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February 2019

A Tribute to My Amazing Wife, Missy 25 Years of Love, Support, and Encouragement

A s millions of people all over the world scour the busy stores for teddy bears, chocolates, and heart-covered greeting cards to shower their sweethearts with adoration this Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but think about how this February, my wonderful wife, Missy, and I will be celebrating almost 25 Valentine’s Days together as a married couple. Our 25th wedding anniversary is coming up on May 14. I would like to use this edition to show the world how blessed I am that Missy and I met all those years ago and how grateful I am for the enormous effect she continues to have onmy life. Approximately 30 years ago, a friend at church introduced us. Missy was trying to graduate from college but ran into an issue that required her to put together an academic appeal. Our friend said,“Kevin is a lawyer. He can help you.”We put our heads together, and in the end she received the grade she wanted and was able to graduate. To pay me back for the help, she offered to cook me baked spaghetti. Even in those early days, she somehow knew the way tomy heart was through my stomach! During that first dinner I realized that not only did Missy know how to cook my favorite meal, but she was—and still is— just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Missy toldme early on that God called her to be a wife and a mother, but we actually struggled for a long time conceiving a child. 10 years, in fact. After taking hundreds of tests, exploring every possible avenue, and being told by numerous “During that first dinner I realized that not only did Missy know how to cook my favorite meal, but she was — and still is — just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.”

medical professionals that we couldn’t have a baby, we were considering adoption when much to our joyful surprise, Missy was pregnant! When she toldme, I didn’t even believe her at first. You see, my youngest brother and his wife were expecting, so when Missy handedme a bib that said,“I love Daddy,”I responded,“Oh, Jeff will love this!”She then pointed to the bottomof the bib where my name was printed. Humorously enough, the first words I uttered were,“How did this happen?!”However, for both of us, there was no other answer for this miracle than God and his immaculate timing. As time went on, Missy’s pregnant belly—and her glow—grew, and for our 10th wedding anniversary, I decided to surprise my then pregnant wife with a wedding renewal. I booked the same church with the same minister on the same day, and I invited all of the bridal party and guests that attended our original wedding 10 years prior. The only difference between the two celebrations was that our baby, Callie, was wiggling around in Missy’s belly. Now that Callie is 14 years old, I look back on that anniversary as one of my favorite memories throughout my entire life. Not only was it special because Missy and I were celebrating a decade of marriage, but it was also special because everyone in attendance knew our baby was a miracle baby. For Missy to be pregnant at that specific time really demonstrated God’s watchful eye over our lives. In addition to being an amazing wife andmother, Missy has also played a vital role inmy success as an attorney. She was withme before I had a single client and when I only had $100 bucks in the bank. She worked full-time before I got my practice off the ground, and she believed inme when I told her I wanted to switch frombeing a tax lawyer to practicing elder law. She now tells me all the time that I amdoing what God has calledme to do, just as God called her to be a wife

and a mother. I am so proud of Missy and her unwavering faith in God, ongoing faith inme and in Callie, and all we try to do with our lives. Most of all, I am so thankful and blessed to have found the woman of my dreams so long ago.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Missy!

Proverbs 31:29 -“Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

-J. Kevin Tharpe | 1

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