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Thank You to My Brother and Parents for Encouraging Me

companies, trucking companies, and many others. During one case, the firm I worked at had a case against the office I’m currently associated with. After the case concluded, I was asked to join them in representing individuals and families who had been hurt as a result of someone’s negligence. At that point, I felt that I had found my calling. While I was working at the other firm, there were a lot of people that needed help, and insurance companies were reluctant to provide that help. When I was asked to join this firm, I knew it was what I needed to do and my chance for a better and brighter future. I had insight into how insurance companies worked, and that provided me an edge to help our clients fight for what was right. Everyone at Garcia & Ochoa fights for the same cause, ensuring every one of our clients are taken care of. We do our best for our clients by working together as a team. I am proud and humbled to be a part of this team. I’m extremely grateful for my parents, as well as my brothers, for helping me reach the point where I am today. My parents worked exceptionally hard at what they did, and their efforts embolden me and my brothers to do the best that we can do and work hard no matter where we find ourselves. Ciro is focused on his career as an attorney, my other brother, Eli, is a successful construction engineer and architect, and we do our utmost to help our community. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for both of our wonderful parents.

Growing up, two people influenced me the most to pursue a legal career: my dad and my brother, Ciro. My dad always told me how much he wanted to go to law school but never did. He ended up attending barber school, and, while he loved his profession, being an attorney was the path Dad always wished he would have taken. My brother, Ciro, is 17 years older than me, and when I was a kid, he was in law school, which fascinated me. I remember many times when Ciro would take me to the courthouse to sit in on a hearing or other small cases. He’d also take me into his office, and I’d have the opportunity to watch him work and look at everything he had in there. Everything I saw, heard, or experienced was never daunting to me; I was eager to witness everything that transpired in that courtroom. I also had many chances to see Ciro in action. To see my brother arguing on behalf of his client against another attorney was very inspiring. Growing up, I always loved to argue and debate with people, and here I saw firsthand how much good it could do for people. Throughout my life, whenever I felt or saw something wrong, I was the person to speak up. I’m not the type of person who can sit quietly when I see someone suffering or being taken advantage of. Standing up for people is something I’ve always done, and seeing my brother do that, as well, solidified the path I wanted to go down. After law school, I clerked for a few years with a federal bankruptcy judge near Dallas. Subsequently, I practiced insurance defense representing insurance

“I’m not the type of person who can sit quietly when I see someone suffering

or being taken advantage of.”

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