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Assembly Instructions








Expo 4 Shelf Capacities

1. Attach plastic feet to the uprights

Depth (mm)

2. Attach the horizontal battens to join the uprights together and push lug in using the flathead screwdriver, repeat for the second frame.

700 1000 1150 Width (mm)

140kg 300 110kg 90kg

130kg 400 200kg 180kg

200kg 500 180kg 150kg

180kg 600 200kg 150kg

3. Insert shelf clips at desired heights to position the shelves.

4. Place top and bottom shelves onto the clips.

5. Attach the cross bracing at the back of the bay using the expo spanner + 8mm spanner.

6. Insert the remaining shelves onto the shelf clips to complete the bay.

Rubber Mallet, Flat Head Screw Driver Expo Spanner (included), Spanner 8mm Tools Required Two competent people wearing safety gloves , safety shoes and protective eyeware are recommended to undertake the assembly. Safety Precaution

7. To add an extension bay, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for one frame, insert shelf clips at the desired height into the outside of the existing bay. Repeat steps 4 and 6.

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