North West Employers Annual Summary

Annual Summary

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Introduction Our Year Evolve & Shape Places Develop Leaders Research & Innovate Connect & Celebrate Interchange The Year Ahead

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We are here for you - our membership; to enable and inspire you to be the best you can be for your communities, citizens and places. Our focus will be to:

Evolve & Shape Places Work with our membership to support the evolution and reshaping of places and services.

Develop Leaders Support the development of inspirational and transformational public services leaders.

Connect & Celebrate Connect our membership to share good practice and celebrate their successes.

Research & Innovate Source, support and enable innovation and new ways of working across our membership.

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

Our year... This year has been another year of change at many levels. Changes in national and global politics continue; sub-regionally we are seeing new governance forms taking shape, and locally we have seen changes through the outcomes of local elections, and with the integration of health and local government systems. As an organisation we have also had our own internal changes, with the retirement of Liz McQue and the arrival of Gillian Bishop as Chief Executive. In all of this, one thing that is for sure is that change is constant and so we continue to proactively listen to the needs of our membership and respond by adapting and innovating.

Next year we will be celebrating our 100th birthday, and thanks to the feedback from our membership, we can build upon our strong heritage and our core purpose as an organisation. Looking ahead, we have a clear vision and four key priorities. We are really excited about the future, and the opportunity to build upon our respected reputation and strong track record. We are proud to be owned and governed by our membership. We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you to successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape in the years to come.


Evolve & Shape Places

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

Working with our membership to support the evolution and reshaping of places and services

How? Understanding our membership ’ s needs and providing tailored solutions including, but not limited to; service design and modelling; workforce design and transformation; governance advice; pay modelling; HR and employment advice.

So that… Our membership can evolve with the times to deliver efficient, effective and safe public services for their communities with the resources available to them.




34 4 councils in the North West are using epaycheck to benchmark national salary information. We ran 15 assessment centres for senior manager roles including 2 for Chief Executives and 7 for Directors. £

We undertook 88 recruitment psychometric assessments using our online portal.

384 Our dedicated HR advice line dealt with 384 queries on a wide variety of employment issues. 40 40 job evaluations were carried out on behalf of our membership and partners. 43 Our new Chief Executive, Gillian Bishop has currently met with 43 leaders from our membership.

15 15 HR investigations were carried out on behalf of our membership. 5

We designed and delivered 5 large culture change programmes.

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

“ During 2017 North West Employers provided Burnley Borough Council with their professional expertise as we sought to recruit to the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer posts. Both processes were thorough and flexibly tailored to our specific needs. In addition, following senior management changes, North West Employers also reassessed our job evaluations under the national JNC scheme which included advice on the update of our senior pay structure. We were extremely satisfied with the work and support provided which led to successful outcomes. ” “ North West Employers have been great, they have taken the time to listen and understand what we need while at the same time making suggestions based on a wealth of experience. North West Employers have been really helpful and flexible as dates and priorities change and have worked with us all the way, [they] have gone above and beyond to book rooms and secure dates in diaries. They have delivered a number of sessions for us which have all been well received and again were flexible within this, tweaking and making changes depending on how the interventions land. ” What our membership say about us... Heather Brennan, Burnley Borough Council

Danielle Sharples, Trafford Council


Develop Leaders

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

Supporting the development of inspirational and transformational public services leaders

How? Providing bespoke leadership development, coaching and mentoring for senior leaders, councillors and non-executives.

So that… The North West has leaders at all levels who are more resourceful, resilient and inspired.



86% 76 We undertook 76 individual 360 o conversations supporting individuals with their leadership development. 86% of our attendees rated our courses ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’. 4 councils were awarded the Elected Member Development Charter. 20 0 councillors from across the region are piloting a 360° feedback approach based on the 21st Century Councillor research. 28 We ran 28 executive coaching sessions .

999 We had 999 attendees on our leadership development programmes. 210 We ran 210 in-house courses attended by over 2520 people. 9 We ran 32 leadership development programmes . We ran 9 regional skills programmes attended by 168 people.

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

“ What our membership say about us... “ I was introduced to North West Employers this year when they began a collaborative piece of work with South Ribble Borough Council. They are a forward thinking

“ I would like to advise that the senior leadership coaching for interviews was outstanding. It ’ s changed the way I behave in meetings let alone interviews. I was invited to provide evidence for a Select Committee last month and I was very mindful of my body language based on the feedback from the coaching morning. Feedback from partners in general was how poised I looked on the parliament channel! Thank you North West Employers. ”

organisation, and are highly professional in the way that they go about their business. Since working with North West Employers I have also attended numerous of their organisational development workshops, which has proved to be a valuable contribution to my development in that area. ”

Shirley Woods-Gallagher, Manchester City Council

Reece Drew, South Ribble Council

200+ participating GM Leaders.

2 Leadership Development Programmes.

The Leaders In GM programme was developed to bring diverse groups of leaders from across all public sectors closer together. In service of designing a true place-based leadership development programme. Fundamentally, it’s essential Leaders In GM model the change which we looking to bring about and this means taking a place-based approach in how we work with our leaders.

832 places offered on our workshops and events.

11 new facilitators received specialist training and development to build capacity.

33 learning and development events facilitated.


Research & Innovate

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

Source, support and enable innovation and new ways of working across our membership

How? Conducting research and development, providing ‘ thought leadership ’ for our membership and introducing new approaches. So that… The North West is recognised as a leading innovator in public services delivery.



3 We designed and delivered 3 Innovation Exchanges. 97% 97% would recommend our HR policy training to colleagues .

10 10 membership organisations collaborating on staff engagement. 16 16 organisations working with us on equality, diversity and inclusion research. 2 300 attendees at our first Greater Manchester HR/OD event - Click here to find out more. Facilitated 2 debrief and learning sessions from the Manchester Arena attack.


We produced an insightful national report on social worker recruitment and retention.

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

“ What our membership say about us...

“ Constructive and professional support, facilitating positive engagement and networking and building relationships between councillors and local government professionals across the North West region. ”

Hannah Myers, Knowsley Council

“ Local Government seems to change every day. It is vital to have a reliable source of up to date information and support. Especially one that is in your region and understands the local landscape. Thankfully, North West Employers fulfils that role. ” Derek Brook, Barrow Borough Council


Connect & Celebrate

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

Connect our membership to share good practice and celebrate successes How?

By creating space for cross-sector networking and events; forging collaborative relationships for the benefit of our membership with strategic partners; and recommending joint-working where appropriate.

So that… Opportunities to build collaborative relationships are created and strengthened across our membership and within the wider North West public sector landscape.


2854 49699 227 We now have 2854 Twitter followers. Don’t miss out follow us here. We’ve had 49699 hits on our website , check it out here. We have 58 Basecamp groups with over 1000 users. Click here to get in touch and find out more. 1000

An extra 227 new followers on the North West Employers LinkedIn profile this year. Find out more here. 526 526 people attended our North West Networks.

We certified 82 applications for the Greater Manchester Health and Care Champion Awards 2018. 100+ During National Apprenticeship Week we collaborated with GMCA to support the ‘Our People, Our Place, Our Apprentices’ with 100+ attendees. 82

24 We held 24 Personal development and performance conversations with councillors.

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

Interchange is a network of people in leading roles across the North West. Interchange connects people online and in person with the aim of sharing valuable knowledge and experience from a range of sectors. Our network freely offer their time and insight to create stronger, cross sector relationships, that help people be more connected in how they work, share and learn. We are building a stronger North West community together.




“ What our Interchange members say... 709 active participants.

490 new Twitter followers.

2 webinars attracting 40+ Interchange members.

“ [The Innovation Exchange] was a great opportunity to network with others in other sectors and to share ideas. ”

Chemane Brier, Salford City Council


The year ahead...

Evolve & Shape Places Engage with national and regional partners in the North West and beyond. We recognise that the landscape is evolving. We will continue to adapt so that we can provide tailored solutions that deliver outstanding public services for you and your community.

Develop Leaders We understand your challenges and opportunities. Our membership matters to us. We will continue to offer development opportunities so that you and your people are more resourceful, resilient and inspired.

Connect & Celebrate Strive for quality and excellence. We will celebrate with you. We will create networking and collaboration opportunities to share innovation and success.

Research & Innovate Be responsive, flexible, agile and proactive.

We will lead the way. We will research and develop best practice for you our membership.

North West Employers ’ Annual Summary

We are 100 North West Employers Inspiring the region since 1919

As part of our membership we want you to be part of our birthday celebrations, click here to find out about our birthday plans.


0161 834 9362 | North West Employers, Building 8, 2nd Floor, Exchange Quay, Salford Quays, Manchester, M5 3EJ

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