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How We Change Lives at the Deepest Level

P atients often suffer for years before making the decision to visit our clinic to take the first step toward living a pain-free life. Many of them undergo multiple surgeries with no real lasting relief. Several struggle with buried trauma that affects not only their mental health, but their physical health, as well. I remember one patient who began treatment at our clinic just a couple years ago. He worked at a local hardware and garden store, lifting heavy hardware and bags of soil for the company. One day, while working just beneath a raised forklift, a box slipped off the prongs and landed on his shoulder. While it wasn’t a terribly dramatic impact and there wasn’t any exterior evidence of injury, within hours he started experiencing tremendous, debilitating pain. Along with this intense, radiating ache came a set of heart problems. He went to a doctor who treated his heart issue, and that same doctor referred him to Synergy Therapeutic Group. Right after we ran him through his first day of treatment, he stopped me before leaving the clinic. He told me, “I don’t know why, but it feels different here.” He paused for a second, as if wondering whether he should continue. “I really trust you guys — I’ll go along with whatever you can do to help me.” I still can’t place exactly what led him to say this, but as he spoke with me, it was clear he meant it. Honestly, I was moved, and I resolved to do everything we possibly could to unearth and help him overcome whatever issues were hiding. INTERCONNECTED, SO WE LOOK AT THE WHOLE BODY AND THE ENTIRE SCOPE OF THE PAIN. WE WORK TO UPROOT EACH PROBLEM AT THE DEEPEST LEVEL. EVERY ASPECT OF THE HUMAN BODY IS COMPLETELY

After a few weeks, the physical pain started to

subside, but I soon learned that his injury at work was far from the entire story. You see, he was a

veteran of the Iraq War, having served two tours overseas. One day, after undergoing a myofascial release treatment (which can often uncover all kinds of underlying psychological issues), he told me that since coming back, he’d been having severe trouble sleeping, concentrating on anything in particular, and directing his attention. Often, he couldn’t play with his dog, go fishing, or do any of the activities he loved to do. He told me he had PTSD, and though he was seeing a therapist, their sessions hadn’t really fixed anything. The man had a feeling, despite not even knowing all that we did in our practice, that we could do more for him than just fix his shoulder pain. He was right. Over the next few weeks, we started opening him up to the entire world of myofascial release. With each treatment, a flood of hidden issues came bubbling up in his mind; but each time he returned, it was a little easier for him. Eventually, both his mental and physical states normalized. He started sleeping better. His life and well- being improved drastically, from the inside out. This is what we mean at Synergy Therapeutic when we say we don’t treat symptoms. Every aspect of the human body is completely interconnected, so we look at the whole body and the entire scope of the pain. We work to uproot each problem at the deepest level. It was incredibly gratifying to help this man who’d been through so much. We got him back on his feet and living his life the way he wanted to. The transformation happened because of a combination of trust and expertise. Every patient who visits our clinic deserves the same level of genuine care. –Subrat Bahinipati


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YOUR UTILITY ROOM The Importance of Spring Cleaning • Family homes (three or more occupants) with no pets or allergies: 3 to 6 months. • Family homes with at least one pet or minor allergies: 2 to 3 months. • Family homes with multiple pets or allergies: 1 to 2 months. In addition to changing the air filter, it’s important to schedule a routine inspection of your home’s HVAC system. This includes an inspection of the appliances themselves and any connecting ducts. Dust, dander, and mold can accumulate in the ducts and spread throughout the home, which can lead to health issues, including respiratory problems.

The start of spring brings everyone’s favorite seasonal chore — spring cleaning! As you dust, vacuum, organize, and declutter, don’t forget about the one room that often gets neglected. This year, give special attention to the utility closet. The utility closet houses your furnace, boiler, water heater, A/C junction, and other similar large appliances. Homeowners often forget about these appliances because they are out of sight and out of mind, and this can cost a lot in the long run. Like all the other rooms in your home, this space needs to be kept clean. Dust, for instance, can be hard on HVAC systems. Over time, it accumulates in the HVAC intake and clogs the air filter, reducing its effectiveness and efficiency. This results in a short lifespan for your system, higher power bills, and a poorly heated or cooled home. How Often Should You Replace Your Air Filter? • Homes with minimal foot traffic (single or double occupancy) and no pets or allergies: 6 to 12 months.

A routine inspection will identify potential problems in your HVAC system. On top of that, you can get these systems professionally cleaned and maintained. These are simple steps that will keep your home’s air systems running smoothly for years. Plus, you’ll be ready for the summer months ahead! SUCCESS STORIES “My pain and stiffness is so much better.” PATIENT

“Get away from synthetic drugs and back to all- natural therapy.” “Before I started therapy I was in pain 24/7. My pain level would be very high most of the time. I would rate my pain 10 out of 10 in my lower back and both sciatica-affected areas. Today, I can say I no longer have any pain in my lower back and have not had any sciatica pain in over two weeks. I have just this past

“When I first came to Synergy my wrist was very stiff and weak. Lifting with my wrist was painful. My back was also very painful, my range of motion was limited, and getting comfortable was impossible. “Once I began coming three times per week uninterrupted, I saw improvement. Now, my wrist only lacks some flexibility, plus there is little or no pain. “My back remains stiff and somewhat painful if I do things like jumping or running. But I am able to sit and stand for long periods of time, which I was unable to do before. Bending is no longer a problem, and lifting is no longer painful.” –Barbara R. “When I first started at Synergy my vertigo came and went, especially when lying down in bed, bending over, or looking up. Now that I am receiving therapy I have no more dizziness. Thank you so much for all your help.” –Julie R.

week been getting the best sleep that I have had in a very long time. Before, I was constantly tossing and turning in pain, unable to rest and feeling miserable. Thanks to Synergy Therapeutic Group I am doing so much better. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing any type of body pain to come see Synergy Therapeutic Group and to get away from synthetic drugs and back to all-natural therapy.” –Yulanda C.

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Chronic pain can cause serious problems. Not only does it affect your physical state, but it can start to encroach on your mental health as well. There may be many different options for getting you back on your feet and feeling pain-free, but it can be difficult to know the best course of action. If you find yourself seeking treatment, myofascial release may be a great solution for you. Myofascial release focuses on working with the fascial tissue of your body. Not a term you’re familiar with? Fascia is a web-like structure of connective tissues that surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel, and organ. It’s tightly woven throughout your entire body in a single continuous structure from head to toe. It’s so deeply intertwined with our anatomy — down to the cellular level — that any sort of disruption can lead to pain or discomfort. There are a number of people who are suffering from trauma, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, recurring headaches, or sports injuries who aren’t diagnosed with fascial problems. But malfunction of the fascial system due to any of the above conditions can create a binding down of the fascia, resulting in abnormal pressure on tissues or organs. The purpose of myofascial release treatment is to relax the fascial tissue and release any built-up tension. It’s a therapeutic treatment utilizing a gentle form of stretching which produces a healing

effect on the body’s tissues, eliminates pain, and restores range of motion. It can also help increase the body’s innate restorative powers by improving circulation and nervous system transmission by freeing up fascia that may be impeding blood vessels or nerves. Myofascial release is a part of our larger philosophy of healing here at Synergy Therapeutic Group, emphasizing the importance of mind-body interactions and

preventive care. As a part of our chronic- pain management program, the treatment

results in profound, life-changing effects that everyone deserves to experience. If you want to find out more about our healing programs and see if myofascial release is right for you, call us today at (866) 495-0086 for more information.


For a lighter take on enchiladas, go carb-free by swapping tortillas for zucchini!


• 2 teaspoons cumin • 2 teaspoons chili powder • 3 cups cooked, shredded chicken • 2 cups shredded cheese

• 4 large zucchini • 1 tablespoon olive oil or ghee • 1 large onion, chopped • 2 cloves garlic, minced


chicken mixture on top. Roll the zucchini “tortilla” and place on baking sheet. Repeat until all zucchini and chicken is used.

1. Heat oven to 350 F. In a large skillet, heat oil.

Add onion, garlic, cumin, chili powder, and salt to

taste. Stir to combine. Add chicken and 1 cup enchilada sauce. 2. Use vegetable peeler to

3. Cover the enchiladas

with remaining sauce and sprinkle with cheese. Bake 20 minutes, and enjoy!

thinly slice zucchini. Lay out three slices, slightly overlapping, and spoon

Adapted from


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INSIDE Treatment That Transforms Lives 1 Spring Clean Your Utility Room Testimonials 2 The Reach of Fascial Tissue in Your Body Go Carb-Free for Dinner 3

The 3 Best Places to See Beautiful Flowers 4

Earth’s Most


Washington, D.C. Besides the monuments and historic buildings, one of the biggest attractions in Washington, D.C. is the cherry tree blossoms. Travelers who visit the Tidal Basin during the spring can witness 3,000 trees, which were a gift from Tokyo in 1912, flaunt their beautiful pink blossoms. The best time to see the spectacle is from the end of March through the end of April. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Desert lavender, flowering cacti, pygmy poppies, and rock daisies are just a few of the many wildflowers decorating Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The various native species are often seen weaved together to form a colorful carpet over any barren patch in the park, which is located just two hours from San Diego. In addition to flowers, visitors often spot bighorn sheep. Wildflower blossoms vary in intensity each year, but they typically begin to bloom in late February or early March.

Spring is here, which means flora will soon be in full bloom. Flowers can be an easy pick-me-up or a great way to add color to your home, but some people take their flower obsession

to the next level by planning botanical-themed vacations. Here are some of the most impressive gardens and flower displays in the world. Netherlands

Holland, most famous for its tulips, always draws visitors at the first sign of spring. One of its most famous destinations,

Keukenhof, located in Lisse, is among the world’s largest flower gardens. The park is 79 acres and boasts approximately 7 million flowers each year. This colorful garden is open annually from mid-March to mid- May, but mid-April is the ideal time to see the tulips.

Next time you’re planning a spring trip, consider visiting one of the world’s most beautiful flower displays. No green thumb required.


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