A Guide to Custom Gifting 2022


The most wonderful gifts of the year.



Corduroy: p. 50 Season Favorites: p.52 Gifts for All: p. 54 Crowd Pleasers: p.60 Stocking Stuffers: p.62 Kits: p.64 Make Your Own Kit: p.105 Stock Art: p.107 Upcycling: p.108 Mailers: p.110

Candles: p.4 Drinkware : p.8 Puff Puff

Collection: p.10 Letterpress: p.12 1000D RPET: p.14

Hips & Slings: p.16 Yoga Bags & Towels: p.18 All Day Tote: p.20 Throwback Shapes: p.22 Muslin Bags: p.26 AirPod Covers: p.28 New Drinkware: p.30 Microfiber: p.32 Wall Calendars: p.34 Blankets: p.36 Backpacks: p.38 Laptop Sleeves: p.39

Office: p.40 Mugs: p.42 Duplex: p.44 Suede'ish: p.46 Velvet: p.48

The perfect gift this Holiday Season! Available in multiple styles, 14 elevated scents, clear & amber glass, and limitless decoration options from screenprint to stickers to decals. Say hello to your new favorite candle, guaranteed. CANDLES




Available in a silver mini 2oz lidded tin or a 8 oz silver or black lidded tin, these adorable little candles can be easily customized and will quickly become the unexpected gift everyone will love. Add a gift box with matching print for the perfect gifting moment.

As Low As $3.81 (c)

*Gift box additional charge

Proudly designed and poured in Texas, USA.

JARS 8oz jars available in clear and amber glass with lid are the perfect sized candles for desks, bathroom shelves and small nooks.

As Low As $8.83 (c)


Available as a sticker, wrap, or decal, this candle is perfect for gifts. When you’re done with the candle, clean it out and repurpose the vessel as a planter, pen cup, and more! DOUBLE OLD FASHIONED GLASS

As Low As $14.02 (c)


*Gift box additional charge

CAN GLASS Our can glass candle offers a new shape that is hard to find, making this candle a must have. But what makes this vessel extra unique... after the last burn, clean it out and you have a custom drinking glass.

As Low As $15.17 (c)

Add a gift box with matching print as low as $2.30 (c)


8oz. Amber Glass Jar with Lid As Low As $8.83 (c)


Created Life happens around a drink, especially during the holidays . With our vendor , Created has re leased a th oughtfully curated line of elevated drinkware to the p romotional products world. Finally, drinkware that's tasteful enough for your perfect pour-over.

Created Co. drinkware As Low As $18 (c)



With full color wrap art available on the 12 & 16oz tumblers, and the broadest color palette, your clients' wish lists will easily become a reality with this drinkware.

camp mug stainless steel As Low As $20 (c)

16oz tumbler stainless steel As Low As $19 (c)

12oz tumbler stainless steel As Low As $18 (c)

cold cup stainless steel As Low As $22 (c)

the color OPTIONS

Desert Tan




Design Conscious PACKAGING



Packaging as thoughtful as the cups themselves. Created Co. delivers uniquely designed, quality drinkware, from product to packaging. No details were spared - a thoughtfully placed window in the box allows the consumer a sneak peak.



The newest material to our assortment, our puff puff collection is reminiscent of your favorite cold weather jacket or quilted blanket, and will you keep you feeling cozy all year round.

Darling Duffel Puff Puff As Low As $48.32 (c)

Ladybug Puff Puff As Low As $19.64 (c)

Somewhere Tote Puff Puff As Low As $66.76 (c)

Puff Puff Scarf As Low As $26.80 (c)

Dumpling Puff Puff As Low As $16.36 (c)


All Day Tote -Medium

Great for Hostest Gifts!

Wine Tote as low as $14.76 (c)

All Things Pouch as low as $11.16 (c)

Jettsetter Large as low as $41.72 (c)

Laptop Sleeve


Touched by human hands and printed on a 100+ year old press, our cards will vary slightly from one another making each one a unique piece of art unto itself. Don't just text someone this year...give them something they can actually hold. NEW! LETTERPRESS COLLECTION


Flat Letterpress Card As Low As $1.05 (c)


Made from 100% cotton paper, these are seriously thick Business Cards with a beautiful, natural texture. Plus, there's an option for a painted edge to add a pop! Everything about letterpress business cards is designed to make people go "Oooh". Available in 2 sizes and up to 5 color imprint.

As Low As $0.45 (c)

With the same unique touch as business cards, we also offer flat cards in 3 sizes. These cards make events, holidays, and moments just a little more special and come with a matching envelope. FLAT CARDS As Low As $1.05 (c)

When you're looking for a traditional card style, our folded cards definitely make a statement. Hand creased on the press, they're available in 4.5"x5.5" and come with a matching envelope FOLDED CARD

As Low As $1.27 (c)


1000D rPET

80 Shapes, now available in our NEW sustainable, heavyweight rPET material.

everday backpack 8 plastic bottles repurposed

twinkles 9 plastic bottles repurposed

even cooler bag 8 plastic bottles repurposed

busy bee 2 plastic bottles repurposed

soulmate 3 plastic bottles repurposed

As Low As $11.63 (c)

Doppelganger 4CP 1000D RPET

Everyday Backpack 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $64.00 (c)

Our new 1000 denier polyester rpet collection uses 18 recycled plastic bottles per yard of fabric - keeping those bottles out of landfills and giving them new uses.



FOR: Commuting, work, travel, life.

FEEL: Heavyweight polyester with coarse weave, it's a champion of durability to withstand wear and tear. FROM: Recycled bottles. Each bottle was washed, spun, and woven into durable sustainable fabric. AVAILABLE: In 80 shapes/silhouettes and fully customizable

Even Cooler Bag - 1000D RPET As Low As: $43.91 (c)

Left to Right: Portrait Laptop Sleeves 4CP 1000D RPET, Goodie Four Shoes 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $21.01 (c), As Low As: $8.00 (c)


HIPS AND SLINGS Whether you're traveling the world or running to your local store, these hip and sling bags will give you the ease of being hands-free with all the pockets you could ask for. The perfect bags to keep anyone organized on the go, they're available in multiple materials and fully customizable down to the color of the hardware!

Sling Pack 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $33.92 (c)

Portrait Crossbody-Puff Puff As Low As: $61.72 (c)

As Low As $24.69 (c)

Crossbody Landscape 4CP 1000D RPET


HIP PACK The Hip Pack is built for those on the move. Keep your phone, keys, and wallet close by with this versatile belt bag that helps you get out the door and on to your next adventure.

Hip Pack Canvas Denim Large As Low As: $17.43 (c)

Also available in a large version!

Left to Right: Mini Backpack Crossbody 4CP Poly , Hydration Sling 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $29.65 (c), As Low As: $32.53 (c)


Shamwow Yoga Bag As Low As $9.42 (c)



Our new yoga accessories keep you hands-free and supported as you take the next step in your health and wellness journey. Your favorite tote styles now come with extended straps to keep your yoga mat securely in place on the outside, while your workout essentials, like a non-slip yoga towel, stay organized on the inside!

Twinkles Even More Yoga Bag As Low As $10.18 (c)

Yoga Towel

As Low As $27.50 (c)




ALL DAY TOTE The All Day Tote is made for the long haul, but it works for the short-haul or the medium-haul. Whether you're bringing home the groceries, taking some work home with you, or toting around a change of clothes, this bag has all the room you need. And it wouldn't be complete without full customization capabilities from the straps to the body!





As Low As $34.10 (c)

The small is perfect for quick grab-&-go errands around town. The medium is great for conferences or all-day events when you need all the "extra stuff" to get you through the day. And the large is the quintessential bag for weekend getaways or trips to the beach.

BONUS! Built-in netted pocket in the tarpaulin and neoprene bags.


We're Throwing It Back.



RETRO BAG This updated version of a bowler bag is quickly making its comeback. Perfect for a weekend staycation or around town with friends, you can easily wear it over the shoulder as a hands-free crossbody. Fully customizable from top to bottom!



Retro Bag 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $32.04 (c)

As Low As $30.04 (c)

Left to Right: Retro Bag 4 CP Poly , Retro Bag Vegan Leather As Low As: $30.04 (c), As Low As: $35.04 (c)


Bucket Sling Corduroy As Low As: $25.29 (c)


The perfect slouchy sling bag for everyday toting, featured in a bucket silhouette and unstructured style with a drawstring closure, pocket, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Multiple materials and customization available. Explore the possibilities! BUCKET SLING






1000D RPET


Bucket Sling As Low As: $14.45 (c)





Great for gifting, packaging crafts, soaps, candles, wedding favors, and wine! Our muslin is lightweight, printable up to 4 colors, and will make any occasion memorable. The new construction on our Muslin Goodie Bags provides a much more affordable option than our original Canvas Goodie Bags!

Goodie Two Shoes As Low As $1.64 (c)

Muslin Wine Tote As Low As $3.31 (c)

Goodie Four Shoes As Low As $3.03 (c)

Goodie Three Shoes As Low As $1.94 (c)


AIRPOD COVERS Not just stylish, these covers add cushion to protect your AirPods charging case from bumps and scrapes. And thanks to the attached keyring, you'll never lose your keys! Available in TWO sizes to fit ALL Apple models, these neoprene covers are fully customizable and so fun!






AirPods 2nd Gen Cover-Solid As Low As $1.85 (c)

AirPods Pro and 3rd Gen Cover-4CP As Low As $2.54 (c)

AirPods Pro and 3rd Gen Cover-Velvet As Low As $2.44 (c)

AirPods 2nd Gen Cover-Duplex As Low As $3.01 (c)

AirPods Pro and 3rd Gen Cover-Heathered As Low As $2.44 (c)

AirPods Pro and 3rd Gen Cover-Metallic As Low As $2.44 (c)



Amber Beer Can Glass As Low As $4.07 (c)


Meet our newest obsession, our element glass tumbler. A hip, bistro inspired mug of double-walled borosilicate glass with an insulating design to float your beverage of choice. Hot drinks stay warm without burning your hands, while ice-cold drinks stay cool without the hassle of condensation. ELEMENT GLASS TUMBLER

Add a gift box with matching print for as low as $2.05 (c)

As Low As $14.50 (c)


Our versatile 16oz beer can glasses are a perfect size and shape for iced coffee, beer, or even a root beer float. They're fully customizable and now available in both Clear and Amber glass. Morning coffees and cocktail parties will never be the same!

As Low As $4.07 (c)


Now available with sealed wooden lid and glass straw. Fully customizable and available in both Clear and Amber glass. CAN GLASS WITH LID & STRAW

As Low As $1.55 (c)

As Low As $6.27 (c)

Take our glass straws with you anywhere in these new drawstring pouches. Also perfect for storing your reusable straws. Available to purchase with straws or as pouch alone.


Cleans & Relieves Stress



Our Microfiber collection includes our Right Swipe and Left Swipe screen cleaning cloths (great for wiping away smudges from screens or eyewear), Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rests (everyone's tired little wrists need a rest sometimes), and a much-needed Stress Reliever Ball (no explanation needed). These items make great gifts for employees, and with full-color printing capabilities, the sky's the limit when it comes to customization!



The Left Swipe Cloth As Low As $0.90 (c)


Microfiber Stress Ball As Low As $4.00 (c)



Keyboard Wrist Rest, Mouse Wrist Rest As Low As $7.00 (c) As Low As $4.00 (c)

The Right Swipe Cloth As Low As $1.20 (c)



2023 Wall Calendar As Low As $3.06 (c)


Wall calendars are a great way to promote your brand and be seen all year round! Available in four different sizes, two layouts, and a multitude of customization options! This is the PERFECT way to kick off 2023 on the right foot!

2023 Wall Calendar As Low As $3.06 (c)



You know your favorite puffy jacket that's oh-so-warm, yet weighs almost nothing? That essential piece that you couldn't imagine not having... Well, imagine that as a full- color blanket! Our puffy blanket works great indoors or out, and it conveniently packs down into its matching drawstring bag.

Available in 3 quilted patterns!

Matching drawstring bag!

Quilted Puffy Blanket As Low As $68 (c)



Ideal for picnics, relaxing at the park, traveling, camping, festivals, concerts, the beach, and more. Made out of lightweight-but-tough ripstop nylon material, it's lightweight, compact and durable. You won’t want to go anywhere without it, and luckily, you won't have to because it conveniently folds up into it's matching drawstring bag!

Matching drawstring bag!

Picnic Pal Blanket As Low As $42 (c)



Backpacks shouldn't be one size fits all. We believe everyone deserves the perfect backpack that's functional and always stylish. That's why we've created our Everyday Backpack and Mini Backpack. But the fun doesn't stop there - these backpacks come in 5 different materials and endless design possibilities!

Mini Backpack As Low As $35 (c)

Now Available in RPET!







Everyday Backpack As Low As $40 (c)


AVAILABLE IN 6 SUBSTRATES: CANVAS DENIM RPET 4CP POLY CORDUROY VEGAN LEATHER Now what goes best with our Everyday Backpack? Laptop sleeves of course! Our everyday backpacks and laptop sleeves are perfect for on the go. Do stylish gifts that serve a purpose make you as happy as they do us?! Check out our new portrait laptop sleeve that makes throwing it into a backpack even more effortless, or our landscape laptop sleeve that has added pockets - because let's be real, everyone loves pockets. The tech guru is going to love you when they receive any of these gifts!

Everyday Backpack As Low As $40 (c)

Portrait Laptop Sleeve As Low As $13.13 (c)

Zippered Pocket Laptop Sleeve As Low As $15.50 (c)


LE PEN As Low As $2.00 (c)



Whether you're in an office or working remotely, you still have goals and task on the daily. We have just what you need to stay on track while staying motivated. It's like the perfect pair... our weekly desk pad and jotter pens. Now that's gettin' stuff done!

Jotter Pens As Low As $0.99 (c)

Weekly Deskpad As Low As $6.09 (c)



Now Available in 12 color options

As Low As $3.76 (c)

Who needs 12 drummers drumming when you can have 12 merry diner mugs in 12 different colors!? These mugs are the perfect stocking stuffer that will make everyone rejoice!



The gift that keeps on giving: on those cold mornings, and then again when an afternoon pick me up is in order. This durable and stylish 10oz mug has a very slight curve, perfect to wrap both of your hands around to stay cozy and warm.

As Low As $3.70 (c)

Available in 12 color options


Cosmo Cutie 4CP Duplex As Low As $12.24 (c)



These gifts add another level of fun! Our Duplex Collection of products are 4CP neoprene on the interior and exterior giving them an unexpected surprise inside. Watch anyone opening these gifts be wow'd, not once, but twice! And if you want to really go the extra mile...some of these products are reversible!

Pint Glass Sleeve 4CP Duplex with 4CP bias trim As Low As $4.15 (c)

4CP on the exterior interior, & bias!

Canoe 4CP Duplex with 4CP bias trim As Low As $8.75 (c)

Snapfolio for Macbook Pro 4CP Duplex with 4CP bias trim As Low As $11.07 (c)

Wine Tote 4CP Duplex with 4CP bias trim As Low As $8.73 (c)


Suede'ish U-Bag, Large Canoe, & LENS Bag As As Low As $5.57 (c), $7.16 (c), & $4.77 (c)



Warm anyone's heart with a bit of Suede'ish! Soft touch and quality fabric mean the perfect gift for the season.

Suede'ish Liam As Low As $2.35 (c)

Suede'ish Klutch As Low As $11.58 (c)



Crushed or not, this luxurious, supple material is meant to be touched! Velvet isn't just for the coldest months, it's for any time you want to bring a little luxury to an occasion.

Bend and Snap Velvet As Low As $2.64 (c)

Snapfolio Velvet As Low As $9.02 (c)

Doppelganger Velvet As Low As $14.58 (c)

Velvet Little Buddy with Velvet Pocket As Low As $2.12 (c)

All Day Tote-Medium As Low As $30.41 (c)


Available in four luxurious colors: Antique Rose, Dusty Blue, Cranberry, and Black Onyx. Gift this high-end look and feel and leave everyone oooohing and ahhhhhing!

Great With Metallic Bias!

Wine Tote As Low As $6.39 (c)

Featured: Cosmo Cutie in Antique Rose and Dusty Blue

Cosmo Cutie Velvet As Low As $9.42 (c)

AirPods Pro & 3rd Gen Cover As Low As $2.44 (c)

Kappotto Velvet As Low As $8.26 (c)


Busy Bee Corduroy As Low As: $9.87 (c)


Corduroy Small Hip Bag As Low As: $10.67 (c)

CORDUROY The nostalgia of Corduroy is back with season-worthy colors, classic silhouettes, and cozy vibes. Go ahead and remind them of what's to love about Corduroy!

Corduroy Tote Called Wanda As Low As: $6.46 (c)


We're feeling festive and have so many great giftables this holiday season, so we've pulled together our absolute favorite things. 'TIS THE SEASON

Wall Calendar - Standard As Low As $3.14 (c)

Element Glass Tumbler As Low As $14.50 (c)

8oz Tin Candle with Lid As Low As $10.16 (c)

Corduroy Hydration Sling As Low As $25.41 (c)

Large Puff Puff Darling Duffle As Low As $48.32 (c)


Amber Can Glass Candle As Low As $17 (c)

Medium Tuck & Toss As Low As $7.87 (c)

AirPods Pro & 3rd Gen Cover As Low As $2.44 (c)

Created Co. 12oz Tumbler As Low As $18.00 (c)

4CP 1000D RPET Large Mod Pouch As Low As $8.00 (c)


GIFTS ALL Grab some of our hand-selected gifts that work great for any person . These gifts feature durable materials and handy silhouettes to make it a staple!

Clean out and use as a drinking glass after last burn!

Can Glass Candle As Low As $15.17 (c)


Sling 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $33.92 (c)

Element Glass Tumbler As Low As $14.50 (c)

12oz Camp Mug As Low As $20 (c)

Backpack Cooler As Low As $61.78 (c)

Even Cooler Bag 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As $43.91 (c)


Magnetic Kolder Kaddy As Low As $4.21 (c)

Medium Mod Pouch 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As: $7.84 (c)

Peeper Keeper As Low As $1.61 (c)

Darling Duffel 1000D RPET As Low As $19.33 (c)

Commuter As Low As $55.68 (c)


Now is a great time to tailor your gift game! We’ve got a curated selection of products that are perfect for those in to the hues of pink . T hese gifts will certainly standout above the rest. GIFTS FOR ALL

4CP Scrunchie As Low As $2.37 (c)

Add your own branding

be merry

on the nice list

merry & bright

happy holidays

All The Things Confetti

Jotter Pens As Low As $0.99 (c)

Jitterbug - Confetti As Low As $27.96 (c)

As Low As $16.08 (c)

Stone Face Roller As Low As $11 (c)

Soulmate As Low As $11.82 (c)

Bagabond Ripstop

Large Canoe - Velvet As Low As $7.16 (c)



Metallic Creative Mug As Low As $4.47 (c)

Poptart To Go - Metallic As Low As $4.75 (c)

A Tote Called Wanda - Confetti As Low As $23.64 (c)

Tool Roll - CC&S C049 As Low As $20 (c)

8oz Amber Jar Candle As Low as $9.73 (c)

Medium Kit - CC&S As Low As $23 (c)


Leave no one behind! These gifts are perfect for anyone and everyone. No need to opt for boring, run of the mill gifts when you can wow this year with great options! GIFTS FOR ALL

Puff Puff Jetsetter Large As Low As $41.72 (c)

Puff Puff Jetsetter Medium As Low As $40.80 (c)

Double Old Fashioned Glass Candle As Low As $14.02 (c)

Diner Mug As Low As $3.76 (c)

Puff Puff Laptop Sleeve As Low As $60.40 (c)

Created Co. 16oz Everyday Tumbler As Low As $19.00 (c)

Maglione 4CP As Low As $6.01 (c)


Add a Lid and Straw!

Cuddlebug - Small As Low As $6.80 (c)

Clear Beer Can Glass As Low As $4.07 (c)

Puff Puff Twinkles Even More As Low As $34.72 (c)

Taskpad 2 As Low As $6.83 (c)

Taskpad 1 As Low As $4.48 (c)

Double Old Fashion Glass 14 oz. As Low As $2.21 (c)

Pint Glass 16 oz. As Low As $2.25 (c)


CROWD PLEASERS These are the gifts you can’t go wrong with! They’re not too cold, not too hot, just right for the entire crowd.

Busy Bee Corduroy Pouch As Low As $9.87 (c)

Created Co. Cold Cup As Low As $22 (c)

Tuck & Toss Medium As Low As $7.87 (c)

Tuck & Toss Small As Low As $5.54 (c)

Taskpad 2 As Low As $6.83 (c)


Bubbles Tuck & Toss As Low As $10.67 (c)

Mini Notebooks As Low As $1.36 (c)

8oz Tin Candle As Low As $9.26 (c)

Stow Away Tuck & Toss As Low As $32.60 (c)

Slim Kolder Kaddy 4CP As Low As $1.76 (c)

Double Wine Tote 4CP As Low As $9.10 (c)

Packing Cubes As Low As $11.48 (c) (Each sold separately)



Dime Piece Pouch As Low As $4.90(c)

Poptart To Go Vegan Leather As Low As $4.75 (c)

Ice Cream Pint Sleeve 4CP As Low As $2.86 (c)

Main Squeeze As Low As $3.39 (c)

Pocket Coolie As Low As $0.69 (c)

Tech Taco 4CP As Low As $2.09 (c)

Metallic Wrist Strap Key Holder As Low As $1.08 (c)

Diner Mug As Low As $3.76 (c)

Stocking Stuffers for everyone! All under $5, these make the perfect mini-gifts!

AirPods Pro & 3rd Gen Covers As Low As $1.95 (c)



Great gift wrap!

Tweedle Dum As Low As $3.62 (c)

Goodie Two/Three/Four Shoes As Low As $4.54 (c) Available in Canvas, Ripstop, and Muslin. Prices vary.

Jotter Pen As Low As $0.99 (c) 3-Pack on Backer Card As Low As $3.82 (c)

Pixie Pouch As Low As $10.32 (c)

Marble Mug As Low As $4.09 (c)

Mini Notebook (T) As Low As $1.86 (c)

Penny Key Ring Ripstop As Low As $2.86 (c)

Le Pen As Low As $2.00 (c) 3-Pack on Backer Card As Low As $6.83 (c)

Tuck & Toss Small As Low As $5.54 (c)

2oz Small Tin Candle As Low As $3.81 (c)


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Shop the best kits to gift this year!

Metallic Gold Mugs As Low As: $4.47


GOLDEN DAYS KIT Ah, those Golden Days! While we can’t re-live those glorious days, you can certainly gift this box to someone who can appreciate a little luxe in their lives. This kit comes with the best metallic items all wrapped up in their own gold box. Shine brightly this season with the Golden Days Kit!


Remember: Kit available in our other materials & textures

As Low As $26.68 (c)

Gold Box, Metallic Card Guardian, Gold Jotter Set, Metallic Gold Mug, Metallic Gold Little Buddy, Metallic Gold Large Canoe, and a matching Message Card


As Low As $26.68 (c)




There’s always a silver lining, don’t we know it! End this year with a positive outlook and The Silver Lining box! Excellent choice for gifting to the tried and true optimists. This kit comes with the best metallic silver items all wrapped up in their own silver box. Just add a bow and you’ve got a gift that’ll match any seasonal decor!

Remember: Kit available in our other materials & textures

Gray Box, Metallic Card Guardian, Silver Jotter Set, Metallic Silver Mug, Metallic Silver Little Buddy, Metallic Silver Large Canoe, and a matching Message Card


As Low As $56.88 (c)



HAPPY CAMPER KIT 'Tis the season for some camping! Grab or gift the Camping Kit to any outdoor enthusiast. This set is complete with everything from a notebook for capturing those outdoor moments, to the campfire mug for heating up that pipin’ hot chocolate.

Folds up into a pouch for easy storage!

Ripstop Stowaway, Ripstop Penny Key Ring, Notebook, Jotter Pen, Campfire Mug, and a matching Message Card


As Low As $56.88 (c)

GLAMPING KIT Ever heard of “Glamping”? Well, now you have with our Glamping Kit! Add some glamour to your camping. . No one said camping had to look boring! Let’s go Glamping!

Box, Jotter Pen, Notebook, Ripstop Penny Key Ring, Campfire Mug, Sleep Mask, Ripstop Knapsack, and a matching Message Card



Sometimes a quick getaway is just what we need and that means traveling light! This kit is perfect for those who love to pop in and out on the weekends. And with three lightweight ripstop bags that fold into themselves, this kit will make traveling that much easier. No baggage fees here!

As Low As $57.75 (c)

Box, Ripstop Bubbles, Ripstop Garment Bag, Ripstop Stowaway, Goodie Four Shoes, and a matching Message Card



The original Self-Care Kit! No frou-frou here, just plain old give-me-the-stuff-to-melt-my-stress away kit. If you wanna roll, freeze, or heat your tension away, we’ve got you covered with the O.G. Self Care Kit. Send it to someone who needs to turn that frown (or those frown lines) upside down!

As Low As $33.60 (c)

Box, Neck Wrap, Weighted Eye Mask, Stone Face Roller, and a matching Message Card




STRESS-LESS KIT We all have enough to stress about these days, so give the gift of less stress. Light a candle, jot down your daily gratitudes, and then say goodbye to stress and hello to the dreamy eye pillow. Now we're talking!

Packaged in a soft-touch gift box with magnetic closure

Box, Notebook X, Le Pen, Neck Wrap, Jar Candle with Lid





As Low As $23.65 (c)

Go ahead, pamper me! This perfect sized kit is complete with a head wrap, eye mask, and scrunchie - a mini spa in one! Now you can be pampered wherever you are.

Scrunchie, Eye Mask, Head Wrap, Goodie Four Shoes, and a matching Message Card


As Low As $34.10 (c)

Well, well, look who made it to First Class. This kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their self- care experience. Travel in style and comfort with this kit and look made for first class - or at least feel like it!

Large Dopp Kit (LOC), Eye Mask, Head Wrap, Scrunchie, and a matching Message Card


Sometimes all you need is the perfect overnight bag... and then some! This fun kit includes a roomy tote, plus the perfect pouch for toiletries, a flat wrist strap pouch for the important items, and an eye mask to keep your sleep peaceful! THE OVERNIGHTER KIT

As Low As $30.80 (c)

Box, Colored Canvas Twinkles, Eye Mask, Pancake To Go, Velvet Cosmo Cutie, and a matching Message Card


It's always hard to get back in the grind of school or work after some time away, but with the right accessories, it gets easier. This kit is perfect to carry all your things, keep your laptop protected, and wipe your screens clean. Now that's better, isn't it? BACK TO THE GRIND KIT

As Low As $88.90 (c)

Everyday Backpack 4CP Poly, Portrait Laptop Sleeve Small 4CP Poly Left Swipe 8x8, Large Foldover Pouch Tarp


WORK & GO KIT You know what they say, hard work pays off! Now you can gift that hard-worker some more motivation to keep at the grind with the Work & Go Kit! This kit’s got all they’ll need to work hard and hopefully play hard too.

As Low As $38.50 (c)

Canvas Laptop Sleeve, Tech Taco, Notebook, 3-Pack Jotters, and a matching Message Card 79

NEW HIRE KIT Make the first day a great day with our New Hire Kit. Taskpad and pens to jot down and help remember things, microfiber cloth to keep screens clean, and element mug and stress ball for continuous refills on coffee and stress relief.

As Low As $26.09 (c)

Box, T2 Taskpad, Jotter pen, Le Pen, Left Swipe 6x6, Stress Ball, Element Mug


As Low As $26.09 (c) NEW HIRE KIT


Showcase how amazing your culture is & make a measurable impact during new hire onboarding. Welcome new employees in style and leave a lasting first impression. Customize all products with company logos for that wow factor! Sooo, when can I start? As Low As $44.61 (c) DELUXE NEW HIRE KIT

Box, Notebook X, Jotter Set, Right Swipe 5x7, Stress Ball, Camp Mug




Don't forget about the valuable players on your team that are remote. Make them feel special this holiday season with a gift box sure to impress. With the element tumbler glass, AirPod cover, and can glass candle, it's the gift that keeps on giving... once the candle has been completely burned, wash out the remaining wax and continue to use the container as a drinking glass, pen holder, etc. Win! #WFH KIT

Box, Element Tumbler Glass, Clear Can Glass Candle AirPods Pro Cover 4CP Neoprene


As Low As $39.82 (c) #WFH KIT


TOOTSIE-ROLL KIT There’s nothing quite like a kit that rolls along for the ride! Thankfully, the Tootsie-Roll Kit not only rolls, it also stores your favorite Jotters and Le Pens safely away in built-in pockets. Now just think of the possibilities!

CC&S Tool Roll, 3-Pack Jotters, 3-Pack Le Pens, Mini Notebook,and a matching Message Card

As Low As $28.18 (c)


Clean lines, precise pens, and the perfect pocket-size notebook makes this the quintessential Student Kit. Meticulous and compact, anyone who receives it will immediately appreciate the simplicity and function.

This pouch is versatile! Fold it over for a more compact option.

As Low As $14.30 (c)

LOC Large Foldover Pouch, Le Pen, Jotter, Pencil, Mini Notebook, and a matching Message Card


Step aside students because here comes the Professor and they're on a roll. This Professor Kit has more than enough experience in holding pens, pencils, brushes, tools - you name it. With multiple slot pockets, snap closures, and a Task Pad in its own special pocket, you’ll never be without your key supplies! PROFESSOR KIT

As Low As $39.05 (c)

CC&S Tool Roll, 3-Pack Jotters, 3-Pack Le Pens, Taskpad, and a matching Message Card



We all know someone who can host like it’s their job! Now you can give them another reason to cook up a storm with the Host with the Most Kit. From apron to coaster, this kit is the ideal gift for hosting season. Now you can get the party started!

As Low As $36.03 (c)

Ripstop Piggy Back, Hot Pockets Apron, Oven Mitt, Hot Pad, Tipsy Towel, and a matching Message Card






NEW YEARS KIT For auld lang syne! Make this New Year count with the perfect sized desk calendar, Le Pens (the only pen you’ll need in 2023), and mini notebooks for every resolution you have. Good riddance, 2022. Hello new year, new goals, new ambitions, and new you!

As Low As $35.75 (c)

Box, Calendar, Set of 3 Mini Notebooks, 3-Pack Jotters, 3-Pack Le Pens, Pen Cup, and a matching Message Card


When the New Year rolls around and new goals are set, be ready to head to the gym with new gear to help you stay motivated and inspire others to do the same. The darling duffel is perfect for workout clothes and shoes, the busy bee for toiletries and smaller accessories, and the cold cup to keep your water icy for up to 12 hours! New year, New You! WORKOUT KIT

As Low As $50.35 (c)

Small Darling Duffel 4CP RPET , Busy Bee 4CP 1000D RPET, Cold Cup


ON THE GO KIT Places to go, people to see! This kit keeps you easily on the move and hands-free with our Canvas Sling Bag, AirPods Cover Neoprene to protect the precious cargo, and RPET Mod Pouch for smaller items like credit cards and chapstick.

AirPod Pro & 3rd Gen Cover As Low As $1.95 (c)

Small Mod Pouch 4CP 1000D RPET As Low As $7.68 (c)

As Low As $30.83 (c)

Natural Canvas Sling Bag


LEFT OF CENTER KIT Out of the norm, tough, rugged, and full of grit- just like this kit. It holds everything essential you might need including a fold up backpack and pouches in 3 different materials. So whether you’re braving the wind or the rain, this kit will safe-keep what you need.

Ripstop Day Pack, 3-pack Jotters, Large Foldover Pouch, Small Supply Pouch, Medium Front Zip Pouch, Small Kit, and a matching Message Card

As Low As $60.50 (c)


Left Of Center Small Supply Pouch


Perfect for all life's little stuff. These pouches will help you stay organized on the go, in the bathroom, at your desk, anywhere really. With three of our favorite pouches all attached with a key ring, this set has it all. Together or separate, in pairs or flying solo, each of these pouches are made of rip-resistant material and are machine washable. So bring it on, world. POUCH SET

Penny Pouch Tuck & Toss, All the Things Tuck & Toss, & Dollface Tuck & Toss


ON THE DAILY KIT You’ve seen them, they’re busting deals and making moves; they make it happen “on the daily”! As productive as they are, this kit has all the essentials to keep them grindin’. Featuring the classic and always on demand 3-pack jotter set, curved wall glass mug, and spiral bound notebook, this kit will keep them focused without the extra fluff!

As Low As $23.10 (c)

Box, Notebook, Curved Wall Glass Mug, 3-pack Jotters, and a matching Message Card


All Day Tote Medium Neoprene, Created Co. 16 oz. Everyday Tumbler Canvas All The Things Pouch, Canvas Penny Key Ring Pouch



Looking for a tried and true kit that will be used every. single. day? Look no further. The All Day Tote is made for the long haul, but it works for the short haul... or the medium haul. The included small pouches help to keep you organized, so keys, cards and toiletries are at your fingertips. And we couldn't forget hydration - this easy to hold 16oz tumbler will be your new best friend.

As Low As $48.60 (c)



Enjoy relaxing poolside, campside, marketside, or anywhere outside with the ultimate outdoor day kit. The Seaside Tote starts out as a flat sheet of neoprene that you can store anywhere rolled or folded, then it expands to fit all your things. Add the Picnic Pal to have some ground cover while basking in the sun. This machine washable blanket folds right up to fit into an included matching bag with a drawstring to keep it secure, AND will fit perfectly inside the Seaside Tote.And don't forget to toss in your Kolder Kaddy drink insulators to keep your beverages nice and cold anywhere!

Included matching bag!

Seaside Tote, Picnic Pal, & 2 Kolder Kaddies


Keep all event essentials safe with the clear vinyl bucket bag. It has a drawstring closure and an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it the perfect bag to have on hand when you want to breeze through any bag check-in. Paired with a clear vinyl Penny Key Ring to hold your ID, cash, or any other small trinkets, and a Kolder Kaddy to keep all beverages nice and cool! EVENT KIT

As Low As $29.33 (c)

Bucket Sling Clear Vinyl, Penny Key Ring Clear Vinyl, Kolder Kaddy


PICNIC KIT Our fully-insulated Cooler Backpack is made from 4CP Poly with tarpaulin lining. It has durable, waterproof zippers and nylon webbing as well as straps that are padded with scuba foam to help cushion the weight of ice and drinks while toting it around. Perfect for a picnic in the park! Lay out your spread on the Picnic Pal and keep your beverage handy with the Hang Cool while you get your snack on!

Cooler Backpack 4CP Poly

Picnic Pal

Hang Cool


Stay hydrated and hands-free while attending outdoor festivals with this kit! Easily carry a 32oz water bottle in the front and keep your phone, sunglasses, Pocket Coolie for Slim Cans, and Penny Pouch with ID + cards safely tucked away in the zippered back pocket. The AirPods cover will be perfect when charging up your earbuds between sets and will keep your case super protected from any spilled beverages, dirt, or grime. It even has a key ring so you can attach it to your Hydration Sling or car keys. FESTIVAL KIT

RPET Penny Pouch

4CP Pocket Coolie for Slim Cans

4CP AirPods Pro Cover

RPET Hydration Sling

All art is fully customizable! Make them all the same or each uniquely its own. The possibilities are endless.

RPET Hydration Sling


REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE KIT Say goodbye to single use plastics and those annoying grocery bags that never stop collecting! This kit is perfect when sustainable is your middle name. The Tuck & Toss has you covered for all your shopping needs, while the Snak-A-Lope and Everyday Tumbler are there for a treat on the go. Throw everything into the RPET Doppleganger and you're on your way no matter what's on the agenda.

As Low As $40.40 (c)

Everything fits in the doppleganger!

Created Co 12oz Everyday Tumbler, Tuck & Toss Medium, Doppelganger 4CP 1000D RPET, Snak-A-Lope packed in a Soft-touch Box


Letterpress Flat Card 4.25"x5.5" Puff Puff Small Hip Bag



No one else does promotional merchandise quite like we do.

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