Kick-start Your Fitness withThe Seventh Seal Luxury Retreat at the Villa Malaathina in Bali. Traditional Balinese floral offerings are scattered around the grounds, always freshly laid, like magical little gifts for the fairies. The luxurious and full service Villa Malaathina features seven stand alone guest suites situated around a central pool with elegant, exposed, shared spaces and a personal and dedicated staff. The yoga instructors, fitness coaches, Shakra healers, spa technicians, and palm readers who visit the villa are all members of the vibrant local community. All the luxury retreats at The Seventh Seal are all-inclusive packages. You can choose from Journey to Wellness (the signature retreat), Fitness Kick Start, Nourish and Nurture, and Eat Pray Live. A welcome massage awaits you upon arrival to ease you into relaxation on your first day. Local masseurs work magic on the body. Fitness coach, Naturopath, and retreat host Amanda Jane teaches healthy lifestyle habits. You’re not here just to enjoy clean, delicious food and a rejuvenating sleep schedule, but to get the information you need to continue on the road to a healthier lifestyle when you return home. Amanda herself is motivation enough. She has radiant skin, a strong body, and exudes an inner tranquility. During your retreat a little bell tolls at activity times and when group meals are served. In the seclusion of the villa you can walk to breakfast barefoot in the morning, or to lunch, or to dinner. Decide between gourmet, organic, and pescatarianlocallyinspiredmeals,fullofwhole grains, free from dairy and refined sugars. Or, choosing to juice during your luxury retreat can be more easily accommodated than juicing in the real world . Juice cleanse options include a one day on, one day off, or full week cleanse. Juicing is believed to balance and reboot your digestive system. Wellness education sessions include how improving our sleep cycle and eating habits can have immense effects on our wakeful days. The healing and regenerating of our body and mind during our REM cycles are explained. A smoothie-making class teaches you how to pack in all your daily nutrients

and super-foods without ever needing to follow a recipe. Learn alternative recipes for all the pulp left over in your juicer. Discover the alternative salts and oils your body craves. Fitness activities include biking down a volcano through active rice paddies, hiking a volcano at sunrise, daily yoga, aqua aerobics, and group sessions with a personal trainer. But it’s your retreat, and your time at Villa Malaathina is fully customizable. TheBali Buddha, a store of holistic remedies offering natural beauty, health, and food products to take home, is very popular with the eclectic local community. Our friendly bellman scooped us up at the Bali Buddha when a morning walk turned into a distracted session of yummy sights and smells, while our taxi to the beach in nearby Seminyak waited for us at the Villa. We hopped on three abreast for a Bali scooter rescue.

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