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July 2020

Meet Emily Coming Together Again After Tragedy

This month, I want to share a client’s unique story. Meet Emily.

I first met Emily’s mom, Lisa, when we served together on the Volunteer McKinney Board of Directors. At the same time I was undergoing my kidney transplant, Emily was having severe health issues of her own. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. I heard about Emily through a mutual friend and reached out to Lisa to check in on Emily. After the transplant surgery, my wife and I would go visit Emily and Lisa to see how they were doing. Both ladies inspired us with their positive attitudes and unrelenting hope. Finally, doctors diagnosed Emily’s condition. She had Lyme disease, a debilitating disease that comes with many different symptoms, including fever, fatigue, aches, pains, and much more. The disease sapped Emily’s energy, and there were times she didn’t have the strength to walk. After her diagnosis, Emily got the symptoms under control, but the disease is something that will remain with her for the rest of her life. Emily was able to graduate high school and was looking forward to beginning dental hygienist school. Then June 6, 2019, happened. Emily was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was T-boned on the passenger’s side — right where Emily was sitting. The force from the impact caused Emily to suffer severe injuries for which she was hospitalized. Emily and Lisa reached out to us after this happened, worried about the mounting medical bills and what Emily’s future would look like. Thankfully, Emily is a warrior. She fought hard to push through her physical therapy and other related treatment. Nothing was going to hold her back from moving forward and pursuing her chosen career. “Emily and Lisa reached out to us ... worried about the mounting bills and what Emily’s future would look like.”

Emily with her mom, Lisa

After all of her treatment was complete, we worked with Emily to put together a very thorough demand package by walking through all of the different areas of her life that had been affected. She then helped us gather the different evidence and documentation we needed to put the most comprehensive demand package together possible — and it paid off. We were able to secure a great result for Emily that allowed her to not only move forward and start school but also provide funds for additional future treatment for her Lyme disease. “I’m so glad everything turned out the way it did. I’m glad I met Scott when I was in the hospital all those years ago. I’m glad my mom had met Scott on the board of directors for Volunteer McKinney, and I’m glad I hired him after my car accident last year. I’m in a much better place now thanks to Scott, his team, and their hard work.” –Emily We are too, Emily! Clients like you inspire us to give it our all each and every day knowing that you are depending on us to get you the best result possible. | 1 –Scott Snellings

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