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How We Change Lives at the Deepest Level

P atients often suffer for years before making the decision to visit our clinic to take the first step toward living a pain-free life. Many of them undergo multiple surgeries with no real lasting relief. Several struggle with buried trauma that affects not only their mental health, but their physical health, as well. I remember one patient who began treatment at our clinic just a couple years ago. He worked at a local hardware and garden store, lifting heavy hardware and bags of soil for the company. One day, while working just beneath a raised forklift, a box slipped off the prongs and landed on his shoulder. While it wasn’t a terribly dramatic impact and there wasn’t any exterior evidence of injury, within hours he started experiencing tremendous, debilitating pain. Along with this intense, radiating ache came a set of heart problems. He went to a doctor who treated his heart issue, and that same doctor referred him to Synergy Therapeutic Group. Right after we ran him through his first day of treatment, he stopped me before leaving the clinic. He told me, “I don’t know why, but it feels different here.” He paused for a second, as if wondering whether he should continue. “I really trust you guys — I’ll go along with whatever you can do to help me.” I still can’t place exactly what led him to say this, but as he spoke with me, it was clear he meant it. Honestly, I was moved, and I resolved to do everything we possibly could to unearth and help him overcome whatever issues were hiding. INTERCONNECTED, SO WE LOOK AT THE WHOLE BODY AND THE ENTIRE SCOPE OF THE PAIN. WE WORK TO UPROOT EACH PROBLEM AT THE DEEPEST LEVEL. EVERY ASPECT OF THE HUMAN BODY IS COMPLETELY

After a few weeks, the physical pain started to

subside, but I soon learned that his injury at work was far from the entire story. You see, he was a

veteran of the Iraq War, having served two tours overseas. One day, after undergoing a myofascial release treatment (which can often uncover all kinds of underlying psychological issues), he told me that since coming back, he’d been having severe trouble sleeping, concentrating on anything in particular, and directing his attention. Often, he couldn’t play with his dog, go fishing, or do any of the activities he loved to do. He told me he had PTSD, and though he was seeing a therapist, their sessions hadn’t really fixed anything. The man had a feeling, despite not even knowing all that we did in our practice, that we could do more for him than just fix his shoulder pain. He was right. Over the next few weeks, we started opening him up to the entire world of myofascial release. With each treatment, a flood of hidden issues came bubbling up in his mind; but each time he returned, it was a little easier for him. Eventually, both his mental and physical states normalized. He started sleeping better. His life and well- being improved drastically, from the inside out. This is what we mean at Synergy Therapeutic when we say we don’t treat symptoms. Every aspect of the human body is completely interconnected, so we look at the whole body and the entire scope of the pain. We work to uproot each problem at the deepest level. It was incredibly gratifying to help this man who’d been through so much. We got him back on his feet and living his life the way he wanted to. The transformation happened because of a combination of trust and expertise. Every patient who visits our clinic deserves the same level of genuine care. –Subrat Bahinipati


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