death knell, but it doesn’t have to be. Last year, the publishers at Harvard Business Review (HBR) combed through hundreds of articles featured in their publication and handpicked 10 with the best advice — and from some of the brightest minds — on how businesses can weather recessions and emerge stronger than ever. The compilation, “HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Managing in a




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