The Newsletter Pro - May 2020


9. Do you have phone scripts for any inbound calls?

helped you stay afloat, who sacrificed with you and were there to rebuild. As soon as possible, reward them. If you jump back to business as usual or get a scarcity mindset and don’t take care of those who took care of you during the hard times, then you won’t win. Now that you have a plan and some direction, I want to ask you, are you going to get to work? Are you going to take some risks and spend some money and time so you’re ready to launch, or are you going to finish out “Tiger King,” the new season of “Ozark,” and every home improvement project you’ve been putting off? The choice is yours, but be cautious if you choose wrong. There is a strong chance you’ll have a lot more time to watch TV and take care of your to-do list even once the economy restarts.

No more waste. No more slope. No more taking customers for granted. No more employees who don’t pull their weight. Everyone and everything needs to be maximized. The final piece of this puzzle will be your employees. You need to make sure all employees pull their weight, as I mentioned above. With that said, the employees who show up, who do great work, and who care — those people need to be taken care of. You need to pay better for the really good ones. You need to give benefits and perks that reward their hard work and dedication. One thing I’ve personally learned from this experience is that those employees who get it and care — those employees who jump in the foxhole with me when the times are tough — are the people who I need to support even more, who I need to pay more, who I need to do more for. As you rebuild, don't forget the people who

10. Do you make outbound calls to leads?

11. Do you have lead nurture campaigns?

12. How long do nurture campaigns run after you get a lead?

13. Do you have a documented sales process and scripts?

14. Do you have a reengagement process?

15. Do you nurture customers — for example, by using newsletters?

By creating these assets now, you’ll be in a position to excel when the country opens for business again. The focus should be on how your business can get all it can from all it’s got.



provides varying platforms, including software that can automate communication between your customers and prospects. Even better, the value of a CRM system like Infusionsoft or one of Keap’s other platforms is in its organization. It’s difficult for you to create meaningful relationships with clients without a CRM, but in a time when it has never been more important for you to add value to those relationships, doing so without a CRM is impossible. Your customers need you to show up for them like you never have before, and you need to be on top of your game to do so. So ask yourself this: With sticky notes, notebooks full of lists, task sheets, and a litany of tabs open on your computer, are you actually able to keep track of all your customers, their needs, and your history with them? In this ever-changing world, our guess is probably not. Instead, rely on CRM software like Infusionsoft to help you build your business out of this pandemic and show your customers your value.

Right now, the key to coming out on top can’t be found in creative marketing or branding. Instead, you can find it with the very customers you work with every day. So if the chaos is reigning supreme and you’re mismanaging your customer relationships, then you’re going to drown. You need a proper customer relationship management (CRM) tool to take the responsibility of storing, managing, and navigating your customer relationships off your plate and start building your business forward in this pandemic. Infusionsoft by Keap is a software that automates CRM, sales, and marketing and has become a one-stop shop for storing customer data. It’s the perfect hub for your

If there’s anything we have learned throughout COVID-19, it’s that in order to manage the chaos, you must have a plan for the chaos. Managing your customer relationships is easy when it’s business as usual and there isn’t a full-fledged pandemic war being waged just outside our windows, but things are different now. Your employees may be at home, your staff might be cut, your monthly income might be slashed, and customers may not be leaping to your business unprompted.

marketing team to record data about tactics that are working in this strange world, while your sales team can use it to weed out the cool prospects from the hot ones during a vital time. Keap also




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