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Change Agents in the City W oodall Rogers was con- ceived in 1952 and com- pleted (initially) in 1983. Thirty-one Rogers. 2003: Nasher Sculpture Center brings more firepower to the burgeoning Arts District. 2009: Winspear Opera House follows suit


or as long in the making as Wood- all Rogers Freeway, but make no mistake, the change agent in your zip code will produce results for you and your investment business that may just impact your ability to make money for the next four decades. Could it be a rezone of an old and outdated use of property? Could it be a city initiative such as a new park or a new street? Could it be something as simple as one or two houses on one or two blocks in your zip code getting a face lift that causes the street, the next street and the neighborhood to be lifted by such an agent of change? If you are a single-family rehab and rental investor in Dallas, you would be wise to look at the agents of change in your city and in your neighborhood as you go about your investment business. •


years in the making. Thirty-six years in existence. The road that would connect I-75 and Stemmons Freeway to provide a complete loop around downtown Dallas for the workers and traffic coming into the City is perhaps the greatest agent of change in the history of Dallas. The road that would connect Down- town to a to-be developed Uptown has generated almost four decades of development value while bring- ing Dallas into elite city status. Consider the developments that have followed Woodall Rog- ers. 1984: Dallas Museum of Art moves to its new home to 1717 North Harwood opening its doors onto Woodall Rogers. 1986: The Crescent opens with over a mil- lion square feet of office space, hotel space and retail space. 1989: Meyerson Symphony Center opens its doors on the east end of Woodall Rogers. 2001: American Airlines Center is completed as an initial step to the development of the northwest corridor of Woodall

completing an entire boulevard of arts and entertainment along Woodall Rogers southern border. 2012: Klyde Warren Park official- ly connects the north and south borders of Woodall Rogers while spurring vast commercial develop- ments on both sides of the free- way including multi-family, office, condominium and retail uses. 2014: Perot Museum & Science Center opens its doors and proves that the Arts District can leapfrog the free- way and spur development in and around the corridor once again. All of this inside the 75201 Zip Code of Dallas. What’s your zip code in Dallas? What’s the agent of change in your zip code? Have you seen it? Have you driven by it? Has it gone unnoticed as you go about the daily grind of your investment business? Are you looking for it? Are you studying your market or just doing deals? The change agent in your zip code might not be as substantial

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Your business is building wealth through real estate. Our business is providing efficient capital to help fund your rental portfolio. We can help you take it down, bridge the gap and build long-term wealth in your rental portfolio! Contact us today!

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