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DEC 2017


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Although I have a big family, most of our relatives don’t live locally, so it’s usually just my parents and my younger sister celebrating the holidays together. And that’s fine by me, because we were rarely home for the holidays during our childhood. My sister and I grew up playing basketball, and both of us continued to play through college. Because basketball is a winter sport, Christmas was almost always spent on the road. We traveled all season long, going from one school to the next. Pretty much every weekend in the winter was spent driving to a game or tournament, so we were never at a consistent location for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It could’ve felt lonely, but my parents made sure we were always together, and that’s the tradition we’ve held onto. WHEREVERWE ARE, WE’RE TOGETHER

It wasn’t until a few years ago that we had a holiday that wasn’t connected to sports, so we truly appreciate celebrating at home these days. My parents helped us understand what’s really important. Instead of exchanging a bunch of gifts, we would each pick a family member and get that one person a small, special gift with a handmade card. We tried to give handmade or experience- based gifts — movie tickets, a spa day, even a cruise, as we got older and had spending money of our own. On the day after Christmas, we would go shopping as a family and buy one additional gift for our chosen person. Our parents didn’t want us to expect a bunch gifts on Christmas morning, and it worked — we wanted to spend Christmas hanging out together, rather than unwrapping presents.



It’s been quite a year for our practice. It’s kind of crazy to think that this time last year, we were changing offices. We’ve added an amazing team to The Button Law Firm, and they’ve made our practice stronger. I’m grateful to both our clients who’ve been with us since the beginning and those of you who’ve joined us recently. It’s an honor to serve all of you, and I’m already planning to make next year our best one yet.

Wherever you find yourself on Christmas, enjoy a happy holiday season with your loved ones.

When it comes to the new year, I also tend to make my own traditions. I have to admit, I actually hate New Year’s resolutions. I’ve told you how big I am on reflecting. Rather than making resolutions in January, I start thinking about the changes I want to make in December, and make them. The problem I’ve found with traditional New Year’s resolutions is that it encourages you to wait to implement them. You already know you want to change something, so why not start now?

Merry Christmas, and until next time,

–Russell Button



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