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But you don’t care about that. What you care about is getting them out of your pantry. If it were any other pest, I’d give you some do-it-yourself advice to keep the bugs out or purge them from your house. But with Argentine ants, there’s really not a lot you can do without a professional. There’s the no-brainer of “don’t leave your food out,” but the sad truth is, no matter how many traps you lay down, they’ll still keep coming back. And thanks to their tiny bodies, they can get in anywhere ; there’s absolutely no way to seal them off. Luckily, the pros at Moxie Pest Control are very good at killing vermin. Don’t let ants camp out and multiply in your house. Let our friendly experts eliminate the colony at its source and get you the peace of mind you deserve.

Ants Invading Your Home?

they won’t bite, they will do everything they can to eat all your food, infest your house, and drive you crazy. First identified in — you guessed it — Argentina back in 1866, Argentine ants have steadily spread from South America, all the way up to cozy California and across the pond to Europe, hitching rides in travelers’ cars and luggage. Part of their “success” comes from the fact that individual colonies don’t compete or fight with one another like other ant colonies do. In fact, the three massive supercolonies, including the one that’s invading your home, are thought to be part of an enormous global supercolony, with a population as big as the human race.

Though the warm weather stays pretty consistent here in Southern California, some bugs still somehow manage to follow a seasonal schedule. As September rolls around, so do swarms of Argentine ants — tiny little buggers that can squeeze into every nook, cranny, and crack in your home. They’re not at all dangerous, so don’t worry about them chomping at you as you walk around your house. But while

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