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PURPOSE // What we will do to get there

The Purpose of the Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority is to:

ACQUIRE Title to Tax Delinquent, Vacant, Abandoned, Dilapidated and Other Properties which it will in turn inventory, classify, manage, maintain, protect, rent, lease, repair, insure, alter, sell, trade, exchange or otherwise dispose of under such terms and conditions.

EXTINGUISH Past Due Tax Liens Held by Fulton County and the City of Atlanta to facilitate the return to productive use.

RETURN Non-revenue Generating, Non-tax Producing Property to an Eective Utilization Status in order to support the creation of market and aordable housing, public space, new industry and jobs for the citizens of the City and County.

HEADLINE INDICATORS // How we will know we’ve done it

Amount of New/Incremental Tax Revenue Collected

Value of Properties in Portfolio

Number of Properties in Portfolio


Number of Properties Disposed

Number of Housing Units Created

• Total Private Investment in Projects • Total Public Investment in Projects • Incremental Property Value Increase • Total Aordable Units by AMI%

• Annual Funding - Public Source • Annual Funding - Private Source • Properties/Units Acquired • Demographics Served (race, age, income, disability)


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Published and Adopted by LBA Board in April 2020

CORE VALUES // How we will accomplish this

The LBA will be guided by the following seven principles:





Customer Focus



OUR FORTE What we are uniquely well positioned to do

STRENGTHS What we’re really good at

PASSIONS What we love to do

MOTIVATIONS What drives and fuels us

• Providing opportunities for local, small and medium sized developers/nonprofits/ community development corporations to shape the communities in which they live, work, and play • Creating safe, secure, aordable housing which leads to a more stable life and greater economic opportunity • Having a true impact by transforming neighborhoods into thriving communities

• Revitalizing properties in underdeveloped and underutilized communities • Leveraging our powers to provide opportunities that benefit the community • Solving challenging issues by taking a cross organizational, collaborative approach for the benefit of the residents of Atlanta

• Mission driven organization • Identifying properties that can be turned into revenue tax generating properties • Clear leadership and vision • Consistent track record of high performance and data driven results • Only authority under the law to clear delinquent taxes and get property back on the tax rolls • Valuable tool for municipalities • Making the best use of land that is inactive and making it vibrant again • Establishing strategic relationships with city related housing partners • Holding developers accountable

VISION // What we want to see

The Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority (“LBA”) will support the creation of:

Our Vision per legislation, The Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority (“LBA”) will serve as a central vehicle for returning all tax-delinquent and non-revenue producing property within Atlanta and Fulton County to a productive status. This will simultaneously create vibrant communities, aordable housing and economic opportunity. The LBA will operate as the premier Land Bank Authority within the region and the United States and will serve as an example and facilitator of best practices.

Economic Opportunity

Vibrant Communities

Aordable Housing

by providing

Market and Aordable Housing

Public Space

for the residents of the City and County.


VISION SNAPSHOTS // When we want to see it

The below are the headlines representing our aspirational visions realized





• LBA inspires abundant growth of mixed income and intergenerational communities • LBA and its partners lead the way in eliminating blight in Atlanta • LBA partners with multiple developers to decrease food deserts

• LBA delivers 1000th aordable housing unit • LBA converts 1500th property for occupation, rehabilitation and/or construction

• LBA celebrates the completion of a major commercial center with a ribbon cutting ceremony • LBA fulfills purpose in a manner that attracts and capitalizes on social impact investing





• LBA wins the hearts and minds of all Fulton County Commissioners/City Council members who are working to create vibrant communities for their constituents • LBA increases its capacity via expansion to additional cities • LBA announces new name to include multiple municipalities

• LBA completes the acquisition and assemblage for its 3rd aordable housing development • LBA awards land to local community development corporation and/or the Atlanta Land Trust for an aordable housing project • LBA deploys a place-based approach to

• LBA raises $10MM for first private equity investment vehicle • LBA acquires first commercial property • LBA capitalizes on potential economic

down cycle (recession) and buys property to restore it to productive utilization

reclaiming and rejuvenating a neighborhood block by block





• LBA and its partners celebrate the revitalization of its 10th formerly blighted street • LBA encourages stakeholders to embrace density (aordable fee-simple townhomes, multi-family residences and micro-housing) • LBA seeks energy eciency on all of its projects to increase aordability • LBA accepts donations of surplus property from faith-based institutions

• LBA continues execution of One Atlanta strategy for the acquisition, disposition, and equitable redevelopment of residential and commercial property in targeted neighborhoods • LBA launches PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) Program (if statutorily authorized) • LBA partners with aordable housing developers to reduce land and project costs

• LBA celebrates substantial annual funding provided by the City of Atlanta, Fulton County (and future municipalities) • LBA secures an additional $10MM of private equity to advance its mission • LBA completes its 1st joint venture, commercial development


STRATEGIC PRIORITIES What’s most important to us

Strengthen brand and stakeholder engagement

Generate revenue and develop program related funds

Leverage strategic plan to develop budget and operations

Scale organization leadership, sta, and board governance for growth

• Change name to Metro Atlanta Land Bank • Conduct brand audit to assess current branding assets and make recommendations for improvements and enhancements • Develop brand and style guide to outline brand strategy and standard to support growing LBA brand equity and consistent look-and-feel • Create digital brand assets (website, social media, white papers, blog, thought leadership) • Enhance media and public relations strategy (media placement, press releases, events, speaker placement for LBA leadership) • Establish go-to-marketing strategy (business development,

• Partner with an Aordable Housing Development Partner to create a Master Plan to support strategic property and land acquisition and decision-making • Convene a group of Aordable Housing Developers to cultivate relationships and ideate revenue stream generation for the land bank and community benefit agreements for local stakeholders • Conduct a landscape analysis or host a peer learning event with land banks in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and other states to learn how state legislation impacts revenue generation for land banks • Research and develop a prospect list of program related investments (PRIs) to support the land bank’s critical initiatives related to aordable housing and community development • Develop a policy and advocacy agenda in support of legislation that creates sustained revenue generation for the land bank • Research the legal considerations and feasibility of collecting management fees for the management and disposition of properties • Research the legal considerations and feasibility of collecting 50 percent of the property tax revenues for the first five years after transfer of property to a private party • Establish an operating reserve equal to a 12-month budget

• Develop Land Disposition Criteria and Policy • Develop Balanced Scorecard to track, measure, and report Financial Performance, Internal Business, Customer Perspective, Innovation Perspective • Assess and enhance high importance and impact programming - Land Banking Depository Programs

• Approve and engage new geography members in Fulton County (including East Point, Dekalb, College Park, South Fulton) • Strengthen board development and engagement • Evaluate sta organization model to consider further expansion and team additions • Conduct professional development workshops on a continual basis for sta and board members • Facilitate annual retreats for sta and board members

- Community Land Trust

- Troubled Asset Workouts

• Consider Stakeholder Programmatic Recommendations • Develop Public Education, Communication and Branding Strategy for the General Public and Policymakers • Increase portfolio focus on multi-family housing and commercial properties • Develop a clear strategic plan with a complete budget for operations • Actively support ONE Atlanta Housing Aordability Action Plan to create thriving communities through public/private/nonprofit collaboration • Develop policy agenda solo or in concert with the Georgia LBA Association

prospecting, pipeline management, business development management routine)

• Develop stakeholder roles and listings • Strengthen communication and engagement channels and platforms

• Generate key content and messages

• Engage target stakeholders to build brand awareness, engagement and arm their role in the impact of our work • Prioritize education of elected ocials and sta about mission and plans • Host quarterly meetings to update public on place-based eorts

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