Farming In Focus - Spring 2022

For Alan Payne, after years of recommending K-Line Ag to others, the decision to purchase his own Speedtiller ® was as much a strategic decision as it was practical. Continued unpredictable weather conditions in the Riverina region frequently results in wet harvesting, and the Speedtiller ® excels at breaking up soils compacted by heavy machinery. For Al, the decision was as much strategic as it was practical. “I’ve been zero till since 1994. So to go back into tillage was a big thing for me,” he says. “But it was the time to do it because of weed management, and not relying totally on chemistry. “Plus, we’re getting back into our liming program. So the incorporation of lime was another factor that made the purchase of the Speedtiller ® a no-brainer. They do an amazing job incorporating lime.” Al splits his time fairly evenly between managing the farm and his agronomy consultancy, in which he advises a number of locally-based clients. “I always say my farm only runs at around about 70% because I’m off-farm too much,” he says. “But I do enjoy the agronomy work, because I have great clients and it’s very rewarding.” Of course, the agronomic principles Al shares with clients are also applicable to his own operations. “I think it’s definitely an advantage when it comes to understanding the science, probably sequencing chemistries and rotations to minimise disease and weeds and pests,” he says. “But sometimes you nearly learn as much from your clients as they learn from you. So you impart some agronomic knowledge onto them, and you gauge some business acumen and marketing abilities from them as well. It’s a very good situation to be in.”


Customer Story - Alan Payne

If you’re of a certain vintage, you might recall a TV ad that

progression of them, the different models,” he says. “And when I bought one, it’s exactly what I expected. Just the robustness, ease of operation, its ability to cultivate to a reasonable depth. And to give us a double knock on those hard-to-kill summer weeds.” The farm that Al manages with his wife, Lisa, a school teacher, is currently sown with wheat and canola, and previously has grown pulses, barley and lucerne-based pastures. The need to rehabilitate the latter paddocks was an important factor in purchasing a Speedtiller ® , Al says.

asks a dentist to nominate which toothbrush he uses. Applying the same rationale, when it comes to choosing tillage equipment, it’s hard to go past Al Payne. So, what equipment does the man who juggles a thriving agronomic consultancy with managing his family’s almost-3000 hectare West Wyalong farm, use? He finally purchased a K-Line Speedtiller ® in February, after years of recommending the brand to his clients. “I’ve been watching the

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