KPSOM View Book 2022

Health systems science puts patient health in context. Imagine a doctor and patient in an exam room. For a long time, this relationship

policies, justice, infrastructure, economic environments, and more. Effective medicine takes all these systems into account. That’s why health systems science is the essential third pillar of our curriculum. You’ll understand health beyond patients’ individual biology and clinical experiences, and gain a new appreciation for the roles you can play in addressing broader health issues. You’ll be equipped to build holistic relationships with your patients— beyond responding to the symptoms they show in a single visit.

has been treated as the entirety of the care experience—diagnose, treat, and part ways. But in reality, the doctor-patient relationship involves far more than two people. Doctors are part of care teams, hospitals, and other complex delivery and insurance systems. Patients are also part of systems: families, workplaces, schools, and communities. Meanwhile, public and private institutions at every level affect both doctors and patients through


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