“Rain, snow, whatever — there are always excuses. But we know that the other one is going to be out there at 6 a.m.” said Butler, who serves as CEO of CrestCore. “There’s not many people in our circles that are as consistent as we are year-round, and that plays into our business. We know that being consistent is kind of like the tortoise and the hare. We’ll outlast other people in this business because we just don’t stop. We just keep doing what we do.” Founded in 2012, Memphis-based CrestCore helps clients in the greater Memphis metro area and North Mississippi buy, sell, and manage real estate invest- ment properties. With offices in Memphis, Jackson, and Dyersburg, Tennessee, CrestCore also takes pride in helping educate its clients on deals and the nuances of real estate investing. “We help people succeed through real estate,” Butler said. “We help individual investors — people like you and me — that are looking for financial freedom or to build wealth. Our clients are more like mom and pops, not insti- tutional investors, hedge funds, or private equity groups.” Now with more than 750 clients and 75 employees, the co-founders have grown thanks to their methodical, deliberate approach that was in part cultivated through their running program, Skipworth said. “The consistency you need as a long-distance runner is the same for our business — it’s a long-term mind- set,” he said. “Buying a home isn’t a get-rich-quick thing like fix-and-flip or wholesale. We want to put in the work and we both have a delayed gratification and invest-for-the-future mindset where you sacrifice today in order to get more down the road.” A FOUNDATION OF VALUES In September, Butler and Skipworth were both rec- ognized with Think Realty Magazine ’s Master Investor award. The commendation recognizes real estate invest- ment professionals with a proven track record of suc- cess, integrity, and service in the real estate industry. Integrity is, in fact, a central tenet of CrestCore’s philoso- phy, Skipworth said. The word “Core” serves as an acrostic that relays the firm’s values of character, ownership, re- spect, relationships, evolution, and keeping the end in mind. “I would say our six core values are pretty much the essence of who Dan and I are,” Skipworth said. “These values are what we aspire to. Sometimes we might slip or might not live out the values or standards we have for ourselves, but it’s what we encourage each other to do and they’re the standards that we hold for each other.”

the cultivation of their values to their families, friends, and faith. The two view their friendship as “iron sharp- ening iron” and are thankful for the good people that have enriched their faiths and determination to make an impact for their families, employees, and clients. Such values have undoubtedly helped their company

CrestCore — which is one of a handful of real estate businesses under Butler’s and Skipworth’s parent firm, 6AM Core Collective — has a passion to partner with oth- ers to develop thriving real estate businesses that bring fulfillment to people, benefit to society, and glory to God. Both ardent Christians, Butler and Skipworth attribute

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