30 th August 2017

Thank you for all your extremely encouraging messages of support – we love your enthusiasm and the fact that so many of you have already adopted your new flamboyant Flamingo persona and are clearly enjoying the opportunity to create a bit of a buzz around your new business. Some of you have told us that you have started to build a list of the first people that will be joining your teams and you are already introducing yourselves as Flamingo Partners. Go Flamingo! Flamingo Paperie will be launched officially on 1st January 2018, with a new look website, a new Reward Plan, a new product launch and many exciting initiatives that we believe will create a really compelling reason to want to be part of the biggest flamboyance* of flamingos this side of the equator. Meanwhile, we want as many people as possible to register to help create that fabulous buzz that comes from a direct selling business that’s going places. There is still much to do on all fronts but we are conscious that two major things are becoming critical and that is where we have focused our energies in the past few days.

has negotiated a substantial group discount on a Product & Public Liability insurance policy. The underwriters have created a bespoke policy which will provide you with £5 million worth of cover for selling either or both Phoenix and Flamingo products** from 1st September until 31st December 2017***. To be covered by this insurance, you will need to be registered as a Flamingo Partner by paying a £15 (£12.50 plus VAT) registration fee. You will be covered immediately upon registration but if you need to show an event organiser your policy documents, you can go online to download your insurance certificate. The insurance broker’s IT department is in the process of setting up the new arrangements for you to do this so we will send you further details with your welcome email after registration. Your £15 fee will also confer upon you the coveted status of being able to always claim that you were one of the original members of what we hope will become a great British institution. Make history and become one of the very first Independent Partners of Flamingo Paperie! September will be the month for all existing Phoenix Traders who wish to transition to the new Flamingo Paperie business. If you join before 1st October, the date we need to start preparing to calculate the commission payments, we will be able to place you within your current team and honour the integrity of your existing genealogy. If you joined Phoenix Trading after 1st April 2017 If you joined after 1st April, the full registration fee will not apply, although Flamingo Paperie will still provide all the benefits of membership and full cover for your Product & Public Liability insurance. However, we would ask you to pay just £1 in order to place yourself on the system so that we have visibility that you have joined the new business; we wouldn’t want Important Notice to Existing Traders

First burning question…

Registration and Public Liability Insurance

What will happen on 31st August when my Public Liability and Product Liability Insurance, provided by Phoenix Trading, expires?

We promised everyone that we would be in a position to offer insurance cover for:

• every Phoenix Trader who wishes to continue to sell their Phoenix stock between now and the end of the year. • every Flamingo Paperie Partner who wishes to sell their old Phoenix and new Christmas Flamingo product between now and the end of the year.

We are delighted to tell you that Flamingo Paperie


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