Farming In Focus - Spring 2022

• Strategic organic growth with regular land purchases included in the business model. Additionally, lease options are also explored. This generates economies of scale. • A consistent soil testing regime intrinsically linked to tangible soil improvement objectives. A strong commitment to addressing any soil pH issues with the adoption of annual liming programs. Often this is guided by grid sampling and variable rate application associated with pre- loaded paddock maps. Attention is also directed to macro and micro nutrition to ensure crop soil analytes are in the acceptable range for the specific crop. • Emphasis on reviewing NDVI imagery and utilising production software tools for more efficient nitrogen applications. • Proficient use of farm software systems and machinery telematics for data collection and quality assurance compliance. • A proportion of pulse crop included in the rotation. This is very beneficial in a year of high nitrogen input costs and tight supply such as the current. • Sizeable grain and fodder storage facilities to take advantage of surplus production and future commercial opportunities. Many growers have the capacity to smooth cash flow and generate significant profit increases by having storage options available.

It is a privilege and very satisfying to work with farmers of this calibre. They are collectively resilient and passionate with the ability to adapt new technologies and maintain enthusiasm under varying seasonal challenges. I wish everyone all the best for the remainder of 2022 and hope the harvest period can be relatively uninterrupted by the heavens. Al Payne AgMax Pty Ltd

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