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After only my 9th visit I reached my post- surgery goals for my knee.. “I had a total knee replacement done on 5/14/18 and I had set a goal to reach 120° of knee bend in my knee by 6/27/18. Thanks to Leo I was successful in reaching this goal of 120° in just 6 weeks. After only my 9th visit I reached my post-surgery goals for my knee. From the beginning I have done my exercises at home as recommended by Leo, once or twice daily. After adding some Laser treatment to my therapy, I was able to see a huge jump in flexibility which help assist in my recovery and achieve my goals. The laser therapy allowed my knee to move easier, so I could get more out of my physical therapy treatments. I will continue to do laser therapy to see more progress in the future. My walking has improved, and I no longer require a cane. I feel that anyone with a knee replacement needs to go through physical therapy, so they can guide and assist your healing. Remember, after a knee replacement you only have 90 days to gain all the range of motion that you will get for the rest of your life. Thank you, Leo, and BioSport staff.” – Patricia H.

From the front office to the physical therapists, BioSport exceeded my expectations. “On January 12th I went under the knife to have my left ACL replaced and to fix multiple tears of my meniscus. Following surgery, I was told by my doctor to start physical therapy as soon as I could. I was given a list with many different physical therapy locations. After reading reviews online I decided to call BioSport, based on the feedback I was seeing. This turned out to be the best decision for me. From the front office to the physical therapists, BioSport exceeded my expectations.The physical therapist I saw, Alex, went above and beyond to make sure I was given the best odds for a speedy recovery. A combination of workouts in the weight room, followed by ice therapy have allowed me to regain full range of motion in my leg. My leg continues to feel stronger every day and I look forward to getting back to the activities I enjoy, with the help and encouragement of the BioSport staff. I will highly recommend this place to anyone. You can’t beat the friendliness of the people of BioSport. They truly love their job and work hard every day to see their client succeed. Thank you BioSport staff!” – Daniel I.

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