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As crazy as it is to say, 2018 is finally here. And though I probably won’t be setting any New Year’s resolutions, I will be eating some black-eyed peas for good luck in the coming year. Though they may not be pinned up on a vision board, I certainly am excited to make some meaningful steps forward over the next 365 days, both personally and professionally. One of the most promising developments I hope to pursue in 2018 is to finally establish a couple of satellite offices for the firms in Columbus and Macon. While I tried to do that in the first half of 2017, it didn’t quite pan out for the business at the time. Though I made my investment back with a couple of new cases, we just weren’t able to gain enough of a foothold to make a lasting impact, for one reason or another. But I’m far from giving up on that particular project. While it’s definitely challenging to gain the trust of an entirely new area, I believe with the right outreach and marketing efforts, our case history and the experiences of all our supportive clients will speak for themselves. Right now, I’m just looking at the strategies we took with the initiative last year and figuring out what went wrong. Formulating this Plan B is near the top of my list as we step into the new year. In addition, all of us at the firm are doing everything we can to go completely paperless in the coming months. This may sound like a dry subject, but I guarantee the digitization of all our data will not only aid us in serving our clients, but will make communicating and keeping them up to speed on their STEPPING INTO A PROMISING NEW YEAR

case that much faster. Soon, we’ll be able to send text updates to our clients whenever we need. Though I should say going paperless is a lot easier said than done, and wrangling stacks and stacks of important files is no small feat. In the past few months, it’s taken all we have just to keep up with the growth of the firm — the best possible problem to have. As more and more clients decide to entrust us with their well-being, we’ve had to adjust a few things around the office. With every new protocol we implement and every new member of the team we bring on, we streamline and improve the client experience. Though we may be gradually expanding each month, one thing will never change — my dedication to returning phone calls from those requesting my time. My dad instilled a courtesy I’ve tried to maintain throughout my career, respecting everyone’s efforts to contact me and doing what we can to ensure everyone gets a callback within 24 hours at the longest. As I outline all these new developments, I’m realizing just how busy 2018 is going to be. I have to say, though, I welcome every new lesson the year will throw at me. I’m just grateful to continue doing some good for the people I serve. Happy New Year,

-William F. “Trey” Underwood, III

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