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choices. “It allows you to take a clear view of your allocation,” Martin Firvida says. “That can help you more effectively manage your savings to meet your goals. You can see where your money is, how it’s growing and whether you’re on track.” Rolling your assets into one account makes it easier to ensure your allocation aligns with your goals and time horizon. After all, it can be challenging to track down the specific holdings of each individual account to ensure your retirement assets are properly diversified. With investments in multiple accounts, you may hold a concentrated position without realizing it. Once you’ve decided to consolidate your retirement funds, you’ll want to work with a financial professional who can help you open an IRA that offers a broad range of investment choices. IRAs tend to offer more choices than 401(k) s, so you may face new decisions on how best to pursue your investment strategy. The upside is that now you are able to focus on what matters. The downside is that you can become overwhelmed with options, without the help of a financial professional. KEY POINTS  Having multiple retirement accounts can make it more difficult to manage your retirement savings plan.  It can be difficult to establish an appropriate level of diversification when your holdings are spread across multiple accounts.  With the rollover complete, you’ll have a clearer picture of whether your retirement assets align with your target asset allocation.

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If you’re considering an IRA rollover, we can help you evaluate your options. Contact a Commerce Trust advisor who can review your plan with you, assist you with a smooth rollover and help you to choose the asset allocation that’s right for you. 1-855-295-7821 |

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